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Industrial Scripts is fortunate to have one of the most engaged audiences in the filmmaking and screenwriting world, and is able to offer relevant partners advertising opportunities of significance.


These include, but are not limited to:

  • Dedicated solus email blasts
  • In-mail banners and skyscrapers
  • On-site total “skin” takeovers
  • Prominent header, skyscraper and sidebar ads
  • Sponsored content posts
  • Social media packages

With over 48,000 subscribers on our mailing list and c. 1m page views to our website PCM (variable), we can deliver your message to a wide audience, and one that is highly engaged.

Highlights of our platform include:

  • Tiny, industry-low 1.09% bounce rate.
  • An average user visits 13 pages of our site in one visit.
  • Industry-high 31% newsletter open rate.
  • Low newsletter unsubscribe rate -0.1%.
  • Month-on-month newsletter sign up increase of 25%.
  • Highly engaged audience of mostly UK and US writers, producers and directors.

Our advertising bookings come with post-campaign analytics and absolute transparency as standard.

Industrial Scripts media pack - advertise with us

To learn more about what we can do for your brand please email Victoria Carrington, General Manager at Industrial Scripts, on victoria @ to request our Media Pack and rate card.

Please note for reasons that are probably obvious advertising opportunities are limited to parties whose interests do not conflict with Industrial Scripts (this includes, but is not limited to: script consultants, editors, doctors, writers and those offering consultancy services and/or online training in screenwriting, script reading and other closely related fields.

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