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Snape Harry Potter Subplot
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The Deep Value of Subplots: With 10 Awesome Examples

The Value and Importance of Subplots: With 10 Amazing Examples Subplots. Most movies and TV series have them, whether large or small. The grand overarching plot is the defining part of a narrative arc. But subplots help add depth to this narrative arc. They keep the audience’s interest from waning

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Pulp Fiction Briefcase Plot Device
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16 Powerful Plot Devices To Use in Your Screenplay

16 Powerful Plot Devices To Use in Your Screenplay   It’s a term that gets thrown around a lot but what exactly is a plot device? A plot device is any technique in a narrative used to move the plot forward. Plot devices are basically the methods you use throughout

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no country
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10 Almost-Great Screenplays

An almost-great screenplay can be more frustrating than a really bad one. The potential is strong and the execution is almost there, but something went wrong at the final hurdle. Of course, it’s easy to pick out flaws in retrospect or to credit (or blame) the writer for something that

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inciting incidents the goonies
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15 Genius Inciting Incidents by Screenwriters

15 Genius Inciting Incidents by Screenwriters You’ve created a fully developed character or series of characters and are now pondering their motivation through the narrative you’ve started to develop. Inciting incidents come in all shapes and sizes, so you should try to think of something clever, inspirational or at least interesting

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