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“You have to find something you’re passionate about that solves real problems for people. When we first started off, we would just write content that would generate traffic, as opposed to content that specifically benefits a potentially paying customer. It was a mistake. Find out exactly what problems your paying customers have, and write content that solves those problems for them…”

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Neil Patel

Just some of the companies our readers have worked for..

Launching a Successful Blog is Tricky: Dodge All The Rookie Mistakes, Sidestep all the Pitfalls Using Our Proven System

blogger course online

In the course we’ll teach you how to…

Industrial Scripts Online Screenwriting Courses: Maximise Your Writing Time. write a book. blogger.

Maximize Your Writing Time

Time – or the lack of it – is the great pain point of the blogger. You can’t develop all your ideas for blogs in to full posts. You can’t write all day, because you’ve got a day job (at first). With us you’ll learn the pro tips and tactics to get the most of yourself, and your time.

Industrial Scripts Online Screenwriting Courses: Networking. write a book. blogger.

Network (Even If You Know No-One In Showbiz)

Building relationships is an absolutely fundamental part of being a blogger. Today, you have to hustle, as well as write well – there’s no other way. We teach you all the short-cuts and insider tactics.

Industrial Scripts Online Screenwriting Courses Will Help You Dodge Mistakes And Accelerate Your Progress To Write For Tv. Blogger.

Dodge Mistakes & Accelerate Progress

Working out how to start your career as a blogger is one of the trickiest parts of the process, both creatively and in a business sense. After taking our course, you’ll have a crystal-clear view of the pathway ahead, what to do, and crucially what NOT to do…

Industrial Scripts Online Screenwriting Courses: The Fundamentals Of Screenwriting. write a book. blogger.

About The Fundamentals of Screenwriting

Blogging is a craft, but when you begin to unpick your favourite shows and movies it’ll soon become clear that there’s familiar methods, systems and structures in play. After taking our course you’ll know how bloggers make money, back to front.

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“These days, you have the option of staying home, blogging in your underwear, and not having your words mangled. I think I like the direction things are headed…”

blogger course

Marc Andreessen


Empire: Collaboration With Industrial Scripts Online Screenwriting Courses: Write For Tv. Write a book. blogger
Industrial Scripts: Screen Daily. Write a book. Blogger
Little White Lies Collaboration With Industrial Scripts Online Screenwriting Courses. Write A Book. Blogger.
Industrial Scripts: good in a room. Write a book. Blogger.
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Our Courses Are a Mixture of Video, Text, Quizzes and Writing Exercises

Our courses have been deliberately designed to encourage writers to learn as they write. Ideally, you’ll build your blog as you work your way through the modules and lessons. Ultra-specific exercises that you can do even when you’re not online are peppered throughout the course, so you’re writing even on your daily commute!

Follow in the footsteps of The World’s Biggest Bloggers


MICHAEL ARRINGTON – Estimated Earnings – $500,000/$800,000 per month

TechCrunch – 9.2 million visitors a month with annual revenue of $10 million

He says: ” If a story is breaking, I want to be on it. We break more big stories than everyone else combined in tech. When we break a story, that’s a point to us. When someone else breaks a story, we’re minus a point. Our main competitive advantage is that my team and I truly love entrepreneurs. Negotiating with companies over how news breaks is a big part of what we do. People aren’t going to tell you things if they don’t trust you”.

JAKE DOBKIN | Estimated Earnings – $110,000 per month

Gothamist – 9 million unique visitors a month

He says: “We’re trying to be the best independent source for news, arts, events, and food in each of our cities. Competition is intense for stories, advertisers, and staff. Much more so than in the old days of newspapers. You grow a website by producing a high quantity of interesting content every day, year-in and year-out, for a very long period of time…”

jake dobkin blogger course
Pete Cashmore - Profile

PETE CASHMERE – Estimated Earnings – $560,000 – $600,000 per month

Mashable – 35 million unique visitors a month

He says: “I think it’s always been true that Mashable is more consumer-facing. It’s always been about, “How can you, as a Web user, work with these tools?” It was always speaking to the user directly. It’s all about utility – thinking about the reader first and ‘what are they going to get out of this?

