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Welcome to Industrial Scripts‘ dedicated script doctor page! Now, are you…

  • Struggling with a script? Can’t see the wood from the trees any more?
  • Working with a script featuring a great core premise, but flawed execution?
  • After a writer who’ll stick rigidly to the brief, rather than doing their own thang?
  • Keen to avoid the unreturned calls and bloated admin of writers’ agents?
  • Hunting for a fresh, skilled collaborator to bounce ideas off?
  • Not in a position to pay industry-standard development fees?

If your answer to any of these questions is a resounding “Yes!” then, congrats, your pain is over.

Our script doctoring service is the smoothest, most cost-effective route to the best version of your script it can be. It is…

Fast – > Affordable -> Effective -> Admin-light




SCRIPT DOCTORING CLIENT REVIEWS Here are just some of the testimonials from satisfied script doctoring clients. (To view all 1,000+ reviews about Industrial Scripts instead, just visit this page).  

“The script doctoring service from Industrial Scripts was excellent and helped me enormously on the problems and opportunities between drafts. I would recommend them”. – Marcus Markou, Director, PAPADOPOULOS & SONS, verified client review
“Today we completed the script doctoring work on my screenplay ANOTHER LOVE, with Industrial Scripts. I have no words to say other than THANK YOU as it has been an amazing collaboration. The script doctor we worked with is super-talented. You guys have demonstrated over-the-top efficiency”. – Victor Perezverified client review
“I have used Industrial Scripts for many years and have never been disappointed. The lastest work I commissioned (a script doctoring job) was completed in the time promised and was as well done as I could have wished. I would highly recommend Industrial Scripts. They are totally trustworthy and professional”. – Jean Fairweather, verified client review
“Thank you very much Industrial Scripts.  The script doctoring experience has been tremendous. I’m a very happy customer”. – Adam Rolston, Producer, A STREET CAT NAMED BOB, verified client review
“Developing my screenplay with Industrial Scripts has been the best investment of my career to date. Not only have I learnt standard industry protocols, but experienced the hands-on approach to get my screenplay to market. Industrial exceeded my expectations“.Andrew James Porterverified client review
“This was an incredible opportunity.  A chance to work with the cream of the crop – who really know what makes a movie get sold or made, and how to take a script from good to great!” – Sundae Jahant-Osbornverified client review


What is a Script Doctor?

A clear definition of a Script Doctor

As we explained on our definition of a Script Editor page, there are essentially two “families” of terms when referring to script development professionals:

  1. script editors / script readers/ script consultants / script analysts /coaches/gurus.
  2. script doctors.

Script Doctor's Assessment FeeScript doctors differ from the other types of professional in that the others are reactive whereas a script doctor is proactive. A script doctor will actually re-write parts – or even all – of a script. They will provide feedback in the same way a script editor will, but they will also suggest improvements and then go away and actually implement these improvements themselves

“A script doctor is the theoretical love child of the screenwriter and the development executive…the perfect fusion of both skillsets”.

Script doctors are far more prevalent in American than they are in Europe, and one of the key skills of a script doctor is to be able to remove their ego from the equation and stick tightly to a brief. Script doctors, although often responsible for vastly improving movies and TV shows, are rarely publicly credited and do most of their work unseen. Here’s a great article from Variety about Hollywood script doctors, how they work, and the huge fees they command...  

– How does our script doctoring system work?

Over a seven year period we’ve honed and tweaked the process below to achieve maximum results for our clients.

  • Step 1: is to submit your script to be read, along with a £75.00 non-refundable Script Doctor’s Assessment Fee.
  • Step 2: Our script doctor would read your script, assess it, and we would then send you some bullet-point thoughts on how he or she would approach the doctoring work.
  • Step 3: At this point you’ll be informed how many weeks’ work would be required to hone the script to a market-ready level. Typically, clients book our script doctors on 3+ week bookings, but often they work for longer on projects.
  • Step 4: If our quote and fee is agreeable we would contract the work. You would be sent our standard Writer’s Contract, and an invoice. Payment is made in-full, up-front by BACS.
  • Step 5: You’ll be put in direct email contact with our script doctor, and will be in communication with them directly throughout the booking.
  • Step 6: After some initial email dialogue our script doctor will send you a detailed (but non-exhaustive) breakdown of the proposed changes he/she would like to make to the script. You must then either sign off on these changes in writing, or request alterations. In the unlikely event you do not sign off on the changes or we do not hear back from you, we will proceed with the re-write as we see fit.
  • Step 7: Our script doctor would complete the doctoring, in close email consultation with you via the secure Industrial Scripts email address, and deliver the new script on the contracted date. No delays!



