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dead man's shoes - write what you know
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To Screenwrite Right, Write What You Know

Write What You Know or Just Say No! (and other rhymes) I’m going to give you procrastinating scribblers a little bit of advice today. Yes me, who gets up at the crack of 10.30 in the AM and eats really really really old Chinese food from the back of the fridge

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procrastinating writer
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Screenwriting & The Fine Art of Procrasturbating

  I’ve always been a big fan of those books that are a collection of interviews with Hollywood screenwriters where they tell you, with grating self-deprecation and lashings and lashings of false-modesty, how they got their big break to their billion dollar Oscar winning career, their learned thoughts on the

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In Screenwriting, Hope Springs Eternal

The Rafn Column Part III Screenwriting – Hope Springs Eternal When I worked as a Development Executive, the most terrifying thing I ever had to do was fly to LA on my own to do a round of meetings to build relationships with the US agents, scout for sitcom showrunners

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Ari Gold
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10 Ways To Irritate a Development Executive

The Rafn Column Part II 10 Ways to Irritate a Development Executive When I finally made the transition from being a Development Executive to becoming a writer, I believed that I had a genuine advantage because I had been granted the gift of insight having been on both sides of

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tamzin rafn
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The Rafn Column Part I: Explaining the Obvious

The script, the script, the script… I have always had a love affair with scripts. I love, love, love them. Love them warm coming off the printer, love the font that echoes the old Hollywood era when they would have been bashed out by men in high waisted trousers on

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