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At Industrial Scripts, script consultant jobs can be hard to come by but, equally, we are always looking for those brilliant and elusive souls who can deliver the standard of script report we require.

We employ a small, crack team of expert script consultants to assess and analyse the projects submitted to us by our clients.

As one of the global market leaders in screenplay coverage and feedback, we are extremely particular about who we hire. 

It’s testament to this that we have a very low turnover of readers – people tend to get the job, and stay with us for several years at least.

This can also be true of the main industry, where people remain in script consultant jobs for long periods.

Script reading for us is a day-to-day, job-to-job proposition where you’re only as good as your most recent report…

As the first and only script development company with verified customer reviews (after they’ve received their script report, clients review us on sites like, the stakes on each script report are high and the reader is just the temporary custodian of the wider company name.

This isn’t a job for the auto-pilot, jaded “quick buck” script reader…

This isn’t like script reading for a big production company where – once trusted – you can get away with the odd shoddy script report, or occasional “off” day here and there.

Every time one of our script consultants takes the field (so to speak) they’re under pressure to perform.

script consultant jobs for Industrial Scripts

If you’re reading this you’re probably already aware that script consultant jobs are fiendishly hard to find, but in the past we have found terrific readers in unconventional places.

So whilst a great CV packed full of top script reading credits will certainly get our attention, it’s been interesting on occasion to see how slightly less experienced (but no less cine-literate) consultants have sometimes outperformed their more illustrious counterparts. If you’ve got game, as they say…

We are open-minded, then, about where our next great script consultant might come from, and welcome applications from people from diverse backgrounds.

How do I apply to be a Script Consultant?

Write Sample Script Coverage

The problem with the way readers are often hired in film and TV is that they are often judged by sample reports, on projects the executive hiring has never read.

Due to the volume of CVs and sample reports we receive, there is a 3-step process to becoming a screenplay analyst for us:

  1. Download this script and this script report template.
  2. Next, read the script you just downloaded and write a report on it using said template, being careful not to go over the page length. If you’re new to the format of script reports, you should head on over to this page, to learn more.
  3. Once you’ve completed your script report and are happy it represents your absolutely best work, return to this page and use the form below to attach your CV and your sample script coverage.

What happens if I’m taken on as a script reader?

If your submission impresses us, we’ll likely get in touch and set up a paid trial period. This trial period will include you assessing screenplays “live”, for current clients, while they feedback to us and write reports online about your performance. It’s pretty simple from that point on, really – if you deliver 5 star client feedback, the work keeps coming and you sign a contract and are taken on as a long-term reader. Because our clients are busy, and can be erratic in terms of leaving feedback, this trial period can run from a few weeks to several months, while we form an opinion of you. Once enough data has been gathered we’ll then make a decision on whether to offer you a long-term role, or not.

script consultant jobs are in high demand

Who can’t apply?

The only people who can’t apply for script consultant positions at Industrial Scripts are those who already operate public-facing script consultancy services. For clarity this doesn’t mean – people who operate as lone wolf script readers but do so reading privately for big TV and film companies. But it does mean people who have a website where they sell consultancy services, where they have a Twitter or Facebook presence to try and attract business to said website etc. For reasons that are probably pretty transparent, we don’t hire individuals whose interests conflict with our own, or whose interests are likely to conflict in the future. Ultimately, if you don’t run your own public script-reading service, and don’t plan to, then you’re free to apply and your work will be judged on its own merits. Note: IS clients and OVERDRIVE members aren’t able to apply, as we preserve a distinction there.

How much are script consultants paid?

Our fee structure varies from job-to-job depending on various factors, including length of report required, add-ons, turnaround time and other case-by-case variables. Our rates are typically better than most other script consultancies, and some major production companies/studios. Note: for those new to the industry, and script development generally, people do not get into script reading for the money…they get in to it either a) because it’s a paid education or b) because they want to understand the mind of the reader/gatekeeper.

How available would I need to be, if hired?

In a word: very. There is no dead weight on our script consultant rosta. Anyone who’s managed to survive, has taken on scripts most weeks they’ve been with us. Again, getting script consultant jobs at all is hugely competitive and there’s little motivation from our end to invest and develop a consultant, only for he or she to be sporadically available. The readers on our books are expected to take a couple of scripts most weeks, and rarely turn down work without significant advance warning.

Please note: due to the volume of CVs and samples we receive, we’re unable to respond to unsuccessful applicants or to offer feedback or advice.

Thanks for taking the time to read this page, and we look forward to hearing from you! 

Apply to be a Script Consultant

Please note: due to the volume of CVs and samples we receive, we’re unable to respond to unsuccessful applicants or to offer feedback or advice.