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Fargo Show Don't Tell Marge and Norm
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‘Show Don’t Tell’ – Why The Screenwriting Mantra Endures

‘Show Don’t Tell’ – How to Best Follow the Principle   It’s a term you hear frequently when it comes to storytelling – ‘Show Don’t Tell’. But what does it mean exactly?  And how you can you take that principle and use it in your screenwriting? Let’s take a look…

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Matrix Exposition - Morpheus and Neo
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15 Crafty Exposition Examples: How to Do It Right

15 Crafty Exposition Examples: How to Get Exposition Right   Exposition is an essential part of any screenplay. However, there is a fine line between pulling it off smoothly and making it feel too obvious to audiences. Learning how to write good exposition is a key step in learning how

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Manchester by the Sea, flashbacks
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OPINION: Flashbacks and the (Rare) Stories that Need Them

One of the major exceptions to the oft-repeated “show, don’t tell” screenwriting rule is the equally common received wisdom that screenplays should avoid using flashbacks. The criticisms are familiar from scores of screenwriting books. They weaken the dramatic tension, breaking up the momentum of the story to show the audience things

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