Just some of the studios and production companies our readers have worked for..

Getting professional script coverage before anyone in the industry lays eyes on your scripts isn’t just helpful….it’s vital.

You’ll only get one shot at a first impression, and production companies have long memories and deep hard drives.

Hyper-actionable script coverage and a deep script x-ray is the best ongoing investment a screenwriter can make.

Why do Screenwriters Need Script Coverage Now, More Than Ever?
Industrial Scripts reviews, read over 1500 verified reviews about Industrial Scripts script coverage service

Since 2010, Industrial Scripts has been delivering the deepest, most insightful script coverage anywhere. 

Our cherry-picked team of script consultants are dedicated to helping writers and filmmakers improve.

Script development is What We Do.


Our 10 Exceptional Script Coverage Services

Our ten coverage services come with the following as standard:

Choose Your Own Script Reader

30-Point Grids & Numerical Scoring

Definitive P/LC/C/R Project Verdict*

“Next Steps” Precise Final Recommendations

Guaranteed Word Counts, No Fluff or Padding

Multi-Script Reader / Multi-Perspective Options

Contextual Industry Scoring

Fast Turnaround Times (options available)

PRIMARY Coverage Services >

Film Forensic Notes

Industrial Scripts Script Coverage: Primary Services Film Forensic Notes

Full Description

> 6,000+ word report.

> 30-point grid analysis.

> For film scripts under 120pg

> View a sample report.

> Eligible for Talent Connector (free).*

> Verified 95% positive rating.

$395.00 USD

Live Script Editing (UNAVAILABLE)

Industrial Scripts Script Coverage: Primary Services 1-to-1 Script Editing

Full Description

> 1-to-1 live script consultancy online.

> 10am – 6pm sessions, over one full day (1hr break for lunch).

> Our script editor reads your script and preps for the session in advance.

> Brief post-session report included.

> Eligible for Talent Connector (free).*

> Verified 95% positive rating.

$595.00 USD

Film Coverage Report

Industrial Scripts Script Coverage: Primary Services Film Coverage Report

Full Description

> 3,000+ words of detailed script notes.

> 30-point grid analysis included.

> For film scripts under 120pg

> View a sample report.

> Eligible for Talent Connector (free).*

> Verified 95% positive rating.

$185.00 USD

TV Scripts, Bibles, Shorts & Treatments >

TV Drama Report
(60mins / Dramas)

Full Description

> 2,500+ words of detailed script notes.

> 30-point grid analysis included.

> For drama TV scripts (& optional series bible) under 60pg

> Submit a series bible (under 10pg) for an additional $60.

> View a sample report.

> Eligible for Talent Connector (free)*

> Verified 95% positive rating.

$165.00 USD

TV Comedy Report
(30mins / Comedies)

Industrial Scripts Script Coverage: TV Script Report Glass

Full Description

> 2,000+ words of detailed script notes.

> 30-point grid analysis included.

> For comedy TV scripts (& optional series bible) under 30pg

> Submit a series bible (under 10pg) for an additional $60.

> View a sample report.

> Eligible for Talent Connector (free)*

> Verified 95% positive rating.

$130.00 USD

Film Treatment
or TV Bible Report

Industrial Scripts Script Coverage: Film and TV Treatment

Full Description

> 2,000+ word report.

> For film treatments and TV bibles under 20pg in prose

> View a sample report.

> Verified 95% positive rating.

$110.00 USD

Short Film

Industrial Scripts Script Coverage: Short Film Report

Full Description

> 1,500+ word report.

> 30-point grid analysis included.

> For short film scripts under 25pg

> View a sample report.

> Verified 95% positive rating.

$95.00 USD

Other World-Class Services >

* Please note our Script Doctor’s Quote is not a substitute or even particularly similar to full script coverage or script notes. It is merely the first, essential step on our script doctoring service. Please do not book it expecting script notes or consultancy because this is not what the service was designed for. It simply exists to deliver a financial quote. Thank you!

Script Doctor’s Quote *
(Does not deliver script notes)

Industrial Scripts Script Coverage: Other World-Class Services- Script Doctor's Quote And Comedy

Full Service Description

> The 1st step in our script doctoring process. Delivers a financial quote.

> We read your script and deliver very brief bullet-points on how we’d potentially approach the rewrite.

> Service is NOT a script notes or coverage alternative – please do not book expecting it to be. It simply delivers a financial quote for the work.

> View a full breakdown of how to work with script doctors.

> For TV and film scripts.

> Verified 95% positive rating.

$250.00 USD

Script Proofing & Polishing
(Submit .fdx file only)

Industrial Scripts Script Coverage: Other World-Class Services- Proofing And Polishing   And Script Doctor: Horror And Sci-Fi.

Full Service Description

> Corrects spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax issues.

> Cleans up extraneous scene description.

> If English is not the writer’s first language, it will appear to be after this service.

> Delivers a super smooth, industry-standard read.

> Only affects the surface layers of the screenplay – doesn’t affect plot, character, theme or underlying elements.

> For film & TV scripts under 120pg

> We can only proof and polish scripts submitted in Final Draft format. All proofed scripts will be returned in Final Draft (.fdx) format with revisions tracked.

> Verified 95% positive rating.

$475.00 USD

Which Logline?
(Submit 10 loglines)

Industrial Scripts Script Coverage: Other World-Class Services And Script Doctor. Action And Thriller And Which Logline

Full Service Description

> Send us 10 loglines or ideas and we’ll re-order them in order of excellence.

> Also includes a 250+ word “overview” explaining the reader’s choices.

> Send TV and film pitches, or a combination of both.

> View a sample report.

> Verified 95% positive rating.

$50.00 USD

Our 10 Script Coverage Services: At a Glance…

Check out our script coverage services, at a glance.

industrial scripts script coverage services table

Submit a 10 pg series bible in addition to your episodic for $60 at checkout (report length increases accordingly). Our standard turnaround time is within 14 days, but typically we’ll get it back faster. “Pgs” means – the page limit of your script. “Pick SC” means – you can choose your script consultant script consultant. “GWC” stands for Guaranteed Word Count or the minimum length of your report.

*“TC” stands for Talent Connector, and whether scripts submitted using that service are eligible for it or not. TC is a free, bonus, bolt-on opportunity offered at IS’ sole discretion. Through booking coverage with us you are not paying for TC. You are paying for the notes, and TC is a potential extra and not necessarily available. If TC is your primary motivation in booking we would recommend looking elsewhere as our primary objective is to deliver great notes.

Questions? Visit our comprehensive knowledge base here.

Hang on though, what is script coverage?

Script coverage is the process by which scripts are filtered, in Hollywood and other film and TV industries around the world.

Script coverage originated out of an internal industry necessity – namely that production companies didn’t have enough time to read the scripts submitted to them. Out of this need to shortcut, then, script coverage was born.

Script coverage today takes various forms but it’s most commonly used for two purposes, by two different sets of people.

On the one hand, executives, agents, managers and production companies still use script coverage for what it is was originally intended – as a way to absorb a lot of information about a script, in a short period of time.

script coverage services

They can read a synopsis of a script, look at an evaluation of the script’s strengths and weaknesses, read an appraisal of its potential in the marketplace, and generally take a deep-dive without having to spend two hours reading the script themselves.

In addition, script coverage is also used by writers, producers, production companies and those on the purely filmmaking side of the fence to make scripts better.

As you can see from the Jake Wagner quote below, screenwriting and script development are such competitive fields that screenplays get very few chances to impress.

Getting pro script coverage before showing your work to anyone in the industry is absolutely vital. So, in brief, script coverage is there to do three things: prevent extremely busy movers ‘n’ shakers from reading scripts that aren’t up to scratch; help writers and filmmakers improve by delivering feedback; and save writers from what we call “undercooked scripts”, and career self-sabotage.

That, in a nutshell, answers “what is script coverage?”

Why, today, is script coverage so vital then?

To answer, let’s try a little equation…

There are more and more screenplays being written every year.

But the number of bona fide agents, managers, executives and producers hasn’t risen at the same pace.

There aren’t more (industry) eyes to read these extra scripts.


Industrial Scripts On Why Is Script Coverage So Vital

managers and executives and production companies have to be more ruthless with their time.

They have to read fewer pages of a script before either discarding it or reading on, they have to read more scripts generally (because there are more out there, and their whole career hinges on finding great scripts), and most importantly they can’t read the same writer twice, if he/she didn’t impress the first time.

Let’s see that in image form again…

Script Coverage: More Scripts Means Less Reading Time

We could sugar coat it, but that’s the rub.

Sceptical? Read the quote below from literary manager Jake Wagner.

