Script Editor: A Clear Definition for Film & TV

What is a Script Editor for film and TV?

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Sometimes, the different terms used to describe film and TV script development professionals can be baffling.

Ultimately, however, the only distinction really worth knowing about is between a Script Editor (or Reader/Consultant/Developer/Coach/Guru/Story Analyst) and a Script Doctor.

On this page we’ll deal with what a Script Editor (or Reader/Consultant/Developer/Story Analyst) does.

You can read our definition of what a Script Doctor does, here.

The first thing to understand is that a Script Editor is NOT – at least when they’re script editing – a writer.

They do not write, or re-write.

A script doctor does that. Instead a script editor in film and TV will provide feedback, guidance, encouragement, or constructive criticism.

They also manage writers – sometimes it’s their job to ensure that writers stick to the project’s brief.

After all, if you were a producer, and you’d paid a writer to write a thriller for you, you’d be pretty annoyed if he delivered a slow-paced drama!

Script editors ensure writers hit deadlines, and stick to the project’s brief.

Ultimately script editors aren’t there to come up with the story for you, but rather to get the very best out of you – a bit like a sports coach, or mentor figure.


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So: a script editor will often have to dance a long a line between keeping a sensitive writer “on-side”, managing the expectations of the producer (and financier, or TV network), and also ensuring deadlines are met and the train stays on the tracks.

Working one-on-one with a script editor is one of the best ways to improve and hone a project.

Getting feedback in person from someone who’s in your corner, understands where the project has come from and is going to, can be hugely helpful to a writer.

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