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Danny Boyle Quotes
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15 Electric Danny Boyle Quotes for Writers and Filmmakers

Forever Changing: 15 Danny Boyle Quotes for Writers and Filmmakers His mother had plans for him to go into the priesthood. But Danny Boyle left the path of Catholicism and found a new religion, whilst studying English and Drama at university. It was a passion for drama and it would

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Genre hybrid
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OPINION: The Key to a Great Genre Hybrid

A genre hybrid, a cross between two or more genres, can be a boon. It’s giving the audience something familiar, tapping into genre conventions, but also fresh. However, it can also confuse audiences (and marketers!). Genres tend to have their own audiences and trying to appeal across them can alienate

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film genres
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The 10 Hardest Film Genres to Write

Be in no doubt about it – if you’re going to write for the screen, then you’re going to be writing genre. Thriller, sci-fi, crime, fantasy, comedy, horror and so on, everyone wants genre and these days they often want two genres, a comedy isn’t enough: it has to be

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