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Crowdfunding Pitch Movies on Indiegogo
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The Top 8 Crowdfunding Pitch Movies on Indiegogo

The crowdfunding pitch film is the campaign’s secret weapon. The pitch film sits at the forefront of your ask for the crowd to fund you. The pitch film literally should be perfect and personal. It should move, involve and inspire. If those three emotions are provoked, someone just might dip

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super troopers 2
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The Film Producer Salary & A Pocket Full of Dollars

Let’s be blunt about it: the financial outlook isn’t great for Film Producers at the moment. A Film Producer Salary is firmly not what it once was… I remember the days as a Producer in the Noughties, where out of every budget (development and production) the producer received 10% as

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cutting out the middle man
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Cutting Out the Middle Man in Film Distribution

The Berlin International Film Festival was distinctly different this year. Sure, there was the typical melee of execs taking pictures around remnants of the Berlin Wall. And yes, as per usual, the films ranged from disappointing to exhilarating. Yet there was something that I can only describe as a digital

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Swerving Development Hell in the New Dawn of Crowdfunding

Welcome and hello to the thousands of you who visit the IS website every week. By way of an introduction, I’m Miranda Fleming, and I’m thrilled to be starting this new monthly column. I’ve worked extensively in development (Channel Four Films aka Film4) and I’ve Produced, Exec Produced and supported

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