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Voice-Over Narration in Screenplays: The Ultimate Guide

Voice-Over Narration—How to Get it Right and How to Get it Very Wrong A common piece of advice given to newer screenwriters is: avoid voice-over narration at all costs. This can be confusing for the fresh-faced writer. After all, many of their favourite films feature movie voice-over. Not only that,

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Fargo Show Don't Tell Marge and Norm
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‘Show Don’t Tell’ – Why The Screenwriting Mantra Endures

‘Show Don’t Tell’ – How to Best Follow the Principle   It’s a term you hear frequently when it comes to storytelling – ‘Show Don’t Tell’. But what does it mean exactly?  And how you can you take that principle and use it in your screenwriting? Let’s take a look…

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Matrix Exposition - Morpheus and Neo
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15 Crafty Exposition Examples: How to Do It Right

15 Crafty Exposition Examples: How to Get Exposition Right   Exposition is an essential part of any screenplay. However, there is a fine line between pulling it off smoothly and making it feel too obvious to audiences. Learning how to write good exposition is a key step in learning how

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