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Est. 2010

It feels like every week a new "script consultant" spills forth from the internet. These rarely last long, and for good reason: they're not providing a credible service. Established in early 2010, Industrial Scripts is zeroing in on a successful decade in business. And we're hopeful our track record speaks for itself, accordingly.

Close Ties to Industry

What do mega-producer Tim Bevan, TV legend Caryn Mandabach, and talent agency behemoth Duncan Heath have in common? They've all trusted us to deliver private Q & As for them. Further, all our services and courses have been designed by working industry professionals. They're by the industry, for you.

Just some of the companies our readers have worked for...
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Heavyweight Industry
Figures Show Up For Us...

caryn mandabach industrial scripts

Caryn Mandabach

The legendary producer of a series of mega-hits including ROSEANNE, 3rd ROCK FROM THE SUN, THE COSBY SHOW, NURSE JACKIE, THAT 70s SHOW and PEAKY BLINDERS mingled with our members after a fascinating Q & A.

Tom Hiddleston

THE NIGHT MANAGER and THOR actor appeared at our Insider Interviews series to discuss his stellar Hollywood career.

tom hiddleston
tim bevan industrial scripts

Tim Bevan

Working Title Films’ Tim Bevan – one of the great British film producers of all time – granted us an exclusive Q & A where he shed light on his phenomenal career.

Duncan Heath

The Co-Chairman of Independent Talent, one of the world’s most influential talent agencies, delivered insights and laughs in equal measure to our crowd of guests and members.

duncan heath industrial scripts
faye ward industrial scripts

Faye Ward

THE CROWN and STAN & OLLIE producer joined us for a fascinating career Q & A and networking drinks afterwards.

How Can We Help?

Industry-leading script coverage, script doctoring, online courses and an enormous blog – we equip our clients with best-in-class tools to skyrocket their skillset.

Forensic Script Notes Await...

No more bargain bin script coverage written by interns…

With 12 carefully selected script development services ranging from huge in-depth script reports, to intense 1-to-1 script editing days through full-blown script doctoring and beyond, you know when you hire Industrial Scripts you’re hiring specialists. 

No more bargain bin notes so cheap they can only be written by interns, no more extortionate notes by “gurus” disconnected from the main industry. 

A fair price, for a superior service awaits…

Screenplays Get Few Chances to Impress

Making a great first impression is absolutely critical in the fiercely competitive world of script development.

Maximise your chances of success with us.

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