If you can hook or leverage a major agent or manager or production company into reading in the first place (not easy), they’ll give your script 5-10 pages. If it hasn’t grabbed them by then, it’s don’t-call-us-we’ll-call-you time.

The stakes are higher for new writers than they were before, and whilst the range of ways to get discovered have widened, the number of bites at the cherry writers can have with key taste-makers and production companies has shortened.

jake wagner literary manager

You can’t hit ‘n’ hope in something this competitive…

That’s the bad news.

The good news is Hollywood streamers and production companies are more hungry for great scripts, writers and ideas than ever.

They really are. Amazon, Netflix and their ilk have changed the game. Leviathan hit shows like Game of ThronesStranger Things and all the others don’t write themselves.

It sounds churlish and reductive but it’s easy to forget that someone’s got to do it…these shows aren’t written by demi-Gods or Kryptonians.

They’re written by screenwriters who once-upon-a-time got “Pass” verdicts from screenwriting contests and script coverage services like ours.

Lest we forget: someone just sits down in a room and makes these stories up.

It’s that simple…and that difficult…but it is do-able.

Deep, actionable screenplay coverage can help you turn that “Pass“ project into a “Recommend“, can help you filter your great, life-changing ideas from the dead end-ers and save you from blowing a big chance with an agent, manager or production company.

And if that $300-odd dollars you spent with us ends up ultimately unlocking a script development deal, or getting you in with some of the best production companies, well, you might just look back on that money as the best you ever spent in your life.

10 Ways Industrial Scripts 
Has The Edge

script analysis

The Deepest Script Coverage

Multiple specific page references and GWC (Guaranteed Word Count) reports (no double-spaced, padded-out nonsense) of honest, actionable script notes mean our script coverage stands apart. We support every argument, rather than offering sweeping generalisations. It’s instant rocket fuel for your project.

1,500+ Script Coverage Veris

No other script coverage service has been reviewed by clients as often as us and no other companies use Google-approved reviews sites . We’ve been reviewed almost 1,000 times across various platforms, verified as genuine by unique transaction ID. Click here to learn more.

Industrial Scripts: Verifications
Industrial Scripts: Grid Scoring

Precise Grid Scoring

Our grids, so common among the script reports used by production companies and agencies, let you know precisely where you stand in a crisp, visual way. 30 analysis scores, percentile scores and comparable films/shows are included in all our reports as standard. Download samples above.

From a WB Script Consultant

When you dig under the skin of many screenplay coverage service, you’ll realise they were created by people who didn’t meaningfully progress in script development (Good in a Room and The Black List are two exceptions). By contrast we were founded by a Paramount, Warner Bros., Universal, Scott Free script consultant and Ealing executive.

Industrial Scripts Links To Warner Bros
script coverage service founded in 2010

Longevity and Trust

Script coverage services and consultants come…and they go. So often a script notes service will be thrown together as a career stop-gap: a way for the script reader in question to “make a few bucks” before they decide what they really want to do. As one of the world’s longest running screenplay coverage companies, you know we’re in it for the long haul.

Close Ties to Industry

In business since 2010, our industry connections run deep. From mega-producer Tim Bevan (right, Co-Chairman of leading production company, Working Title) to actor Tom Hiddleston through Oscar-winning producer Gareth Unwin and more, leading figures in film and TV trust Industrial Scripts to deliver great script coverage, and superior masterclasses.

tim bevan industrial scripts
Script Coverage: Industrial Script's Close Ties to Industry

A Spectrum of Services

With 10 script development services you can be sure we have an existing offering to suit your needs. You can send us loglines, treatments, pitches, sitcoms, teleplays and screenplays. We analyze ideas to help you separate the wheat from the chaff, and script doctor and re-write projects. Script development and screenplay coverage is What We Do.

Talent Connector (currently unavailable)

All scripts which achieve an “above Pass” rating from our script coverage service are potentially eligible to have their project championed, for free, via our bolt-on Talent Connector. Our carefully curated list of agents, managers and production companies are always on the lookout for screenwriting talent, vetted by us. Currently TC is unavailable, per our Ts and Cs of sale please do not book expecting this free bolt-on.

Talent Connector Launch
industrial scripts ebooks and script coverage

Amazing Free Learning

Character-Driven, our blog, is one of the leading screenwriting resources around. We create original e-books and articles on complex areas of screenwriting. Every script coverage booking with us receives 5 FREE e-books on everything from the psychology of fascination, through to generating intrigue and more…

Prices That Make Sense

No more bargain-bin, sub $100 price points where the script coverage is written by an intern. Nor, at the other end, the extortionate fees charged by lone-wolf script reader gurus. Our prices respect both you, and the unique level of script coverage we deliver.

script consultant pay peanuts get monkeys

Don’t Just Take Our Word for it…

Remember those verified reviews mentioned above?

Here are the latest ones just in from Google-approved reviews platform REVIEWS.io

Industrial Scripts Script Coverage And Script Doctor: Reviews. Guaranteed reads.
Industrial Scripts Script Doctor And Rewrite And Script Coverage  Review
Script Doctor and Script Coverage Services Review Industrial Scripts. guaranteed reads.
Film Forensic Notes - Script Coverage by Industrial Scripts

No more bargain bin script coverage written by interns…

IS vs The Others

The plain truth of it is that the script coverage world doesn’t have a great rep.

Even if you don’t book with us, tread very carefully out there.

There’s plenty of “script consultants” with dubious (aka non existent) credentials lurking on the absolute outskirts (at best) of the industry, who’ll be happy to help you part ways with your dollars….

Industrial Scripts®

> In business since 2010.

> Founded by a Warner Bros, Paramount, Universal and Scott Free script consultant.

> 1,000+ client testimonials verified as genuine by Google-approved reviews platforms like Reviews.io

> Fair and appropriate prices for the quality of work.

> Concrete, guaranteed minimum word counts on reports.

> Precise, forensic, no BS, non sugar-coated coverage with specific page references.

> Hard-core, professional, low-churn crew containing the best script readers around.

> On former MGM executive Stephanie Palmer’s list of The 6 Best Script Coverage Companies.

The Others

> A new one slithers out weekly!

> Started by someone who never progressed in script development.

> Carefully hacked and/or invented testimonials from anonymous “clients”.

> Either bargain-bin, free-intern-level prices ($65!) or inflated “guru” ($500+) fees.

> Vague, double-spaced page count promises.

> Vague, evasive script notes containing lazy, identikit, auto-pilot comments and false praise to keep you enthused.

> Unpaid interns & college grads with little industry experience.

> No satisfaction guarantee, tread carefully!

> On nobody’s list but their own!

good in a room script coverage recommendations

Former MGM executive Stephanie Palmer recommends Industrial Scripts.

Our Script Coverage Guarantees the following…

If you’ll forgive the Breaking Bad analogy, over almost 10 years we think we’ve cooked the best recipe for a crack script report. Without giving it all away, here are just some of the elements that are guaranteed as standard…

Guaranteed Word Counts

We don’t promise “pages” of notes anymore. Too imprecise. We promise concrete WORD COUNTS.

Close Textual Analysis

All our arguments are supported by close textual analysis. No sweeping generalisations.

No Lazy Script Notes

Empathetic style which has your back. No lazy “your protagonist isn’t likeable” type notes.

Clear Action Plan

Our reports deliver a crystal-clear action plan to move forward to the next draft.

Choose Your Script Reader

You can choose your own script reader from our bank of carefully vetted consultants.

Fast Turnaround

Fast turnaround times. The days of waiting eons for your reports to come through are over.

Our Script Coverage Service also delivers the following…

Industrial Scripts Script Coverage: Ultimate Screenwriting Online Training

FREE, ULTIMATE Screenwriting Online Course.

If you book our deepest, most popular service – Film Forensic Script Notes (delivers 5,000+ words of analysis) – you’ll receive lifetime access to our ULTIMATE Online Screenwriting Course (RRP $400). The course consists of 5 modules, 26 incredibly detailed lessons, and you’ll write a full screenplay while completing it. As the course is online, you can take it from home, at your own pace.

The Deepest Script Notes

When you book with other script coverage services you’ll soon notice that while they promise “5 pages”, their notes are often formatted in such a way that the word count is actually quite low. We promise concrete word counts, with zero fluff, to deliver maximum script development value.

Peace of Mind that You’re Hiring The Best Script Readers Around

Those 1,000+ verified testimonials didn’t blow in on the wind, and none of the other script coverage services have them. We are heavily, heavily invested and have real “skin in the game” in terms of making sure you leave with genuinely actionable script coverage that can give your project the boost it needs.