GINA TRAPANI – Estimated Earnings – $110,000 per month

Lifehacker – 2.2 million Daily Page Views and annual revenue of $2,400,000

She says: “Getting Lifehacker to where it is now has been a long road – years of posting 6-12 times a day. It’s been a labor of love, the perfect combination of writing and software and helping people. I think every person starting a blog right now should ask themselves why they want to do it. If the answer’s because you love what you’re writing about, you’ve got the best motivation in the world.

Gina - Headshot

“In truth, the real opportunities for building blog authority and buzz through social media have only just begun. You simply have to look and see where things are going instead of where they’ve been…”

brian clark

Brian Clark
Super Blogger

Give Your Blog The Best Start In Life…

The blog, so they say, is like a writer’s baby: you birth it, raise it, sustain it, and then release it in to the world. But there are so many pitfalls, both in terms of the artistic process, and The Industry. Skyrocket your odds of success with 6-Figure Blogger – you won’t regret it!

ultimate screenwriting online course by industrial scripts
Online Screenwriting Course


Our Unique Quiz System Pushes You to Absorb The Information

You probably think the quizzes in our courses are easy, right? Think again: we’ve made them deliberately tricky to keep you on your toes while you’re learning. Our system won’t let you move forward to the next lesson until you’ve nailed the quiz. True character is only revealed under pressure…

“The web is a very noisy place indeed and making sure that you are heard requires you to shout more effectively, rather than louder…”

blogger course david amerland

David Amerland

The Course Structure:
Modules > Lessons > Quizzes

Our Online Blogger Course is divided into 6 core Modules, which together consist of 24 individual Lessons.

The course puts an early emphasis on selecting strong concepts for your screenplay, before looking at major structural and character topics, and then drilling down to on-the-page script execution.

Blogging - Readership Creation
Call to Action
blogger course online

Blogging – Key Facts

There are well over 100 million blogs worldwide, and in recent years, the population of bloggers has increased by 31%. Companies who blog receive 97% more links to their website. 92% of business blogs that update several times a day acquire at least one customer through their blog. Active blogs generate 55 percent more site visits. 57% of marketers believe they have gained customers simply through blogging.

Pie Chart - Income Streams

One of the beautiful aspects to becoming a blogger is the sheer volume of possible revenue streams ahead of you.

In the early days of blogging, the compartments or channels to your blog can be incredibly important.

AdSense had a bad month?

Invariably affiliate sales will cover it.

Email sign-ups a little slow?

Amazon Affiliates will see an unexpected spike.

All the while you’re writing, and learning, you’ll be earning…(albeit slowly at first)…

To give you an example of the myriad ways major bloggers earn, check out the infographic from Darren Rowse, owner of —

Paths to a Monetized Blog

“I’ve long advised that bloggers seeking to make money from blogging spread their interests across multiple revenue streams so as not to put all their eggs in one basket…”

Darren Headshot - Profile

Darren Rowse


online screenwriting course reviews

6-Figure Blogger Course – Online Structure

The course is broken down in to 6 core Modules, consisting of individual Lessons. At the end of each Lesson there’s a Quiz element, and users need to pass the Quiz in order to advance to the next Lesson.



Choosing Your Niche

3 Lessons + Exercises + Videos + Quizzes
> What Type of Blogger Am I?
> Researching Your Niche
> The Paths to a Monetized Blog



Creating Your Blog

4 Lessons + Exercises + Videos + Quizzes
> Technical Basics
> Devising Your Content Schedule
> The Skill of Article Selection
> Design & Layout



Building Your Audience

4 Lessons + Exercises + Videos + Quizzes
> Targeting Audiences & Communities
> Driving Traffic
> Creating a Regular Readership
> Setting Traffic & Revenue Targets



Marketing Your Blog

4 Lessons + Exercises + Videos + Quizzes
> Making Your Blog SEO Friendly
> Tapping the Power of Social Media
> Expanding Your Online Presence
> Optimizing Your Blog & Online Presence



Monetizing Your Blog

3 Lessons + Exercises + Videos + Quizzes
> Advertising & Affiliate Marketing
> Products & Services
> Selling Your Blog

Bonus Study Materials + Guides

Get full access to our suite of unique study guides when you purchase any course. The pack includes…

6 x eBooks on challenging areas of screenwriting

3 x study guides on the industry and navigating it

Template agent & manager query letter

Detailed script coverage sample

40+ PDF Screenplays of Successful Movies

“The 20 Screenplays You Can Learn The Most From”

 Script coverage templates

 And more!

