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It all started in late 2009...

Industrial Scripts Owner and former Paramount, Warner Bros. and Universal script consultant Evan Leighton-Davis left his executive job at Ealing Studios determined to offer something rare in the independent sector: a script consultancy by people with significant track records in development and legitimate industry connections, delivering the deepest and best script notes…

about Industrial Scripts
The view from our first office on London's Regent Street, January 2010.


A crack team of pro script consultants, at your service

It feels like every week a new quote-unquote “script consultant” appears online. And the vast majority of these don’t last long. We’ve been in business for the last decade, and will be around ten years hence. Script development is What We Do.


We save writers and film-makers from undercooked scripts

While many companies and individuals peddle the notion of a warm, fluffy environment and endless second chances, the truth is that a script should never go out to the main industry until it’s gone through a robust development process. The stakes are too high. Your whole reputation is bound up in the scripts you release…

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At last....a script consultancy with legit connections...

Mega-agent Duncan Heath (Co-Chairman of The Independent Talent Group, left) doesn’t do many live Q & As. He doesn’t have to! Nor does Emmy-winning Caryn Mandabach (Peaky Blinders, Roseanne, 3rd Rock from The Sun, Nurse Jackie). When industry figures of this stature agree to appear for us…well…you’ll draw your own conclusions.


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Our Team


Evan Leighton-Davis

Warner Bros., Paramount PICTURES, UNIVERSAL, Scott free

An ex-Ealing Studios executive, producer and former full-time industry script consultant, Evan analysed material for a range of producers, funding bodies and Hollywood studios. His script consulting credits include: Warner Bros.Paramount PicturesUniversal, Scott Free, Working Title, BBC FilmsPatheSee-Saw Films, StudioCanal, Dan FilmsTalkbackThames, Intermedia, Mirage Enterprises, CinemaNX and Screen South. For 3 years he worked in development at Ealing Studios, reporting to Head of Development Sophie Meyer, and during his time there the studio produced films including ST. TRINIAN’SEASY VIRTUEDORIAN GRAYST. TRINIAN’S II and BURKE & HARE. In 2008, Evan was credited script editor on the first feature film financed exclusively out of Dubai (the $7m CITY OF LIFE starring Natalie Dormer & Alexandria Maria Lara) and he was also a story analyst for PEEP SHOW creator Andrew O’Connor, stress-testing at length the screenwriting theories of Save the Cat! author Blake Snyder. In total, Evan assessed over 3,000 projects for leading film and TV companies. In early 2010 he established Industrial Scripts to offer writers and filmmakers high-level, industry-trusted script development, training and promotion services, successfully brokering sponsorship deals with Paramount Pictures and talent agency Curtis Brown. Through Takedown Pictures Evan is producing several projects including sports drama WAR GAME with Bedlam Productions, producers of THE KING’S SPEECH. Evan on IMDb.

general manager

Victoria Carrington


Victoria worked in broadcasting and high-end TV production for 14 years, through a variety of roles across radio, TV and online.  She has covered both hard news and entertainment throughout her career – predominantly developing and writing for live programmes, managing high-level celebrity interviews and large “on-air” events. After moving into the film industry, Victoria now oversees the day-to-day running of Industrial Scripts and leads the company’s events, training and OVERDRIVE programmes, as well as managing our team of script consultants.

support lead

Ben Jones

industrial scripts

Ben graduated in 2016 and has been working for Industrial Scripts ever since. A major cineaste and screenwriter, he leads Industrial Scripts’ support.

content manager

James Robert


An experienced pro industry script consultant (BBC Films, Working Title, Film4), James handles our blog and content output.

Our Script Consultants

Industrial Scripts is the only script development company with over a thousand testimonials that are verified as genuine by 3rd party reviews websites. With that, comes pressure, and you can be sure that only the most consistent script readers make it on to our roster, and manage to stay there.

Like most script development companies of note, we protect the identities of our consultants.

There are many reasons for this policy, and we don’t wish to bore you with all of them.

Instead, here are three:

1) Reader Protection

Believe it or not, in the US story analysts have actually been tracked down by irate writers who didn’t respond too well to criticism of their screenplays. One writer, if the tale is to be believed, even turned up at a script reader’s home when he was having dinner with his wife and kids. As far-fetched and exceptional as circumstances such as this may be, we have a duty of care to our hard-working analysts and protect them accordingly.

2) The Company (not the individual) as Star

As in any trade or profession, story analysts are not available indefinitely or on an absolutely exclusive basis (although some of our readers do the lion’s share of their work for us). As in any freelance trade, consultants sometimes move on, and at Industrial Scripts we strive for the company name, logo and image to be the star, not any individual. The Industrial Scripts name must stand for excellence and it’s vitally important to us that whoever works on a specific job is simply the temporary custodian of the overall company name.

3) Retention of Talent 

Truly great story analysts are so few and far between, and as in any field of business it’s important to us to retain our top talent, wherever possible.

As suggested elsewhere, we stand by the quality of our service. If you’d like us to analyse your script, simply visit our script coverage page.

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