Targeted Script Notes Engineered to Help, Not Preach

We won’t promise to like your script, and if you’re after just praise and a note saying we’ll walk it in to various production companies, you’ve come to the wrong place (there are plenty of outfits that’ll take your money and do that). But you can’t do this stuff on your own, and as outlined above, you may – genuinely – only get one shot to impress.

Industrial Scripts Online Screenwriting Courses: How To Create Complex Characters That Fascinate. script coverage. Write for tv. write a book. blogger. romance novel. script reading course.
Industrial Scripts Online Screenwriting Courses: How To Create Intrigue In Screenplays. script coverage.  Write for tv. blogger. romance novel. script reading course.
Industrial Scripts Online Screenwriting Courses: How To Write Mythically But Avoid Cliche. script coverage.  write for tv. Write a book. blogger. romance novel. script reading course.

Inexperienced writers book bargain-bin script coverage and “gurus”…

…serious writers book INDUSTRIAL SCRIPTS.

Why do clients book IS?

We surveyed over 1,200 clients and a massive 45% of these bookings came from happy returning clients.

Check out the graphic below…

why do clients choose Industrial Script's script editor,  script coverage and script doctor services? Guaranteed- reads.
Film Forensic Notes - Script Coverage by Industrial Scripts

Specialist Script Developers Since 2010

About Industrial Scripts®

Founded in 2010, Industrial Scripts is today one of the world’s leading screenwriting and script development companies, with over 1,500 verified testimonials.

Our script consultants have significant industry credentials, writing coverage for production companies and studios including Paramount Pictures, Scott Free, Warner Bros., Universal and many more. Working with screenwriters and filmmakers of all levels and from myriad locations, we also deliver intensive training both online and offline.

We believe that rigorous script development is the foundation of great film and TV and is, indeed, essential. 

Without it, the end product will fail.

Script Coverage FAQs

Got further questions about our script coverage service? We’d love to help you out.
Also check out our dedicated FAQs page, here.

What is script coverage?

Script coverage is the process by which scripts are filtered, in Hollywood production companies and other film and TV industries around the world. Script coverage originated out of an internal industry need – namely that the powers-that-be didn’t have enough time to read the scripts submitted to them. Out of this need to shortcut, then, script coverage was born. Script coverage today takes various forms but it’s most commonly used for two purposes, by two different sets of people. On the one hand, agentsmanagers and production companies still use script coverage for what it is was originally intended – as a way to absorb a lot of information about a script, in a short period of time. And on the other, screenwriters, filmmakers and producers still use it to improve the quality-check the scripts they’re developing.

How much does script coverage cost?

How much script coverage costs is a good question, and the general rule of thumb is: pay peanuts, get monkeys. If the script development service costs less than around $100 – $150 for at least 2-3 pages of detailed notes, that should set your spidey senses tingling. There are a huge amount of “bargain bin” type script coverage services out there in the wild wild west (sorry, the world wide web), peddled by people so far from the epicentre of film and TV, they may as well be on the moon. Industrial Scripts’ script coverage services are fairly priced, and respect both the customer and the time, sweat and inspiration it takes to write great script notes.

How do you write a good script coverage report?

Writing good script coverage is an art form in itself, and one that we’ve honed and perfected over more than a decade here at Industrial Scripts. The key is to have empathy for what the writer or filmmaker has attempted to achieve with the script. Any successful script reader will also have a great grasp of narrative structure, be able to articulate themselves effectively on paper, and ultimately zero in on all the ways the story can be improved. Great screenplay coverage takes empathy, discipline, narrative understanding and excellent writing skills, in vaguely equal measure.

How long is script coverage?

The length of script coverage varies from company to company. Here at Industrial Scripts we pride ourselves on delivering the deepest script notes, with the highest guaranteed word counts. One trap many writers fall into is book coverage companies who guarantee page counts, not word counts. A common trick more dubious script consultants perform is to pad out their coverage, using large fonts, double-spacing the notes and generally over-delivering on the surface, but under-delivering in reality. You can view all the GWCs (Guaranteed Word Counts) for Industrial Scripts’ services in the chart above.

What is a script coverage sample?

A script coverage sample would typically be used either by a company to show their script consultants what format they want reports delivered in, or as a sample released by a reader to try and secure work. We have a while article dedicated to what script coverage samples look like here, or you can easily download script coverage samples of all Industrial Scripts services at the links above.

Do I need script coverage to sell a script or get an agent?

You absolutely do not. However, if you do hook an agent or production company’s attention, the script then has to deliver. That’s where we come in. We save you from submitting prematurely.

Do I really need script coverage to improve my script?

Again, no. We recommend all our clients get as much free/amateur feedback as possible before investing in a professional opinion. But we also strongly recommend not showing your script to anyone in the industry (particularly not a production company) before you’ve had a pro script development verdict.

What happens if I don’t agree with the script coverage?

The thing about script development is this – it’s endlessly subjective. Endlessly. Our script consultants are sometimes writers too, so they know how it feels to receive criticism of your work (however constructive). Hollywood screenwriter Stuart Hazeldine once said “a script note is only as good as you think it is”, and we’re with him 100%. Cherry pick the notes that work for you, and ignore the few that don’t (but always remember your goal is for your script to be bought and made – if our pro, 24/7 script reader has this or that opinion about it, all logic dictates another industry reader will have the same response). Not agreeing is part of script coverage, so we can’t promise to concur with you on everything but if you feel we delivered a genuinely shoddy report, which didn’t support its points with legit examples from the text, and just wasn’t an impressive piece of coverage generally, we have a robust complaints system and will do everything we can to make it right.

How fast can I get my script coverage?

We have 2 turnaround options:

1. Standard (14 days max)
2. Rush (7 days max)

Additional fees for Rush are displayed at checkout. The reason we don’t deliver screenplay coverage within 72 hours as standard is a) we use in-demand, pro script consultants not interns kicking their heels b) a good script report is a process: it takes time to think deeply about the material, mull it over, even sleep on it. Great script notes can’t just be “knocked out” by a script reader. It takes time, care and thought.

How qualified are your script readers, and who are they?

As you might imagine we screen any script reader who works for us very carefully indeed. On each individual job, the script reader is the temporary custodian of the IS name, and working for us as a reader is a project-to-project proposition. All our readers complete an extensive (sometimes months long) trial period, where he assess every aspect of their performance. Statistically only 1 out of every 200 people who apply to the company are invited to work for us. You can view hundreds of verified reviews about our coverage services here. We don’t reveal script reader identities for a range of reasons, chief of which is that many are internal industry readers and wish to remain anonymous. For clarity and the avoidance of doubt you are hiring IS the company to assess your script.

Can I re-hire the same IS script reader I had before?

Yes you can, simply make a note of their unique IS script reader alias the first time, and then re-select them when you come to upload your script the second time.

Phew! You are made of stern stuff, you reached the bottom of the page.

Thanks for reading!

So: seen enough to realise we wont let you down…?

Read More Genuine Industrial Scripts Reviews Below…

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  2. Dear all:

    I just booked script coverage for my film script Black Shaman, but just realized I may put the wrong email address, how can I get in touch with the website to correct it?
    I can’t find any email address that I can contact on this website.

    Thank you very much

    Xueli Han

  3. Hi,
    Can you please provide a sample of full script analysis that you have done on an already produced successful movie?

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  5. I had tried cheaper options for coverage and found the experience terribly upsetting. I couldn’t understand how I could receive feedback that was the opposite of that from a major studio executive who had expressed interest after reading the same pilot script.

    Then I tried IS. The script coverage I recently received blew my mind.
    I had expected to be utterly eviscerated- receiving critical commentary from a real professional studio reader must mean it will be hardcore, right?
    But with the IS coverage, (reader 95A59) provided me with a stunning surprise: This reader truly ‘got it’, and really made my day- validating what the studio exec had to say.

    Although the reader gave a score that came in just a hair below a ‘recommend’, it provided the commentary I really needed while giving me the sort of remarks that frequently had me blushing. I had to read it a few times to be certain I wasn’t dreaming.
    The notes were clear, and gave me tremendous confidence in my writing with only the most minor of recommendations for improvement.
    My pilot merely required a quick, easy tweak to clarify something I hadn’t realized before.
    Now I just want to get it and the remaining episodes of my mini-series to this same reader…

  6. This has been my 5th report for this script. The feedback as always is excellent, not just constructive criticism, but also helpful suggestions on how to strengthen the story. Invaluable.

  7. I was really impressed with the coverage, it was intelligent, incisive and also extremely helpful, pointing out what was and wasn’t working, and in very constructive manner, so very helpful for the next draft. On top of that, the Talent Connector is a huge bonus. too.

