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40 thoughts on “Thank you for signing up!”

  1. I am working on my log line right now.
    I have a lot of excellent material. I’ve written seen one act one scene, two act one and two and I’m quite happy with it, so I’m off to the races.

  2. Hello, everybody! I am very happy I could find Industrial Scripts! As a Brazilian guy trying a late career as a screenwriter, I believe all the info and material available will be very useful. I did not have much time to go through it yet, but seems to be good stuff. Thank you!

  3. Thanks, I’ve not started because I’m lacking resources. However I’ve shot few short films with my smartphone

  4. thank you for giving me the opportunity to start a new, late career! i might just get somewhere with these tutorials, who knows!
    So I am ready to climb into all that stuff and let’s see.
    once again thank you!
    Graham Denniston

  5. I’m a newbie here and I’d love to have all the material you’d like to send to people like us, please. Thank you for all your help to all the aspiring screenwriters on this platform.

  6. Hey guys! Thanks for the amazing stuff and a warm welcome! There is only one thing, in your email with the pack of content, there is a notice to click so I can get the Hossein Amini interview in seperate email, but it only redirects me to the site where you talk about the interview and when I click on almost every option, to get it, it only directs me to signing up, which I already did.
    Thanks for reply!

  7. Your free newsletter is very helpful and reassures screenwriters all over the world that they are not alone! Cheers. Maurice.

  8. I am a starter here and I will love to have every piece u guys are willing to send out to people like us please. thank you for all your assistance to all aspiring screenwriters on this platform.

  9. This is my second time of signing up here. I haven’t received any pdf file on how to write a screenplay with examples as an amateur. This has really kept me slow

  10. Ah – I’ve suddenly been made conscious of these emails! I’ve been concentrating on my degree. Next year it’s the final year, which is actually script writing – so I need to make sure that I’m in contact with you correctly? Thank-you

  11. Thanks, I really value your postings and articles, though I’ve been engaged with the publication of my own books for a while. I keep them all.

  12. Are you kidding or cheating? I signed up three times, but I couldn’t get pdf “How to write mythically the pdf”, but the advertising from the 3rd side came instantly! 🙁

    • Hey! Sorry you’re having issues, have you checked your junk mail folders? And all other folders? Have you unsubscribed from our mails previously? It’s highly likely the key emails are in your promotions or junk mail folders. Feel free to raise a support ticket with us if they still don’t appear!

  13. while attempting to fill out the upload new script form you ask “turnaround chosen at check out” and i do not recall seeing a place for me to choose a turnaround time? so i don’t know what to select? obviously i would like the shortest turnaround time but i don’t think my $180 included any rush fees and i don’t want to make things slower because i read your warnings about filling things out wrong and asking for things you didn’t pay for makes things go slower etc so i guess i should select with in 21 days? for this reason i think the website is not as good as it could be. there should be a clear easy way to review what i ordered so i could see that i ordered a rush or if i said with in 21 days etc?


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