Smart and serious aspiring screenwriters not only watch a lot of movies but read a lot of movie scripts. Studying the craft is an invaluable part of the learning and developing process. Thanks to the internet, it’s easier than ever.

Here are ten great places to get started. When you’re ready to bring out the big guns, take a look at our PDF Pack of screenplays. Here you’ll find over 1,500 scripts waiting for you, neatly packaged, arranged into subfolders and ready to read and study at home or on the move. The pack includes recent Oscar and BAFTA winning scripts as well as blockbusters and independent films.


1. Drew’s Script-O-Rama 

While its website design is oh-so ’90s, there’s a good reason for that: Drew’s Script-O-Rama has been around for years and years. It’s practically an institution. In that time it has amassed a wealth of scripts that are new, classic, and everywhere in between.


2. Simply Scripts

A plethora of movie scripts and TV scripts await at Simply Scripts. These not only include links to current screenplays made available for awards season but also those a little off the beaten path. Unique to this site are the sections for scripts in foreign languages as well as a place that highlighta shorts and features by upcoming or amateur writers.


3. Weekend Read app

Weekend Read is a simple but ingenious free app for reading scripts on iPhones, no matter the format. What really sets it apart however is its rotating library of scripts, curated from various sources but all from professional screenwriters.


4. Internet Movie Script Database

The clue’s in the name and that sneaky extra letter. IMSDb aspires to be the IMDb for movie scripts. Billing itself as “The web’s largest movie script resource!”, there are hundreds of scripts to be found here. All are presented in HTML format, which is not as easy to download but is convenient to read and search within your web browser.


5. The Daily Script

While The Daily Script no longer updates with the frequency its name suggests, it has still banked a very respectable collection of scripts. Where possible, the date and version of the draft is specified, allowing you to compare works in progress with the finished film.


6. BBC Writers Room

The BBC is one of the premier destinations for great TV drama and comedy. Its Writers Room site is full of valuable, practical advice, opportunities and even a window in which they accept unsolicited material. Its scripts section isn’t half bad either. There’s plenty of them available from across the broadcaster’s history, with the ability to search by Drama, Comedy or Children’s scripts and also to sort by date.


7. TV Writing

TV scripts are very much their own beast, from their structure and storytelling right on down to specifics of format. TV Writing has a great collection of material from popular shows. Go beyond just reading pilots to compare scripts from various episodes across a show’s run. There are also several show bibles available. These are detailed documents that lay out everything a show should be, keeping the writers on the same page. They make for fascinating and instructive reading.


8. Scribd

Scribd is a free-for-all document hosting site. Under the screenplay category however, skipping past the amateur material, there are some true hidden gems. Not only are there movie scripts, but pitch documents, treatments, and other writing-related materials.


9. Screenplays For You

Screenplays For You does what it says on the tin. With regular updates, it aggregates links from all over the web, from scripts of box office hits to those from more obscure, art-house or independent cinema.


10. The Screenplay Database

One of the main selling points of The Screenplay Database is its ability to sort by genre. Before trying to reinvent the wheel, see how those who have gone before managed to breathe new life into well-trodden genres like the Western.


1500+ PDF Movie Scripts Pack

Of course, there’s a limit to the scope and the reliability offered by these sites. That’s why we’ve put together this pack of over 1500 screenplays from released TV shows and movies. Before you embark on your first or latest screenplay, take the crucial step in your screenwriting journey of reading and learning from some of the greats.


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