  8. I would higly suggest this service. I’ve met several readers in my work and this service has made the most prolific, precise and useful notes on my script.

  9. Just so impressed by the service given by Industrial Scripts. Really cine-literate reviewers who gave highly structured, intelligent analysis. I was able to vastly improve on my first draft by the advice I was given in the reports. I have no hesitation in recommending Industrial Scripts. I will definitely be using this professional organisation again. 5 stars.

  10. The script was delivered before the expected turnaround and to an exceptional standard. The work is done not only by someone who knows what they’re talking about but by a reader who is straight to the point, gives precise notes for improvement and cares about their job. A great service!

  11. Very insightful, thorough and useful review. It really felt like the consultant understood what I was trying to achieve in the script and offered constructive solutions for improving this without shying away for criticism.

  12. Great notes. The reader really understood the subtext and what I was trying to achieve thematically, in a way other readers I sent it to didn’t. Will definitely use again.

  13. I would absolutely recommend this service. Every report is an education. It has been so important to get honest, constructive feedback whilst just starting out. The quality of feedback absolutely eclipses that of well meaning friends and family. Worth every penny to know where you are at. I am now an Overdrive member and will be submitting my work for analysis regularly.

  14. Film Forensic Notes have unquestionably improved my script. The reader’s report not only highlighted flaws but also suggested how they could be addressed. But more importantly, the notes also dug deep into the themes and encouraged me to develop some aspects I had been unaware of.

  15. Film Forensic Notes have unquestionably improved my script. The reader’s report not only highlighted flaws but also suggested how they could be addressed. But more importantly, the notes also dug deep into the scripts themes and encouraged me to develop some aspects I had been unaware of.

  16. A phenomenal and well-thought out review of my pilot, the concept, its strengths and its weaknesses. The reviewer saw things and thought of things that I didn’t even see that I later folded into not only my script but the series bible. The reviewer, obviously much brighter and more eloquent than I, took what I believed was an important and vibrant story and elevated it. Truly outstanding guidance beyond the praise. Of all the coverage I’ve received – this is the one I wish I could send to producers, managers, and agents.

  17. This is the second time I’ve used the Industrial Scripts film coverage service and I continue to get sound, constructive feedback that helps each draft get that little better.

  18. I was hugely impressed with the level of detail in the report, the effort taken to really understand the overall themes, and the level of insight into the big picture of the full story and the small details of each episode. I found both the highlighting of strengths very encouraging and the descriptions of weaknesses useful with very insightful suggestions for improvement.

    I will definitely act on most of the suggested ideas for improvement and will be highly likely to resubmit a new draft, especially to the same consultant.
    In summary, the analysis greatly exceeded my expectations, and was great value for money. Many thanks to the analyst for such a considered analysis. First rate.

  19. These notes were excellent and so helpful in informing my recent rewrite. The reader truly got under the skin of some structural issues I needed to address (but had been a bit too close to see clearly for myself) and identified where there were opportunities in the script to expand on what I had written to develop much greater depth for my characters. The assessment was fair and I also appreciated that it wasn’t all critical, that there was praise there too – like the best teacher it combined constructive criticism with encouragement.

  20. I was fairly impressed with the level of detail and precision in my report. The coverage analyst wrote well over seven pages of feedback, highlighting both the strengths of the projects and didn’t pull any punches when giving constructive advice on areas where I could improve. The thoughtful analysis gave me a fresh perspective on how I could provide more depth to the project, most specifically by elaborating on my protagonist. I’d recommend using Industrial Scripts coverage report service.

  21. What’s special about the Industrial Scripts team is that they always go ‘above and beyond’ when it comes to offering detailed and encouraging feedback on my work. This time was no exception and on following the reviewer’s advice I was able to significantly improve upon my first draft. Thank you.

  22. Allen
    Your reviews alway reveal what I’ve missed or point out another way to look at a scene or character. To me, this insight is priceless.

  23. I happened upon Industrial Scripts website last year and I’m so happy I did. The quality of their Film Coverage Reports on my last screenplay has been nothing short of spectacular. Always concise and to-the-point, with pages of useful suggestions that greatly improved my screenplay from a number of different angles. These guys are the real deal and I look forward to using their services for my next and future projects.

  24. A fantastic service for screenwriters who need a non-biased opinion on their work. Feedback to my script was on time, thorough and gave me food for thought in terms of structure, character and story. I will use this service again and again as it offers a trusted critical voice.

  25. Another constructive coverage report which explained the reviewer’s perspective on what is working and what needs attention. After receiving feedback from industrial scripts I have never gotten that feeling that the reading has been rushed.

  26. This is the first time I’ve used an Industrial Scripts coverage service and I found it extremely helpful. The feedback was delivered ahead of schedule and was thorough, insightful and encouraging. The reader seemed to completely ‘get’ what I was going for with my concept, which was hugely validating. The suggestions for improvement were smart and very useful in strengthening the script. Highly recommend!

  27. Consistently the best service around. Go deeper than any service. Anyone serious about improving their writing should use this service.

  28. IS is the only analysis service I will trust with my work. Not only is the service on time, the notes provided challenge me to think and improve my work ten-fold, sometimes changing the gender of the main character can work in your favour, adding characters, and creating more tension and drama. Without the analysis I would have never considered such drastic action but it worked and I received an Honourable Mention. Thanks again IS.

  29. I was very impressed with the quality of the feedback I received from Industrial Scripts. Their criticism was thoughtful and improved my script a great deal. Thank you.

  30. Since my script is a bit of a genre mashup with some pretty dry humor, I was a bit worried that the reader might not get it. Imagine my surprise when the report was extraordinarily accurate, citing strengths and uncovering weaknesses that I knew were there, but had trouble identifying. The report provided excellent feedback for the next draft. As all screenwriters claim, this draft is the best yet! Thank You!

  31. (Review first submitted in Nov)
    As a new screenwriter it’d taken me some time to get my genre crossing, clunky old loco from the constructor’s yard along the tracks to that station called First Draft. This is where the well advised put their labours of love in the sidings and let the network experts have a look. ‘First draft is it laddie? ‘said a knowing old hand,’ Best you go knock on that door there, Industrial Scripts, they’ll do a nuts and bolts job on you son, oh yes’.
    It’s ‘belly butterflies’ time, isn’t it? The big boys and girls at Industrial Scripts are going give you a damn good hiding. I waited weeks before I pressed the send button and started on my next writing mission, just so I could pretend to be a bit nonchalant about it. Fortified with faux nonchalance and lager – Send I did, and I was well advised. Well within their promised deadline I’ve received a 12-page Film Script Coverage Report. It’s all encompassing and very structured analysis. Characterisation, dialogue, sub text, everything from considerations around my chosen title to target marketplace. This really is a thorough workover.
    The reviewer is candid, plainly know what they’re talking about and don’t pull punches. Where the criticisms are made, and there are many, they’re explained and alternatives are suggested. There is an element of murder one’s darlings about this which is deflating. Plot holes and questionable character actions and motivations have all been plucked out for high lighting. There are some positives in this and the reviewer does give a little succour, but this report is in no way devoted to that. It’s 12 pages of rigorous fault finding and it’s not comfortable, it’s not supposed to be, is it? It is clever, it is considered and it’s cogent.
    Having taken me apart in quite the way they have, I was blown away to find that the reviewer graded with an Honourable Mention and that’s hugely encouraging. It’s going to take me some time to break this report down and deal with each point. This report has obviously taken quite some time to compile having had to absorb all that needs to be absorbed from 112 pages of era hopping script. If you feel that time devoted is a measure you want to use, then this is great value for money. I’ll mention that as it may have some relevance to you before you decide to submit your work.
    With the content of this analysis I can now trundle out of the sidings and aim at that station called Second Draft. I couldn’t do that without this professionally delivered drubbing from Industrial Scripts. Second draft will be going back to Industrial Scripts too, as will my next project. This is serious stuff from serious people who manifestly care about their art, their industry, the profession in which they operate. They’re going to be a vital part of my process now.
    I can only speak as a new screenwriter and you’ll find reviews here from far more established folk than me. Different strokes for different folks, right? If you’re where I am, stalling at first draft buffers, see those sidings, park it there and knock on the door marked Industrial Scripts. You might not like everything they’re going to tell you, but you won’t regret it if you want your train on the network because, as we all know, there’s plenty of trains and only inordinately faddy passengers.
    I have no hesitation in giving a 5 STAR RATING
    Keith L

  32. So far I think I have used Industrial Scripts for notes on all my scripts. The fact I keep coming back shows how good I think they are. The best notes service I’ve found. If they could just sort out their needlessly complex booking process they would be perfect – but don’t let that put you off, the service is an absolutely excellent one.

