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Call Me By Your Name Love Interest
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How to Write a Love Interest That Audiences Believe In

How to Write a Love Interest who Audiences Believe…   If your mind immediately jumps to soppy worn out cliches when you think of love interests, you’d be forgiven. But love interests are significant roles in many genres. They’re certainly not limited to romcoms. The question for screenwriters is how

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Judy Garland Biopic - 'Judy'
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How to Write a Great Biopic: Pitfalls Screenwriters Should Avoid

How to Write a Biopic: Pitfalls Screenwriters Should Avoid   From BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY to JUDY, the biopic is a seriously popular modern movie genre. But having such a concrete story to work from in the telling of someone’s life isn’t always as carefree as it seems. With the number of

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low stakes in The Big Lebowski
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10 Films That Make You Invested in The Protagonist’s Goal

In 9/10 cases the protagonist is the driving force of a successful film narrative. We invest in their story because we identify with their goal and become invested in it; but some goals are more easily conveyed than others. Convincing an audience to root for a character fighting an evil

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