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  • Build your Knowledge and Skillset: whether you’re a complete beginner or an intermediate writer, this course will develop your skills & enrich your novels.
  • Massive Learning: comprises of 6 core modules and 22 extended lessons, the course delivers huge value-for-money, and takes 80+ hours to complete.
  • Write-as-you-Learn: through a series of focussed practical exercises and quiz-based-learning that ensures you absorb all the information being delivered, users write a full novel while taking the course.
  • Theory & Practical: our online novel writing course consists of a combination of theory and practical exercises.


  • 22 Lessons: including Building Sexual Tension; Narrative Structure; Developing a Romantic Plot; Sex Scenes; Submitting your Novel; Self-Publishing & more (full breakdown below).
  • Case studies: The course analyses the success of some of the best romance and erotic fiction writers – giving you key pointers to learn from.
  • Work-from-Home: learn at your own pace and in your own time from home, and earn a certificate in creative writing on completion.
  • Lifetime Access: purchase the course and enjoy lifetime access, including access to all legacy updates and bonuses!



Write the Hit Romance & Erotic Novel is an online course that will guide you from developing your story idea right through to marketing the written book.

Through following gradual steps, exercises and quizzes you will learn the techniques and skills required to become a published romance author.  With all the lessons being taken in your own home, at your own pace, this course is perfect for those with busy lifestyles but a story to tell.

The course is split into 6 modules, spread over 22 lessons.  It is designed to put an early emphasis on selecting strong concepts for your book, before looking at major structural and character topics, and then drilling down to on-the-page story execution.



MODULE A – An Introduction to Novel Writingromance novel

Lesson 1 –What it Takes to be a Novelist
Lesson 2 – Story Writing Prerequisites
Lesson 3 – Narrative Structure
Lesson 4 – The Definitive 12 Week Calendar to Your First Novel

MODULE B – Understanding the Genre

Lesson 5 – History of the Genre
Lesson 6 – Blueprints for Success (Case Studies)
Lesson 7 – Anatomy of a Hit (Case Studies)

MODULE C – Enter Eroticaromance novel

Lesson 8 – Developing a Romantic Plot
Lesson 9 – Creating Characters and Setting
Lesson 10 – Sex Scenes

MODULE D – Writing Process

Lesson 11 – Romance Genre Dos & Don’ts
Lesson 12 – Writing Convincing Dialogue
Lesson 13 – Effective Use of Description
Lesson 14 – Building and Resolving Sexual Conflict

MODULE E – Refinementromance novel

Lesson 15 – Finishing the First Draft
Lesson 16 – Revisions
Lesson 17 – Further Drafts
Lesson 18 – Preparing for Submission

MODULE F – Final Steps

Lesson 19 – Submission Process
Lesson 20 – Negotiating with Publishers
Lesson 21 –Self-Publishing & Alternatives
Lesson 22 – Marketing Your Work & Profile



* Industry is worth approximately $1.5 billion in the US.
* In 2013, Harlequin publishers sold more than 3 romance novels per second worldwide.

* One-fifth of all adult fiction sales are romance novels.

Romantic and erotic fiction is the top-selling sector of the book market and since the release of the Fifty Shades of Grey series, the genre is booming.  E.L James has sold 125 million copies of her novels following the relationship between powerful businessman, Christian Grey and college graduate, Anastasia Steele.

romance novel
Can you write sensual scenes to rival E.L. James?

Millions of women worldwide have become faithful fans of the Mills and Boon books.  One of their top authors, Penny Jordan, has written more than 170 novels and sold more than 70 million books worldwide.

But how are you going to make your romantic erotic novel stand out on the crowded shelves?



Romances come in almost as many types as there are kinds of readers—from erotic fantasies to inspirational faith-based stories, from historical to contemporary, from dark suspense to light humor, from girl next door looking for Mr. Right to urban chick looking for a new fling.

Do you have a story that is full of passion, intrigue and fantasy?
Have you created a pair of characters fizzing with sexual chemistry?
Can you write scenes that transport the reader to a world of desire, thrills and seduction?

If so, our online course is for you!  We can take you through every step of the process of getting a Romance & Erotic novel written and published if you follow the lessons closely, complete the exercises, and develop your manuscript alongside your learning.

You can choose to study the entire course before working on a project, or you can incrementally use the lessons to help write your novel – whichever works best for you!

romance novel
We’ll help you get your love story onto the page…

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