The Brit List Scripts 2013

Recently the Brit List scripts were announced. These are the best unproduced scripts of the year in the UK, as voted for by producers, agents and executives. Full details below.


Welcome to the Brit List Scripts 2013.

As in previous years, a balanced mix of producers, agents, distributors and sales agents from the UK film community were invited to submit nominations of their most liked and recommended unproduced screenplays.

Their nominations have been compiled, creating this year’s Brit List. Interestingly, this year there was a wider spread of scripts nominated, with fewer achieving the 3 votes or more needed in order to appear on the list.

In order to qualify for the Brit List, a screenplay had to:
a) receive 3 or more votes
b) be unproduced (not shooting) at the time of the list’s circulation
c) be written by any writer who is non US, and
d) not have featured on previous Brit Lists

Where known, producers have been named alongside the screenplays, as have genre and summary information.

Every effort has been made to supply accurate information, and apologies are made in advance for any inaccuracies or misspellings.


Brit list scripts 2013THE SURVIVALIST by Stephen Fingleton (Independent Talent Group)
Producers: Robert Jones/Wayne Godfrey
Genre: Thriller Summary: Years after lack of resources result in much of the world’s population dying off, a survivalist is living alone on a farm until a woman and her seventeen year old daughter show up looking for cover.


TALE OF TWO CITIES by David Farr (Curtis Brown Group)
Producers: Origin Pictures/BBC Films
Genre: Drama
Summary: A bold new adaptation of Charles Dickens’ classic set against the backdrop of the French Revolution.


INVASION by Joe Barton (Independent Talent Group)
Producers: Raw/Film Four
Genre: Thriller
Summary: A US-set psychological thriller with science-fiction elements.

TRIGGER by Lindsay Shapero (Blake Friedman Agency)
Producers: Met Film Productions/BFI
Genre: Dark Comedy
Summary: A twisted detective thriller centred around a teenage boy investigating his own suicide.

WHAT WE DID ON OUR HOLIDAY by Guy Jenkin & Andy Hamilton (Berlin Associates)
Producers: Origin Pictures/BBC Films
Genre: Comedy Drama
Summary: From the creators of hit TV show ‘Outnumbered’, comes the story of a family going through a difficult divorce who turn up at a family gathering and find themselves tested by a series of extraordinary circumstances.

YOUR VOICE IN MY HEAD by Emma Forest (Casarotto)
Producers: Ruby Films/Warner Bros
Genre: Drama
Summary: Based on Emma Forest’s memoir of the same name.


SON OF MAN by Hania Elkington (United Agents)
Producers: World Productions/BFI
Genre: Comedy
Summary: A rites of passage comedy about an obese, bullied Catholic schoolboy with a gift for art and an eccentric saint fixation, who learns what it means to be a man in the unlikely setting of a teenage pregnancy class.


BUMMER by Andrew Yerlett (Curtis Brown Group)
Producers: Escape Films
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Summary: A teenage couple, in the throes of first love, discover their parents are engaged to be married meaning they will become brother and sister, unless they can find a way to stop the fast-approaching wedding.

COMPETITION by Sean Buckley (Knight Hall Agency) & Martina Amati (Independent
Producers: Cowboy Films/Film Four Talent Group)
Genre: Drama
Summary: Visceral coming of age tale set in the world of gymnastics.

DRIVEN by David Leon & Rashid Razak (Curtis Brown Group)
Producers: Zeitgeist Films
Genre: Crime Thriller
Summary: Loosely autobiographical film based on David Leon’s childhood experiences growing up in Newcastle in the late 80s and early 90s.

FUTURES by Rob Green (Michelle Kass Associates)
Producers: Starchild Pictures
Genre: Thriller
Summary: Time-travel thriller in London’s financial world.

HARRY’S BLONDE by Caradog James (Michelle Kass Associates)
Producers: Dan Films
Genre: Comedy Horror
Summary: A teenage boy comes of age with the help of two feuding serial killers.

POSH by Laura Wade (Knight Hall Agency)
Producers: Blueprint Pictures
Genre: Comedy drama
Summary: Adaptation of Laura Wade’s hit stage play.

SECOND COMING by Debbie Tucker Green (The Agency)
Producers: Hillbilly Films/Film Four
Genre: Drama
Summary: Jackie is pregnant and knows that it’s not her husband’s. She also knows she’s slept with no-one else. She doesn’t know if she’s losing her mind.

TRIVIAL PURSUITS by Tom Nash (Berlin Associates)
Producers: Embargo Films/BFI
Genre: Thriller
Summary: A hitman befriends the children of the man he’s trying to kill.

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