  33. Consistently excellent, insightful service, above and beyond other coverage services. The analysis is not the usual cookie-cutter nonsense of hitting certain marks at certain pages, as if the reviewer were reading from a screenplay manual. Rather, it understands the big picture, the emotional stakes, and keeping the characters honest and real. Highly recommended.

  34. The report and associated advice from Industrial Scripts was exceptionally detailed and nuanced. I felt that the consultant had taken the time to understand the story and characters, and tailored their comments accordingly, making the service bespoke and extremely useful. They point out the elements that others won’t or can’t.

  35. I’ve used Industrial Scripts many times, and they are the most consistent feedback service around when it comes to giving high quality constructive feedback that help’s improve a script

  36. Exceptional quality. This is the development department you need without having to staff the thing yourself. Insightful analysis that cuts straight to the heart of your project strengths and weaknesses from astute individuals whose passion for the art shines through in their work. You will not go wrong by these people.

  37. The reviewers at Industrial Scripts usually do more than expected in every way, which is one of the reasons why I choose them. The other reason is that their criticisms are helpful and eloquently stated. This is unlike American script coverage, which is typically just misspelled curse words stained with ketchup.
    Use Industrial Scripts.

  38. Very useful – critical but constructive – feedback for the 1st draft of my screenplay. The reader provided a thoughtful and insightful analysis which was both encouraging and useful in terms of enabling me to see what worked and what didn’t.

  39. I have used Script Coverage numerous times. The feedback I recieved was excellent, comprehensive, detailed, clear and most helpful. I would highly recommend this service.

  40. While I work with a writing partner, it is still quite a lonely game. Of course, that is part of its strange appeal, creating worlds and the people in them from nothing. The reports we have had from Industrial Scripts have proven a real boost to our work. The feedback has been generous, expert and encouraging. The clear sense, from our last report in particular, that the reader is engaged by our work has also been a great boost and motivator. The prompt, in-depth and personable feedback is second to none. Though the specification says 4+ pages of commentary, we received nine detailed, constructive, and very relevant pages that helped us see the wood for the trees. It has massively sped up our creative learning curve as well, giving us stimuli to advance our narrative arcs. Any issue raised was laid out professionally and factually, and the suggestions offered were very generous in length, all to enhance the project’s quality. We could not recommend this service more if we tried.

  41. Seven constructive, coherent pages of feedback which have directly informed my second draft. The writer has taken the time to read the script properly and consider its potential rather than review by numbers. Opinions about what is and isn’t working are supported by examples.

  42. Absolutely great service. It’s not the first time I used the service, and just as before everything was done on time, and the analysis was spot on in terms of exactly what the script needed to be better- in a very intuitive way. I’ve used other script services, and this is easily the best.

  43. A good review which highlighted a way I could tweak the pilot to make it fly even better, which is very useful. What was particularly important though was feedback that really needed to address regarding the direction of the outline for the rest of the series. This is very timely and has changed my approach to the series. The reviewer was very complimentary about the opening of the pilot, and the way in which the script introduces and builds the world. This was gratifying because this is probably the most important aspect of a SciFi series. Thanks very much.

  44. A very good service. The reader had a clear understanding of what I was trying to achieve and offered some decent constructive criticism which was very much tailored to the project, instead of much of the standard feedback that some other consultants offer which seems to follow a ridged ‘how to’ guide on screenwriting. Feedback was well considered and extremely insightful. I would recommend this service very highly.

  45. I LOVE Industrial Script’s reports! They’re always absolutely on point and I never even consider getting into production if I haven’t received at least an Honourable Mention.

  46. My script analysis arrived early and was more detailed than I expected. (It was a resubmission of a script I’d had reviewed before). Considering I’d made all the changes suggested in the first review, I imagined this second report would be skimpy. Not at all. The second reviewer was just as thorough and pointed out deeper issues that needed work. He/she managed to point out the script’s weaknesses in a supportive and constructive way that I really appreciated.

  47. Having receiving an impressively detailed and insightful Film Script Coverage Report, we opted for the Dry Run Report once we implemented the recommended changes. The script went from a Low Consider (Honourable Mention) to a Consider. Without the comments from the Coverage Report I don’t think we would have got there. The Dry Run Report was truly an “acid test”, and upon reading it felt like we had an insight into the inner workings of a production company. A great way to tell if your script is ready to be submitted to the industry. Highly recommend both of these Industrial Script services. Best we’ve come across, by a mile.

  48. I was a complete newbie to script writing and sent my script to IS with no idea what to expect – either of the analysis or of how the script was doing. The report came back quickly and I was really impressed by how much thought had clearly gone into the feedback. It highlighted the good parts and explained what wasn’t working with the weaker elements. The feedback also kept a close eye on how commercially viable the script could be. Highly recommended and I’ve used IS since.

  49. Industrial Scripts offered spot-on, insightful, thoughtful notes on my script — after using several other services, I was blown away by the level of precision and care taken by my Industrial Scripts reader. It was as if a trusted friend or mentor was reading my script — somebody truly invested in my success, and not just trying to make a buck. I highly recommend Industrial Scripts to anyone looking to improve their work.

  50. I chose “film dry-run report” for my script, the Reader’s report was very useful to such an extent that my re-submission has improved from HONORABLE MENTION to CONSIDER. A great step forward indeed.

  51. Once again received a detailed and constructive report. The consultants often exceed my expectations. I’m always inspired to develop my screenplay using their notes as guidance.

  52. My report was surprisingly insightful and undeniably helpful. the best thing it did for me was highlight parts of the script that I had yet to focus on. it cleared out
    much of the debris left by half deleted half thoughts that first got me writing
    and overall it helped me rebuild my focus on the type of stories I want to be
    writing. I know that any future rewrites will only be the better for it.

  53. Dale
    As an Academy Award winning producer writing my first screenplay, I chose Industrial Scripts because I wanted a completely unbiased, professional critique from the largest leading edge script consulting company. I wanted my script to be judged against the largest cross section of scripts competing for recognition in todays marketplace. I can say that the two script coverage reports I received were excellent, professional and extraordinarily instrumental in helping me achieve my script’s potential. Industrial Scripts service is a must for all serious emerging screenwriters.

  54. As an Academy Award winning producer writing my first screenplay, I chose Industrial Scripts because I wanted a completely unbiased, professional critique from the largest leading edge script consulting company. I wanted my script to be judged against the largest cross section of scripts competing for recognition in todays marketplace. I can say that the two script coverage reports I received were excellent, professional and extraordinarily instrumental in helping me achieve my script’s potential. Industrial Scripts service is a must for all serious emerging screenwriters.

  55. I have used Industrial Scripts several times and each time I find their readers to be extremely thorough and helpful in their analysis. I would recommend their services for any stage your story may be in. It is also helpful to get the coverage a second time after making changes. They are also responsive to questions in regards to the Talent Connector program. Overall I feel Industrial Scripts provides the best service and most professional feedback in regards to getting this type of coverage.

  56. I have used Industrial Scripts several times and each time I find their readers to be extremely thorough and helpful in their analysis. I would recommend their services for any stage your story may be in. It is also helpful to get the coverage a second time after making changes. They are also responsive to questions in regards to the Talent Connector program. Overall I feel Industrial Scripts provides the best service and most professional feedback in regards to getting this type of coverage.

  57. The notes arrived on time and were truly thoughtful and helpful. As someone having worked in development for several years I couldn’t expect more from the “fresh pair of eyes” that we needed so much at this point. We will continue our work with the notes in mind and are looking forward to working with Industrial Scripts again!

  58. Industrial Scripts provided a very enlightening critique of our screenplay. It allowed us to see our work in a new light. Also they provided relevant suggestions for improvement, which were very helpful, and have not been provided as often by other editors we have used in the past.

  59. I’ve used this service, along with others, and it’s my favorite. I use it every time I write a new script. They go above and beyond with deconstructing your idea.

  60. The report was much more detailed than I expected, and it was clear the reader had taken a great deal of time to understand the story, appreciate the structure, and propose very intelligent and sensitive solutions to some problems that he or she found. I really appreciated it, and have taken it to heart. I believe my screenplay is much stronger for having gone through this process. I will definitely do it again!

  61. Excellent, detailed analysis that was easy to action. Clearly pinpointed where the script’s weaknesses and strengths were. I will definitely use Industrial Scripts again

  62. Fantastic service. I have used Industrial Scripts script analysis on a few occasions now and it has been extremely helpful every time. The feedback is excellent and tells you exactly what is needed to improve your script. I would highly recommend.

