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Adaptation - films about writers
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OPINION: Lessons For Screenwriters From Films About Writers

Films about writers, more than films about any other profession, can lay claim to accuracy. After all, who better to understand how writers think and feel than writers themselves? The writer’s job is to play God. In the modern era, stories about creators playing God stretch back to Mary Shelley’s original Frankenstein.

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fired as a screenwriter
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My Pain At Being “Replaced” as a Screenwriter

Being “Replaced” A couple of years ago, I became that person: a replaced screenwriter. It was a screenplay I dearly loved and had put my heart and soul into and, on top of the rejection of being booted off whilst I was circus performing on that roll, the whole thing

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Paul Newman
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10 Honest Quotes about the Life of the Screenwriter

Nobody worships more reverently at the altar of screenwriting than us. We believe in The Screenplay. We recognise it as the critical component in whether a film or TV shows lives, or dies. In its own right, we recognise that crafting a superior screenplay is a magnificent feat in itself –

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good movies or bad movies
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Is it Smarter to make Bad Movies, or No Movies at all?

After years of hard labour, you birth your fledgling screenplay Little Miss Sunshine to the world, the film grosses $100m and you take the reins to the Star Wars Empire (the writing side of things, not the keys to a Death Star). Congratulations, you are Michael Arndt. But such debut

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