Hi there! If you’re reading this, you’ve just booked script coverage from us (or are considering it).

Thanks for choosing Industrial Scripts. You’ll find a foolproof guide to submitting scripts to us below (it’s very easy and simple, trust us!), and the images below also illustrate the 2 quick steps you need to take to finalise your booking.

Please note in May 2020 we upgraded our submission system so that it is one, smooth process which can be completed in under 2 minutes.

PLEASE NOTE: the onus rests firmly with the client to complete the steps below correctly. Until all steps have been completed no work is actioned. The steps are not complicated, but they are essential and Industrial Scripts cannot be held responsible for any delays that may result from client failure to read or complete this booking process properly. Thank you!

How to Submit Your Script >>

1. Pay in Full

You’ve probably done this already but if you haven’t, book your feedback service using the individual payment links. You can pay using any debit or credit card, or PayPal. You will receive a purchase receipt email (from the payment processor itself) once payment has gone through. Tip: if you do not receive this purchase receipt directly within 20 minutes of completing the checkout process then your transaction may not have been successful and you must repeat the process or contact your credit card provider, or PayPal. In addition, if your script is longer than industry norms, be sure to pay the additional fees required for extra pages. You can do this seamlessly as part of your checkout.

2. Don’t close your browser!

DevKing is our platform through which we accept script submissions. After paying, the system will automatically redirect you to DevKing, where you’ll enter a few details about your script in a form and upload it securely to the system.

Please do not close your browser post checkout!

devking logo

Note: all DevKing emails are sent from the email noreply @ industrial scripts.com

Please whitelist our domain in your email contacts so vital emails reach your main inbox!

Once you’ve checkout out, you’ll be taken to the script upload page.

Any data you entered at checkout is automatically mapped over (hidden) to help speed things up.

Warning: When Logging Scripts Please Do Not Complete the Form Twice. This causes absolute chaos in the system!

What if I’ve booked a script editing (SE) day and wish to arrange the details?

If you’ve booked a script editing Skype day, log your script and then simply follow the instructions on-screen to book in your slot.

Please note: projects that haven’t been submitted by their owners to DevKing do not get actioned. We repeat: if you haven’t logged your work over on DevKing immediately post-checkout then the script will not be dealt with, irrespective of whether you’ve paid, or you’ve exchanged tweets with IS, or whether you are in fact Alfred Hitchock reincarnate!

This stage is vital.

Questions? Need help?

Head on over to our knowledgebase, here.

Best Wishes and thanks again for using Industrial Scripts development services!


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