  63. The fifth time I’ve used Industrial Scripts and their feedback is as insightful and well-considered as usual and I will continue to use them. The feedback mirrored feedback I received from a Develop Executive at the same time, so they are definitely barking up all the right trees. My script was also deemed good enough to make their Talent Connector programme – which is a nice free bonus. I heartily recommend them.

  64. Industrial Scripts does an excellent job with all of their film coverage services. I have used this service for several of my scripts and I have found the feedback to be invaluable. Their professional staff is very knowledgable and frankly provide the best coverage compared to other companies that provide similar service. I would highly recommend this service for a writer trying to find reliable feedback that can truly help your story.

  65. Outstanding service. Exceeded my expectations. Film Forensic Notes gives the perfect report to help improve your script. I will continue to use Industrial Scripts to edit all of my screenplays.

  66. My reviewer gave me an honest and insightful report. I had areas in my screenplay I was struggling with. The review gave me the outsider’s viewpoint I needed to fix those areas.

  67. Very helpful feedback, identifying areas of strength and development but, most importantly, offering ideas for ways to move forwards. The notes were detailed but concise and left me with a very clear view of what my next steps are.

  68. My reports have been valid, to the point and very useful. Constructive criticism is always valuable. As a result, my scripts have advanced considerably. Thank you.

  69. I always use Industrial Scripts for all my screenplays. Their analysis on each story has always been clear and insightful. I love how they highlight the strengths and weaknesses on each arc. It is my most trusted blueprint to follow.

  70. A great service. The script reader clearly had a deep understanding of the genre of my feature. The commentary was insightful and suggestions for improvement were clear. I was so impressed that I submitted another project.

  71. The script reader clearly spent the time to really read and think about the script and what we were trying to achieve with it. The feedback and suggestions were way beyond what I’ve received from other services and after a few days to process it has massively helped us work out what needs redeveloping and what already works, and why. Highly recommended.

  72. This was my second time using the service for the same screenplay. With this coverage report, I was initially disappointed as I could tell from the first few sentences that my report had been written by a different person. The first report was written by someone who was very focused on character and they had done wonderful advice which I addressed and was hoping the same individual would receive my next draft and I would get feedback on how well I had implemented the feedback.
    My second review was written by someone more concerned with the lack of cinematic visuals/formatting conventions.
    Now that I have spent time with the second report and rewritten accordingly, I am now glad a second professional read my script. Although it did not elevate me above the same ‘honorable mention’ grade I received first time around, I feel my script is better for having had another set of expert eyes on it.

  73. This was an extremely thorough review. That said, I was disappointed that the reader made an assumption about a relationship in the script and proceeded to base much of the feedback on that…. ie. “The mother/daughter relationship is left unresolved.”
    He/She was the only person out of seven educated readers that misunderstood the relationship. It was hard to take him/her seriously after that.

  74. Absolutely 5 star report. And to think I wasn’t really expecting much. The script consultant clearly knew their business, was articulate in their explanations and generous in their suggestions. The constructive criticism chimed with other people’s comments, as well as my own gut feelings. Because they offered suggestions of ways of dealing with the script’s weak points I felt confident as I set to the next draft. The abundance of the report (7 pages?) meant I had plenty to take in and structure my changes. IT wasn’t all criticism ( thank you for my ‘Consider’) and the comments and references to the material made me feel the script consultant ‘got’ my writing. I will definitely be submitting other work.

  75. Very impressed with the 6 pages of detailed feedback I received. It had clearly been written by someone with a good knowledge of the genre that I was writing in. Pleased to be told what worked as well as what didn’t. There were also some extremely helpful ideas that may well be included in the re-write.

  76. The analysis was helpful in that it pointed out the strong points of the script and suggested ways to improve the weak points, while showing a genuine appreciation for the world of the story.

  77. Definitely worth the money, very intelligent, constructive analysis that will help ensure I make the episode as good as it can be. I will definitely be using Industrial Scripts services again.

  78. Industrial Scripts give thorough and comprehensive notes. I found their feedback to be incredibly helpful and thoughtful. The readers are always very informed and knowledgable, providing valuable insight to the strengths and weaknesses of the story. I have used other less expensive sites, but the readers seemed to miss something, which made their feedback less credible. With Industrial Scripts I find all the notes and insight to be right on because they are so in touch with the story, seemingly knowing where the story is and what it could become. I can give nothing but rave reviews for this service and the quality of readers they employ.

  79. I had already reworked my script extensively so the feedback I got was less on structure and story and more on the scene description and character details, which was exactly what I wanted. The reader not only highlighted areas for improvement but offered some excellent suggestions, many of which I have incorporated into my latest draft. Constructive feedback, greatly appreciated!

  80. I was completely satisfied with the time frame. I was also hugely impressed with the work put in by the consultant reader – he/she had a firm grasp of the tone, structure and genre of the story – he/she made (mostly) very insightful comments on the material… some of which I agreed with, some of which I didn’t. In short, it’s obvious that the consultant reader knows the demands of what’s expected of him/her, probably as a result of your superior training and/or his/her immersion in the discipline of script analysis. Whomever analysed my script is a thorough professional – I’m presuming they all are.

  81. The coverage report I received was fantastic. It was extremely helpful and I could tell that it had been read thoroughly. I will be using the feedback to help improve my script going forward.

  82. Very happy with the service. The reader clearly understood the story and the mood. Pleasantly surprised with the depth of the analysis. I took the advice on board and improved the script. Thanks

  83. I’m very happy with the insights and analysis on my screenplay. It’s given me lots of useful points to help improve the script further. I would recommend the service.

  84. The consultant provided a highly detailed report, complimenting the strong parts of the script and offering very constructive ways to improve on the areas that need more work and attention. They were very complimentary of my writing style, and offered me a lot of encouragement which is greatly appreciated. The consultant used specific examples from the script to highlight their points, which was very helpful and demonstrated how thoroughly they had read my screenplay and understood the story I am telling. I am very happy with the feedback and appreciate it immensely, after working hard on this screenplay for the last 8 years. I will definitely be using Industrial Scripts for screenplay feedback from now on.

  85. Very clever analysis. The reader clearly had a deep understanding narrative but more importantly had the foresight to offer truly effective fixes.

  86. I found the script report above and beyond what was promised, very detailed and perceptive with suggestions that I am currently working on in the second draft. I am pretty confident it will be a better script as a result, so it was absolutely worth the money. The only reason I haven’t given a 5 star review is that I think the website could be slightly more user friendly.

  87. I’m not sure the previous reviewe posted so just in case –

    A very well thought through and well-considered analysis that identified several issues with my script that I had been blind to. It really helped with my rewrite, giving me the tools to improve the stuff that wasn’t working along with an extra boost of enthusiasm for the project. The fourth time I have used IS – which tells you all you need to know.
    Ashley Sanders

  88. The analysis was very well considered and thought through. It pointed out several short-comings of my script and in many instances specific things to improve. I found it invaluable in rewriting and my script is stronger for it.

  89. I have used a lot of different script services over the years, and work in the film industry, and I can tell you that in my experience Industrial Scripts are the best and most consistent.

  90. Heavily indebted to Industrial Scripts for the review and feedback I received. There was an even balance between highlighting the good (in my case, plot and dialogue) and the negatives (clarifying actions and rules of thumb). Above all, what I found encouraging about the review is that the reader seemed to genuinely WANT to be engaged with the material. That’s always difficult when you have to review scripts of all standards, day in day out, but I felt that the reader gave me a fair shake, which resulted in an ‘Honorable Mention’. I would definitely recommend the service, which was on time and most importantly, CONSTRUCTIVE in its criticism. To be given a fair chance is all most writers ask for and if you want to take your script forward and progress with the craft, a service like this is invaluable. Thanks again!

  91. This clear cut critique enabled me to see flaws in my script that I could not see on my own. A crucial sentence written by the analyst gave me the answer to a question I had been wrestling with regarding an alternate ending for the script. Most importantly, this service gave me free access to Talent Connector.

  92. Excellent quality of feedback with detailed and relevant action points making it easy to know where to improve and why. I will use again with confidence. Well worth the money.

  93. Another great report from Industrial Scripts. As well as detailed feedback about the structure and characters, the analysis also provides advice on how to make the script more commercial – which is the first thing it gets judged on when you send it around. The page citations are exceptionally helpful too! As always, an extremely valuable service.

  94. This is the fourth time I use the analysis service and I all I can say again is that this is the best online service for screenwriters without doubt. The coverage reports are always on time, are very clear and and precise. I really appreciate having this option since it is the best way to advance properly with my scripts. I have recommended Industrial Scripts to all of my colleagues.

  95. Excellent service. The report was far more detailed than I expected and noted aspects that I never would have considered. Highly recommend for anyone looking to hone their writing skills!

