Industrial Scripts Celebrates 10th Anniversary – Sponsored by STOLI

Yesterday, Thursday 30th January 2020, Industrial Scripts celebrated its 10 Year Anniversary with an industry reception sponsored by STOLI.

Agents, producers, writers, directors and IS staff gathered at the Sanctum Hotel Variety Screening Lounge for canapés and vodka cocktails.

Scroll down for photos and reaction.


industrial scripts 10th anniversary


Industrial Scripts was founded in January 2010 by Evan Leighton-Davis, a producer and former Ealing Studios executive and Paramount/Warner Bros./Universal script consultant.

The company delivered its first product, course or service on Saturday 30th January 2010 with the introduction of “Effective Script Reading” – a 1-day masterclass which continues to run regularly today.

Script coverage and doctoring services (as reported in Screen) followed later and the rest, as they say, is history.

Commenting on the 10-year milestone, Leighton-Davis said:

Keeping the lights on for a decade is a significant moment in the history of any company, regardless of industry. To endure in film and television is arguably a much sterner task, however.

I’m obviously delighted we’ve grown the company to its position today. Like any business, we’ve seen our reasonable share of peaks and troughs, of firm footings and occasional missteps. But with a 95% verified client satisfaction rating over more than 1,000 reviews, our track record in delivering outstanding script coverage, consultancy and training indisputably stacks up against anyone else in the industry.

I want to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all our clients down the years, and the consultants, educators, trainers, specialists, sponsors and other staff who’ve contributed to our growth – none of this would have been possible without their professionalism and graft.

I also want to extend our thanks to all the industry figures who’ve granted us exclusive Q & As: from agency king Duncan Heath being grabbed in a headlock by an angry theatre-goer, to Michael Kuhn answering the door in a towel (to a bemused Brad Pitt!), these heavyweights and their war stories massively energised those who were there.

I look forward to another successful decade of Industrial Scripts serving the industry with the very finest script coverage, doctoring and education tools.

In addition, Industrial Scripts GM Victoria Carrington also commented:

As anyone reading this knows, film and TV are fragile, precarious industries: and that’s putting it…mildy! Barely a month goes by without the splashy trade announcement of some new company, or fund, or deal…but so many of these disappear without trace. So on behalf of the whole team I want to thank our loyal clients first and foremost. Without your commitment to the written (and filmed) word, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do. And for such a long period.

There was definitely a time where we were too active in too many areas, and looking back that period was maybe a necessary part of the company’s growing pains. As time’s gone by we’ve decided to focus and concentrate our efforts on doing less, better and I think this is paying real dividends now. I feel incredibly optimistic that the company will continue to push on and thrive and grow.

Will Industrial Scripts exist in 2050?

You wouldn’t bet against it…


industrial scripts 10 year anniversary
Aaron Anderson (Producer)



industrial scripts 10 year anniversary
Producer Andy Brunskill (SUMS), producer Alexei Boltho (RAY Pictures) and agent Nish Panchal (Curtis Brown Group)


industrial scripts 10th anniversary
Pamela Drameh (STX Entertainment) and James Brant (Sky Movies)


industrial scripts 10 year anniversary
Rosie Fletcher (Den of Geek), screenwriter Jon Gilbert (Independent Talent)


industrial scripts 10 year anniversary
Aaron Anderson (Story Producer) and screenwriter Jon Gilbert.


industrial scripts 10 year anniversary
Director Stuart Hazeldine (EXAM, THE SHACK) in conversation…


industrial scripts 10 year anniversary henry fitzherbert
Director Adie Tanner (REDISTRIBUTORS) and screenwriter Henry Fitzherbert (SLAUGHTERHOUSE RULEZ)


Directors Ben Bond (THE DRIFTERS) and Stuart Hazeldine (EXAM, THE SHACK)


Agent Nish Panchal (Curtis Brown) and Executives James Brant (Sky Movies) and Pamela Drameh (STX Entertainment)



stoli logo industrial scripts

Our sincere thanks again to STOLI for their support in producing the IS 10 Year Anniversary.

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