Hoss Amini Interview

Industrial Scripts is pleased to announce the release of our first “Reflection Series” mini-courses, with a unique Hoss Amini interview.

These email sequences consist of a weekly drip containing exclusive interview content from high-end filmmakers and screenwriters.


First Reflection Series

Our first Reflection Series is with DRIVE, THE WINGS OF THE DOVE, MCMAFIA, THE ALIENIST and THE TWO FACES OF JANUARY screenwriter and director Hossein Amini.

Oscar and BAFTA-nominated by the age of 30, Amini has established himself as one of the leading screenwriters working today.

Our exclusive Hoss Amini interview is over 11,000 words, and is the most in-depth around.

You can sign up to receive the free, 8-week email mini-course here.

We do hope you enjoy learning from it, as much as we did putting it together.

Hoss Amini Interview Series Launches...
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