  96. This report was mostly just a synopsis of the plot. Not much advice on how to improve script. ‘Hon Mention’ probably linked more to company bias rather than quality of script.

  97. I had a report from Industrial Scripts on my short film script. The coverage was without doubt some of the best I’ve received. Not in the sense that it was flattering… more that the reader had really taken time to read it and understand what we were trying to do. The references were hugely niche, but bang on. The reader was incredibly well chosen for the project, and really knew their stuff. The criticisms and suggestions were constructive, and phrased in a way that helped the writer and the director interpret and implement the readers comments without any conflict arising. Fiver star service. Worth ever penny.

  98. Another excellent report, received in good time. Perhaps I could have done with a bit less industry commentary and a few more creative ideas in the the development notes, but I’m picking holes. Top notch work as always and will return for sure.

  99. If you want to see a breakdown of your script and the areas where it may need more work, then I would highly recommend using Industrial Scripts’ “film dry-run report” . The feedback we received was honest, professional, and highly valuable during the latest edit of our screenplay.

  100. Analysis arrived at the time promised and was extremely well prepared. A complex and difficult historical story had obviously been seriously analysed and returned with positive and inciteful comments…..first class

  101. As ever, Industrial Scripts really delivered above and beyond what I hoped for with really concise and actionable insight into what works and doesn’t with my script. Over the past few years their reviews have become an integral part of my writing process – I wouldn’t consider anyone else for this service nor could I recommend them highly enough.

  102. Another excellent report. Perhaps I could have done with a bit less industry commentary and a few more creative ideas in the the development notes, but I’m picking holes. Top notch work as always.

  103. 2nd time using Industrial Scripts and it’s the 2nd time I am thrilled with the results. Very clear, structured analysis of my project, with concrete suggestions on how to make it better. Will definitely be using this report again!

  104. Really impressed by my coverage report from Industrial Scripts – it went into so much more detail than expected, and it was great to be given notes by someone who clearly knows their craft and has a passion for film. The turnaround time was even faster than anticipated, and it was really eye opening to read a different take on the story. Most importantly, however, it has encouraged me to continue with the script, which for me is worth 1000x the price! As a first time writer, with a first ever draft, to be taken seriously and given thoughtful, in-depth feedback was a real boost. There was some contradiction with what was advised in the notes, but overall I think the service is excellent. I will definitely be using Industrial Scripts again soon!

  105. Been using this site for a while now and always get good notes to help me improve my work. Highly recommend. Usually use the coverage report service, but dry run report is great if you think you’re ready to get into the industry

  106. Hugely detailed notes, comprehensive and full of constructive advice and suggestions. The reader clearly had spent time with the script and obviously knew it very well. I will certainly be submitting the next draft for more of the same, now vastly improved thanks to the coverage.

  107. Excellent service. You know when you get an IS review that it will offer you sound advice on moving forward with your next draft. You don’t always have to agree with every comment but you know they will always make you stand back and think about what you have written and ask: ‘Is this the best it could be?’

  108. I was very impressed with the Film Forensic Notes I received from Industrial Scripts. They were delivered on time, and were complete, concise, intelligent, and organized, with many film references and helpful suggestions that we will consider in our next draft. I will use Industrial Scripts exclusively for all future script analysis needs!

  109. Incredibly helpful service. Despite reading the reviews I was still surprised by the quality and level of detail contained with the 6 page report. Most importantly, the report included numerous pieces of actionable feedback which I have managed to incorporate into a subsequent draft. Would definitely recommend this service.

  110. Industrial Script’s consultant analysis is the best report I have received in all my six years of screenwriting. It highlights issues in a constructive way and equips you will all the tools needed for a stronger rewrite. I would highly recommend.

  111. Once again a very useful and informative report from Industrial Scripts. Their script coverage reports are developmentally invaluable.

  112. These guys really know their stuff! Highly informed and insightful analysis. Will certainly be using them again for future projects.

  113. Another excellent report, this time for a script in a genre that’s fairly new to me. Received the report earlier than expected, and with so many useful and very specific notes–from someone who has clearly spent a lot of time studying this genre. Could not be more pleased. Would recommend this service to anyone.

  114. The report was early delivered and extensive.
    Attending to the reader’s clear experience, insight, resourcefulness, and the true effort put into addressing the script’s strengths and weaknesses, from the story and general structure to the smallest of details, the value for money is truly excellent.

  115. Industrial scripts provide a great service – couldn’t be happier. The feedback is concise and packed with very useful analysis, which hits the right tone between industry expertise and how the work strikes the reader as an individual – professional feedback and audience response in one! The report covers the very important macro analysis while also keeping an eye on any problems and details that might have been overlooked. For me, I am in no doubt that this is money well spent. I would heartily recommend.

  116. Does exactly what it says on the tin. A full and comprehensive review of my script with useful and insightful feedback. I will definitely be back once I’ve made amends. It’s a strong recommend from me.

  117. It’s always good when a script reader absolutely GETS your idea, what’s it about and what you’re trying to achieve. Time after time, the feedback from Industrial Scripts has always been top notch; the reader has taken a lot of time to not only analyse story, structure and character but what it is you’re about as a writer – your ‘voice’ as it were. Excellent analysis which always has an encouraging spin and Industrial Scripts connections to the industry make this a worthwhile purchase every time. I will continue to use this service for all of my script ideas.

  118. After a solid month of trying to figure out which coverage company to go with I finally chose Industrial Scripts. I chose Industrial Scripts because they didn’t advertise the whole world, they have verified reviews, and their price-point seems fair to me.

    I was very happy with my grade (Honorable Mention), and I was very happy with the feedback as well. The feedback was everything I was hoping for. I could tell the reader read my entire script, and I could tell the reader knew what he/she was talking about. Overall: Very satisfied.

    While I’d like to include some negative experiences to make my review more credible, the truth is; I haven’t had any. If anything I’d like to see a more streamlined submission process, but I’m splitting hairs here.

    Great service, worth the money, going to use again with my next script.


  119. I love my report so much! Having never paid for script notes before, I was a little nervous, but I’d recommend this service to anyone. I’ve been a professional screenwriter in L.A. for 15 years and have never received such detailed, thoughtful or insightful notes from producers or executives (which may surprise no one). The report is so intelligent and well-written, helped to give me a good perspective on the project and the suggestions were perfect for this draft. Really thrilled, thank you!

  120. The TV comedy script analysis highlighted problems which lay hidden to us writers, it emphasised the need for additional character development in the story and provided insight for future drafts. The scope of the report covered a breadth of industry aspects, from plot pacing to marketability each note was backed by at least one citation lifted directly out of the pages of the script. The reviewers possessed an in-depth understanding of genre and structure alike, to the degree of which they were able to reference the same shows we use as precedents for the concept in our pitch. This is a great service which I have and will continue to recommend.

  121. A good, honest assessment of the potential of the project. Also, there were several very sharp and poignant notes on how to improve the screenplay by mainly strengthening theme and characterization. Very useful.

  122. I found the report to be extremely helpful. It broke down as a one page summary with a further three pages of detailed, practical notes. I have recommended this service to others already.

  123. A great and insightful report which carefully highlighted problem areas that need further development, while also encouraging you in areas that do work, giving you the pep you need to conquer the next draft.

  124. Don’t always agree/get value from absolutely everything but on this one I certainly did. Really top notch report. It’s why I always come back!

  125. The service was extremely punctual. It was very interesting reading a summary of the script by an experienced reader, and the advice I received was balanced and contained lots of useful points. Thank you!

  126. Interesting coverage, if slightly frustrating to read. The consultant seemed overly anxious to display their knowledge of different story models, and some of the advice was either hedged or was in direct contradiction to advice I’d received from other sources. But the report was detailed and extensive, and the consultant had clearly engaged with the material. Absolutely a report worth having, and I’ll use Industrial Scripts for coverage again – but not in isolation.

  127. This course taught me so much about screenwriting. I am now looking towards developing and showcasing my talent as a great writer with a certification from Industrial Scripts. Thanks. I will recommend your services for those looking to improve their skills.

  128. An excellent service – the analyst provided a very constructive critique – identifying strengths and weaknesses and solutions re the latter.

  129. Very happy with my review and I incorporated the feedback. What’s interesting though is that I received very different feedback from a US script doctor based in Hollywood, so I think it’s good to get a second opinion as well. People read and interpret differently.

  130. This was the second script I submitted to Industrial Scripts and this time I opted for the 14 day service. The report arrived, as expected, bang on time and just like with the first report it was clear and extremely value added, with useful feedback, encouragement and tips to improve the script. Given my experiences with Industrial Scripts I would have no hesitation in using them again, or in recommending their services.

