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Aaron Sorkin Masterclass
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Aaron Sorkin Masterclass Review: Is it Worth It?

Aaron Sorkin MasterClass Review: Is it worth it?   Scores for the Aaron Sorkin MasterClass: Lessons –  7 /10 Workbook – 8.2 /10 Community  – 6.5 /10 Value – 7.5 /10 Overall Verdict – Thumbs up!   Purchase Course Pros Struggling with a script? Story analysis is what we do, all day,

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Jodie Foster Masterclass
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Jodie Foster Masterclass Review: Is It Worth It?

COURSE REVIEW: SCORES Lessons: 8.1  Workbooks: 8.2 Community & Interactivity: 6.4 Value: 8.0  OVERALL VERDICT: Thumbs Up!     Pros and Cons Pros: Actor-director background creates a unique perspective Strong focus on how writers and directors collaborate Extra class materials and looks behind the scenes provide good context  Cons: The

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Martin Scorsese Masterclass
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Martin Scorsese Masterclass Review: Is It Worth It?

Martin Scorsese Masterclass Review   Scores:   Lessons: 8.3/10 Workbooks: 8.1/10 Community: 6.5/10 Value: 8.1/10   OVERALL VERDICT: Thumbs Up! Course Pros and Cons…   Pros: Scorsese’s expertise and eloquence make him a natural interview subject and teacher Video lessons cover every aspect of directing and of developing your own

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