– How much does it cost?

Our script doctoring rate is determined on a case-by-case basis, and we deliver bespoke quotes to our clients. As suggested above, typically clients book our doctors on anything upwards of a 3-week booking, and we have worked with clients on 6-10 week bookings in the past. There are a number of factors in play including the genre of your project, how quickly you wish to start work, whether you’re working to a deadline, if you wish to hire a heavily credited screenwriter (which increases the cost considerably) and more. Once you have booked our script doctor’s assessment and our script doctor has had a chance to read your script we will be in touch with you with a full quote. To give you a steer, script doctoring – while less expensive than hiring a screenwriter conventionally (which typically runs north of five figures) – costs thousands rather than hundreds of pounds, for reasons that are probably obvious. So a certain level of professional budget is required.  

– What happens regarding credit?

Writer's BlcokAs in the US film system, our script doctors are not credited on your project. They receive no payment on the first day of principal photography, have no legal rights in the work, and are not involved beyond the end of their contract with you (unless you wish them to be). The system is quick, easy and intended to cut through all the usual red tape associated with bringing on a new writer to a project. The only contractual stipulation we insist on is that in the event we wish to, we will be credited as “Script Editor: Industrial Scripts”, “Script Doctor” or “Script Consultant” on your project.    

– Who will my script doctor be?

Industrial Scripts works with a select network of script doctors and screenwriters. We also work with other, higher-profile screenwriters who for obvious reasons do not wish it known to the wider industry that they do uncredited script doctoring work. We also have relationships with several high-level development people who have worked extensively on both sides of the development fence (ie. as writer and development executive/reader/editor), and have found this type of writer is extremely good at hitting a brief, and not diverting from the client’s wishes. Once we know more about your project, we’re able to match a suitable script doctor to it. Just book our Script Doctor’s Assessment service to get your work matched to a script doctor. As with all our script development services, we stand by the quality of our work – and with hundreds of customer reviews online you can be sure your project is in the safest hands possible with us. For absolute clarity, however, it’s worth noting that you are hiring Industrial Scripts the company to complete the work – your contract is with us, and the choice of individual script doctor is at our discretion. sponsors  

– What have past clients said?

Industrial Scripts is the most transparent script development company in the world, and has been reviewed over 1,000 times by previous clients. To read reviews of our script development services, simply visit this page and click through to view what past customers have said about working with Industrial Scripts.  

– Can I inspect the draft midway through the re-write?

On bookings of 4 weeks or more, we try to ensure there’s a brief break mid-draft so that you can read the re-write to date, and give us feedback on it. After we’ve received this feedback, we then proceed with the second half of the re-write, taking into account your notes. So, for example, you might book us on a “4 weeks over 8 weeks” re-write, which means we’re contracted to work for 4 weeks during an 8 week window. In this instance we’d do 2 weeks work, and then deliver a draft to you during a “break week”, and you’d then read it and send us your notes and feedback. After the break week, we’d then re-commence work. That said, every booking is different.  

– Can I make an “activation”/test booking with you?

We don’t offer test bookings, regrettably, where clients book us for one or two weeks work and then book in further work if the test period goes well. Again, 2 weeks is precious little time in development terms, and it requires a writer to haul their collective imagination, thought process and all the other composite elements of screenwriting off another project and on to yours. In practical terms, it also means us luring one of our excellent writers off other projects that are competing for their attention, for the sake of 2 weeks work. Inevitably, this is simply less attractive to them. Having said this, we often have clients book, say, 3 weeks of doctoring and then return a little while later for final rewrites (this can occur when a new director boards a project, for example).


Script Reports & Coverage

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