  131. I was extremely impressed with the quality of my report. The analyst completely understood the genre and many nuances of the script and had clearly read it thoroughly. The report very clearly highlighted the problems with the screenplay and why they thought it was a problem, but in a very professional and clear manner. I will most certainly be using this service again.

  132. This was an excellent analysis provided that enabled me to improve the overall quality of my script. It provided a thorough analysis touching on many important points and themes to my script. The analysis was constructive, direct, and exactly what I was looking for. I would definitely recommend this to any new writer.

  133. My reviewer was obviously an extremely erudite person. I loved the reference to the ‘sexual frisson’ in my story. I’m using it in my pitch from now on!

  134. I would highly recommend the Film Forensic Notes service to all serious screenwriters. I received excellent feedback and suggestions which I feel will greatly improve my script.

  135. Industrial Scripts never fail to disappoint. Having received multiple TV Drama feedbacks for the same project (in different incarnations and stages), I can honestly say that with every report received I improve upon my work, positively develop my project and develop myself, not only in my technical writing skills but also with my imagination – which you can’t put a price on. Every time I read back a report I feel more confident in myself, especially compared to when I first started corresponding with the respective analyser’s. Every time I pen a new draft I know, for a myriad of reasons, it is ultimately better then the last.

    I would urge any writer to dive in and try it. I know first hand how hard it is to get industry people to read and analyse a script, as well as the danger of getting the right people to read your script too early, so to get anonymous and frank detail is something I personally really need at this stage of my writing life and something I save my pennies for.

    Suffice to say I will continue to use their services in the future.

  136. The report was returned within the stated time, offered good advice how to improve and was clear on what worked and what didn’t.

  137. My experience with Industrial Scripts was professional, efficient and valuable.

    My report was delivered on time and I really the felt the reader invested the necessary time in the project to truly get to the core of my script.

    The feedback was all extremely helpful and I would have no hesitation in recommending this service to others.

  138. Excellent and detailed coverage. Took the time to point out things that were working, and those that weren’t with specific examples. The consultant had an in-depth understanding of the genre and story, and took the time to point out specific examples in other films in that genre that worked well. S/he also managed to strike a very good balance between a bird’s eye view of the plot and scene/dialog level view of why it was or wasn’t working. All of this information was conveyed honestly and constructively without ever being dismissive or negative. And, it arrived one week ahead of schedule. Definitely the best experience I’ve had with script coverage.

  139. The TV pilot feedback report arrived on time and was detailed and insightful, helping me to revise the draft further, with confidence that I was heading in the right direction.

  140. It’s difficult an emerging writer to find a working professional willing to read your work and give you detailed feedback on what they think; that is, unless you’re willing to pay for their time. With Industrial Scripts you get your money’s worth. The coverage arrives in good time (often early) and it’s detailed in its feedback. In addition to this I got an insight into the production and distribution considerations that a producer might have — incredibly valuable if you’re looking to do meetings and wondering what kind of questions you might get thrown at you.

  141. I received very detailed and helpful feedback in a timely manner. I wholeheartedly recommend this service.

  142. I couldn’t be happier with the TV comedy script analysis. I received a detailed report that went from macro to micro — how the story worked as a whole down to specific details (with page citations!) about bits, gags, and jokes that I’ve found to be quite helpful. I could get a friend or any schmuck off the street to tell me that my script is good or bad, but to give a detailed critical analysis with notes and suggestions (… with page citations!) about how to improve? I give this service a five-star rating, I’ll definitely be using it again, and I’ve already recommended it to a number of people. Thank you!

  143. The tutor’s knowledge, enthusiasm, and ability to plough through a huge volume of complex material in a relatively short space of time (without feeling like anything was skipped) made this course superb. I definitely felt like I was being taught by someone with great knowledge of the industry and the craft, but also someone who was a very good trainer. Whilst there isn’t much time for interactivity or group contribution, this isn’t a bad thing as it’s a one day course where you come to learn not share. Whilst the focus is on writing for UK film, the principles of act structure and storytelling are universal. Totally recommend for anyone considering getting into screenwriting.

  144. The course (30 May 15) leader was very informative, knowledgeable, funny, eloquent and still passionate about film. Could not ask for anything more.

  145. My report outlined the strengths (so I knew what was working) and took the time to detail the weaknesses and at times also suggest ways problems could be fixed. My analyst clearly read the script and took the time to dig into its heart to make it better. An impressive read, I must say.

  146. We received a very good and detailed report which highlighted our problems and offered advice on how to proceed with further development.

  147. Excellent, detailed, actionable and helpful notes. The consultant brought to bear a wide range of critical lenses through which the view the work. Both praise and critical comments were backed up with specific examples from the script.

  148. I’ve always found the Coverage Reports to be detailed and honest. All analysis is there to help you grow as a writer, and I can honestly say that these reports have helped improve all aspects of my writing.

  149. Great course. I learnt a lot about three-act structures, and the do’s and dont’s of screenwriting in general

  150. Fantastic course! I found it so helpful and came away with a lot of clear concise information! I’d highly recommend this course to anyone serious about writing a screenplay. I’m halfway through mine already and wouldn’t have managed it without this course!

  151. It’s so hard to find a good coverage service. In the past, I’ve received reports that do nothing but shoot down your script, no explanation – nothing?! You’re left confused and giving up writing feels like the only option. But, with Industrial Scripts, I was pleasantly surprised. Don’t get me wrong, they did find problems with my script, but I understood why these were problems and I can see a path forward. My script will be rewritten, and I will be getting another coverage report with this company.

  152. Unquestionably one of our services which delivers the most value-for-money, this highly affordable consultation can save you huge man-hours. The bottom line is that the vast majority of writers have too many ideas, and not enough time, which then puts considerable pressure on them to choose the right ones – which sometimes they do…and sometimes they don’t. Our “Which Logline?” service will inform you, in succinct terms, which of your ideas we feel merits all your time, energy and effort, and which don’t. Help us, help you not waste your time!

  153. Ah, the TV or Film Treatment. So mysterious, so vague. What is the correct length? What is the correct style? Is there an industry standard? Time spent honing treatments, in our experience, is hugely valuable during the script development process. Indeed, many believe the true test of an idea is whether it can be told effectively over 10 pages of prose. If you start writing your treatment or series outline, and run out of gas early on, it might just be that the idea isn’t worth pursuing in the 1st place. But if it does hold up, well, then this service is the one for you…

  154. “I’m funny how? Like a clown? Like I amuse you?” Ah, comedy, perhaps the hardest of all the myriad genres out there. But, on the flip side, the easiest to break in to – if you really are funny. And whilst it’s the most subjective of genres (one person’s LOL moment is another’s head-scratcher), we back ourselves to be able to spot true comedy chops when we read it. So, if you’re developing comedy for TV, this is the report for you…

  155. One of our most popular services, our TV Drama Analysis is perfect for those developing a drama for TV, be it a 4-parter, one-off, or returning series. The so-called “Golden Age” of television is currently upon us, and it’s unquestionably where all the best writing is to be found currently. So, if you’re developing a drama, send it our way first to find out where you’re at…

  156. It always strikes us as crazy that people will spend hundreds – and in many cases thousands – of pounds on shooting their short script, but won’t spend any money on the most important factor in its success or failure: the script! Crazy. This service delivers 2+ pages of detailed analysis on your short script, and may well turn out to be the most valuable £70 you spend during the course of the whole project…

  157. One of the first services we launched way back in 2010, and still one of the best. Our Idea Screening Service is arguably our most valuable offering, and at just £30, our most cost-efficient, too. Why? The volume of time, energy and emotional effort required to write a market-ready screenplay that actually has a credible shot at impressing the powers-that-be is considerable. With such an investment on the line then, doesn’t it make sense to road-test the project’s foundations? With this service we steer writers’ energies into the right projects, not the wrong ones…

  158. Our Film Forensic Notes is statistically our most popular product over a 4 year period. The report examines the script in minute detail, and we’ve often seen reports of this type run up to 20+ pages of notes. So if you’re after detail, this is definitely the report for you…

  159. Our so-called “acid test” report is not for the faint-hearted, and offers a rare peak into a world the writer is normally excluded from: the internal coverage system. We’ll assess your script precisely as if it had come to us from a major production company, and as if you aren’t going to see it. It’s perfect for those with quite advanced scripts, who want to know whether they’re ready to submit for real or not…

  160. We have delivered hundreds and hundreds of Film Coverage Reports in the last 4 years. It’s our 2nd most popular service, after Detailed Development Notes, and delivers more than 5 pages of analysis on film scripts at all stages of development.


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