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There are, broadly, 2 types of online review.

They are…

  • UNVERIFIED “testimonials” that lack supporting e-commerce evidence. Sometimes, reviews of this nature will be invented, or include stitched-together quotes from friends, colleagues and family. These can appear on Facebook, Google, Yelp and other reviews platforms where no verification mechanism is in place.
  • VERIFIED reviews that look like this, and appear on a dedicated reviews platform (aka a website that just focuses on collecting reviews). These reviews are rubber-stamped as genuine using unique identifiers (PayPal and Stripe transaction IDs, typically). In this verified scenario, the company selling isn’t involved in collecting their reviews (that part happens between the reviews site and the company’s customer).

“With over 1,500 verified customer reviews online, we are the most publicly scrutinised screenwriting company in the world…”

You can read more about how verified reviews work on Google here, and on a site Google relies on to deliver verified reviews, here.

industrial scripts reviews

The First…

Industrial Scripts was the first – and to our knowledge onlyscreenwriting organisation in the world to sign up to impartial, specialist reviews websites. logo

Several years ago we became the first company of our kind to go north of 1,500 customer reviews, all verified as genuine by independent 3rd party sites.

Read Industrial Scripts reviews on (707+ reviews) industrial scripts reviews

Read Industrial Scripts reviews on TrustPilot (100+ reviews)

Industrial Scripts reviews

Read Industrial Scripts reviews on this site (600+ reviews, across services)

industrial scripts reviews


Read Industrial Scripts reviews on ReviewCentre (270 reviews)**

Industrial Scripts reviews

Let’s be frank about it: all those glowing, quasi-anonymous “testimonials” you see from “George F”, “Writer, Oxford” and “DJ Barry” on other websites mean very little.

Here’s the equation for creating testimonials: invent a name, apply a nice quote, and plaster it all over your website.

That, and asking your friends and close colleagues to chip in with their comments, is the oldest trick in the book, marketing-wise.

Here’s the equation for creating faux testimonials: invent a name, apply a nice quote, and plaster it all over your website.

In an area of business as nebulous as story development, where everyone’s an expert and it’s challenging to conclusively prove whose service is better, we believe that impartial reviews sites are the only way for companies to prove their credibility.

At Industrial Scripts we believe in transparency and don’t rely on just one reviews channels, and only use ones where some kind of identifier is required to prove that the customer is, indeed, a customer.

We’ve been reviewed hundreds of times by real customers, making us one of the leading story analysis companies in the world.

*What are Verified Customer Reviews?

Verified Customer Reviews are a relatively new form of online assessment in which:

  • a) the review must be left on a dedicated reviews site;
  • b) it cannot be left anonymously, the person writing the review must leave a bona fide email address that checks out, and will often be asked to leave their actual name;
  • c) to be verified the review must contain concrete sales data such as a PayPal confirmation code, or a BACS receipt – this ensures only real customers can leave a review, and not just anyone who stops by;
  • d) the reviewer will sometimes need to verify themselves via a social network such as Facebook or LinkedIn; and
  • e) the reviews site will also have to be cc’d on the delivery of products and services direct to the customer so that they can then request a review from the customer directly, leaving the provider out of the process – and unable to influence proceedings in any way.

Here at Industrial Scripts we believe that Verified Customer Reviews are the future, and have invested considerable time and energy in setting ourselves up to receive them.

We believe in an area as nebulous as story analysis, these are the only type of testimonial that carry any meaning at all.

  • *we ceased asking customers to visit to deliver their verdicts on our service in February 2014, when emerged as the leading, Google-backed reviews portal on the market.
  • **we began collecting verified reviews data on our own site in 2014. This “rich snippet” data is used by Google to highlight web pages of importance. The sign “verified owner” appears beside the vast majority of reviews. Those that do not have this tag remain genuine, but reflect a scenario where a client has used one email address to purchase their product or service, and a different email to leave a review.

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