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Anthony Minghella writing process
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50 Hollywood Screenwriters Reveal Their Writing Process

What’s Your Personal Writing Process? In screenwriting, sometimes the biggest challenge is discovering the most effective writing process That Works For You. For example, each and every writer has a different approach to how they: summon key plot points establish characters use subtext utilize themes generate dialogue control pacing optimize

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Rocky - Hollywood Screenwriters' Big Break
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10 Hollywood Screenwriters Reveal Their Big Break

Most screenwriters would cite a moment in their careers that proved critical. It might be the day they signed with an influential literary manager, or the moment a key producer spotted something in their spec screenplay that piqued his or her interest. Of course, it might be more spectacular than that, and

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Paul Newman
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10 Honest Quotes about the Life of the Screenwriter

Nobody worships more reverently at the altar of screenwriting than us. We believe in The Screenplay. We recognise it as the critical component in whether a film or TV shows lives, or dies. In its own right, we recognise that crafting a superior screenplay is a magnificent feat in itself –

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Screenwriting Determination
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10 Great Tales of Screenwriting Determination

Where There’s a Will There’s a Way They say where there’s a will, there’s a way and if ever a profession needed to believe this mantra, it’s that of screenwriting. So pump yourself up, splash some cold water on your face and, as infamous ENTOURAGE uber-agent Ari Gold would say: “strap

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Stuart Hazeldine
British Film

Stuart Hazeldine – The Insider Interviews

Writer-director Stuart Hazeldine was interviewed as part of our Insider Interviews series way back in 2010, and this Q & A was originally published on our old site. Since this interview came out, Stuart has sat in rooms and talked hard story with Steven Spielberg and Michael Mann, seen not

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Top Female Screenwriters
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The Top Female Screenwriters

Beneath the murky waters of the western film industry, the odyssey towards equality is ongoing, and according to ‘Celluloid Ceiling’ – an industry consensus conducted by the Centre for Women in Film and Television – the beast of gender-bias has, once again, reared its ugly head. The report revealed a two

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M. Night Shyamalan - Screenwriter Burned Bright Then Faded
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10 Hollywood Screenwriters Who Burned Bright and Then Faded

Burning Bright Becoming a professional screenwriter is one thing, but staying at the top of the Hollywood screenwriters game is quite another. After last week’s look at Screenwriters Who Broke In Late, Industrial Scripts looks at those Hollywood screenwriters who hit the big time, but whose star gradually faded.

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