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The Machinist Psychological Thriller
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How to Write a Captivating Psychological Thriller

How to Write a Captivating Psychological Thriller A psychological thriller. It’s a story that gets in your head and keeps you on your toes. Psychological Thriller: ‘a thriller narrative that emphasizes the unstable psychological states of its characters.’ Within a psychological thriller, the conflict takes place primarily in the mind

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Voldermort Character Fatal Flaw
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How to Expertly Develop Your Character’s Fatal Flaw

A Character’s Fatal Flaw – What Does it Mean?   In good stories, as in life, one of the most important aspects is the search for growth and the striving for change. Sometimes, the best screenplays knowingly complicate this journey by introducing a character with a major fatal flaw. A

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Fleabag Fourth Wall Break
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The Fourth Wall Break in Screenwriting – How to Do it & Why

The Fourth Wall Break – How to Do it and Why   An increasingly common device used in modern Film and Television, the fourth wall break can serve as a dynamic way of breaking down the barrier between an audience and a protagonist. However, when deployed inappropriately it can also

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