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Se7en Protagonist and Antagonist Dynamic
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Protagonist and Antagonist: How to Craft The PERFECT Dynamic

How Do You Craft the PERFECT Dynamic Between Protagonist and Antagonist?   The conflict between the protagonist and antagonist is an essential part of screenwriting. However, this crucial conflict can often be a conflict between three characters rather than just two. We’re going to take a look at what defines

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Judy Garland Biopic - 'Judy'
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How to Write a Great Biopic: Pitfalls Screenwriters Should Avoid

How to Write a Biopic: Pitfalls Screenwriters Should Avoid   From BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY to JUDY, the biopic is a seriously popular modern movie genre. But having such a concrete story to work from in the telling of someone’s life isn’t always as carefree as it seems. With the number of

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Fleabag Fourth Wall Break
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The Fourth Wall Break in Screenwriting – How to Do it & Why

The Fourth Wall Break – How to Do it and Why   An increasingly common device used in modern Film and Television, the fourth wall break can serve as a dynamic way of breaking down the barrier between an audience and a protagonist. However, when deployed inappropriately it can also

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Room Protagonist
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OPINION: Choosing Your Protagonist

The critical acclaim, awards nominations and profoundly-felt audience reaction to ROOM highlight one of the most powerful tools in the screenwriter’s armoury – your choice of protagonist. Whether you’re writing a feature script or TV pitch or pilot, if you’ve already decided on a protagonist it’s still worth asking yourself:

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