1,000+ Produced Scripts PDF Suite

  • Download over 1,000 scripts in PDF format.
  • Pack contains recent Oscar and BAFTA-winning scripts, as well as independent films and blockbusters.
  • Great writers are serious readers first and foremost, and reading a great many screenplays is essential to growing as a writer and storyteller.
  • Download the pack within minutes, then load them onto a Kindle or iPad and start reading.
  • Sub-folders in the suite include: 800+ A-Z movie scripts; Classic TV Pilots; Oscar-winning Original Scripts; Oscar-winning Adapted; Great British Independent; Recent Awards Season screenplays & more.



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1,000+ PDF Movie Scripts Suite


If you want to be a great screenwriter, reading movie and TV scripts – and lots of them – is literally your first and only stop.

It comes before spending money on expensive degree courses, before booking any script coverage, before even starting to write your own screenplay.

Before everything else, comes reading a great many scripts…

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Our giant PDF script pack contains over 1,000 screenplays from both successful and unsuccessful(!), released movies and TV shows.

It’s the perfect inexpensive education for aspiring and established screenwriters alike, and you can learn more from ploughing steadily through the pack than you can from reading screenwriting theory, attending classes or workshops, and even starting to write yourself.

“If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot. There’s no way around these two things that I’m aware of, no shortcut.” – Stephen King

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Sub-folders in the movie suite include:

  • 800+ A-Z movie scripts
  • Classic TV Pilots
  • Oscar-winning Originals
  • Oscar-winning Adapted
  • Great British Independent
  • Recent Awards Season screenplays.

tv and film scripts

Download the scripts and be reading moments after purchase!


After checking out, you’ll receive an automated e-mail with a password and a link to download the 1,000 screenplays.

It’s then a simple case of clicking the download button on your PC or Mac, and watching the scripts pour in!

Because there are so many PDFs, we’ve sub-divided the pack for you into various easy-to-access categories. You can see how these appear, below…

movie scripts PDF pack download

So what are you waiting for?

Great writers are great readers first. No-one disputes that.

DOWNLOAD the pack, cherry-pick the ones you want to upload to your Kindle, iPad or smart-phone, and get reading.



DISCLAIMER: All movie screenplays on this download are intended for teaching /educational purposes only. These screenplays fall under the U.S. Code 17/Sec. 107 – Limitations on exclusive rights: ‘Fair Use’. Notwithstanding the provisions of sections 106 and 106A, the fair use of a copyrighted work, including such use by reproduction in copies or phonorecords or by any other means specified by that section, for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright.

IMPORTANT: Any payment made for this download product is for the work involved in collating, marketing, hosting and digitally delivering these movie screenplays and not for the actual screenplays themselves. Due to the purely digital nature of this product and the fact that it cannot be recalled once released, no refunds are possible.

Due to the large file size of these PDF screenplays the user must ensure they have at least 1.5 GB of storage space on their device or laptop. Once again, due to the purely digital nature of this product and the fact that is cannot be recalled once released, no refunds are possible.

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14 thoughts on “1,000+ Produced Scripts PDF Suite”

  1. As a budding script writer, these are excellent research material. As an avid reader, these are diverse and interesting reading material. I have learned the most, however, by reading ‘Frozen’ out loud to my children. Reading a script is one thing, but actually performing it for yourself gives a deep insight in to the mechanics of how it works and how things interact. As additional material for my course, this is a wonderful buy.

  2. Fascinating to see the similarities between animated films and live action films. I was expecting to see huge differences but there aren’t any. As an avid reader these will keep me entertained for many many hours to come, starting with The Departed. I immediately got out my DVD to watch and read at the same time. This has helped the script I am currently working on no end.

  3. This has given me reading material for many months to come. I decided to read a script for a film I’d not yet seen, so I chose ‘I smile back.’ Having read it, I then watched the film while referring to the script. Reading it and then seeing it come to life really gave me an insight in to how scripts work. I’ll be doing the same again, both with films I have and haven’t seen and I will carry on reading and learning.

  4. Being able to read a professional script, and one you can relate to is important for any budding script writer. There is plenty of research material in this pack so I’m not short of scripts to read. Of all the many in here I was drawn to Despicable Me. I thought an animated film, and one my kids love, would be an interesting place to start, and I wasn’t wrong. There is so much advice in here simply by reading.

  5. I got a little carried away reading the script for Grease – I started singing to all the songs as I went along. There’s such a lot to choose from that whatever style or genre you’re writing for, there’ll be plenty of research here for you.

  6. Breakfast club is a classic so that’s where I started. I’ve downloaded on to my Kindle so I can dip in to these wherever I am. It’s all very well taking a course to write a good script but until you see something like this, it’s hard to actually see how to bring your script to life.

  7. Had to put these on a memory stick due to the sheer size of the file, but I can’t complain. So many scripts it’s hard to know where to start, so I started with Silence of the Lambs. This was incredible to see the film in this form. Compelling reading and as a writer, extremely useful as research. I’ll be reading a comedy or maybe Frozen next to find out how similar, or different the two genres are.

  8. What’s not to like. As a writer there’s some great reference material here. As a reader, there’s some great reading. I intended to read Argo to check out how the action scenes are written, but I’ve since been drawn to the TV pilots. These, to me, offer great insight as these were the ones that caught the eye of the producers.

  9. I decided a good way to learn was to read a few scripts first. This is a good way to understand not only the style but how different styles of film vary. My favourite is Juno, which I’ve seen countless times. Seeing it on paper is weird but also gives a good, in depth understanding of the film.

  10. Not only are these a great read but they show you the differences and similarities between different genres. I read 12 years a slave and Frozen, two totally different kinds of film. Seeing the text laid out and being able to visualise each scene made writing a screenplay seem a little less daunting.

  11. The one main drawback with this is that you need a lot of memory to download it, but that’s because you get so many. I’ve read and reread the Lady in the Van and I know I’ll be just as fascinated when I read others. I picked that one out because I just saw the film and it was fresh in my memory. This is a great way to not only read and enjoy, but to learn how to format and develop a script too.

  12. Great selection and really interesting to read once you’ve completed the screenwriting course. I started with the Godfather purely because it’s one of my favourite films. Not only is it simply a good read, but it brings it all to life as well. Knowing the film I can see just how everything gels together.

  13. Really excellent value and a great aid to writing a good script. I love the Rocky films so I started with that one. It was fascinating to see how it developed and how the script is actually formatted. It made me appreciate that there’s much more to a good script than simply having a good story.

  14. The clue’s in the title with this product: over 1000 produced screenplays, all in PDF format, you can read and read and read. And if you read and read and read, your writing will soar…

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