Industrial Scripts Online Screenwriting Courses: How To Create Complex Characters That Fascinate. Write for tv. write a book. blogger.
Industrial Scripts Online Screenwriting Courses: How To Create Intrigue In Screenplays. Write for tv. blogger.
Write a bookIndustrial Scripts Online Screenwriting Courses: How To Write Mythically But Avoid Cliche. write for tv. Write a book. blogger.

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blogger course

“Getting Lifehacker to where it is now has been a long road – years of posting 6-12 times a day. It’s been a labor of love, the perfect combination of writing and software and helping people. I think every person starting a blog right now should ask themselves why they want to do it. If the answer’s because you love what you’re writing about, you’ve got the best motivation in the world…”

Gina - Headshot

Gina Trapani

blogger course

Start Living Your BEST
Blogging Life Today

Life’s short: you’re fed up with the day job, you just want to develop an amazing blog, be your own boss, and stop slaving away for The Man.

You’re a Blogger. And our 6-Figure Blogger Course Is For You.

Industrial Scripts Online Screenwriting Courses Guarantee Money Back

Don’t Worry, We’ve Got You Covered

If any of the information on this page turns out to be inaccurate or we don’t deliver what is promised then you can get a full refund at any time within 30 days of purchase, no questions asked. Simply raise a support ticket here detailing how the information is inaccurate and we’ll refund you within 7 days.

“The key is a blog with a business backend…”

david risley

David Risley

Industrial Scripts Logo: Script Doctor And Rewrite Services. Write a book. Blogger.

Industrial Scripts

Specialist Script Developers Since 2010

About Industrial Scripts®

Founded in 2010, Industrial Scripts is today one of the world’s leading screenwriting companies, backed by major companies and with over 1,000 verified testimonials.

Our script consultants have significant industry credentials, writing coverage for companies and studios including Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros., Universal and many more. Working with screenwriters and filmmakers of all levels and from myriad locations, we also deliver intensive training both online and offline.

While our free Talent Connector promotes talent to the industry, our popular blog – Character-Driven – educates and entertains. We believe that rigorous script development is the foundation of great film and TV and is, indeed, essential. 

Without it, the end product will fail.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? Here are the most common queries we’re sent about the course…

How long do I get access for?

Through purchasing the course you’re guaranteed lifetime (or as long as the course exists/is on sale, and we have zero intention of folding it!) access. You can take it once, twice, three times…or as many times as you want.

Is the course mobile-friendly?

Whilst it’s possible to take the course on tablets and mobile devices, you’re going to get the best experience taking it on Google Chrome, on a stable broadband connection.

Does the course recommend website tools and plugins to help me optimize my blog?

It does indeed. There are so many options for bloggers when it comes to the tools required to optimize your blog. We’ve tested many of them down the years, failed with many, succeeded with others, and our findings are revealed in the course. You can click simple links to ensure within 10 minutes you’ve got everything you need to have the perfect blog.

Can I really earn a serious amount of money from blogging?

The stats above don’t lie! There is a vast amount of money to be made from blogging, and it’s worth bearing in mind – why would you own just one blog? Multiple niches, multiple revenue streams per niche equals…a lot of revenue streams! Is it easy? No. Can you knock up a blog overnight and expect huge revenues straight away? No. Do you need all the usual qualities necessary for success in any walk of life? Of course. But lots of people – many of them less talented or driven than you might be – are making serious, serious cash from blogging. Where there’s a will, there’s very clearly a way when it comes to blogging…

I’m brand new to blogging, is the course for me?

100%. Our course is structured and aimed specifically at new bloggers just starting out, and intermediate ones who maybe have lost their way and need a refresher. Don’t worry, as long as you’ve read a certain amount of online articles (which you surely have, if you’ve got this far) the course will give you the solid foundation you need.

How many hours does it take to complete the course?

If you build a full blog as advised, we’d estimate that completing the course and blog site will take in excess of 72  hours. On the flip side, if you want to speed through the course that is probably achievable (though not recommended) within 20 hours.


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