Writing and Filmmaking Lessons from PADDINGTON 2 (2017)

PADDINGTON 2 video essay

PADDINGTON was that rare, quintessentially British film that found success around the globe.

So there was little surprise when the studio confirmed PADDINGTON 2. Paul King returned to direct. David Heyman (of HARRY POTTER fame) returned to produce, through Heyday Films and StudioCanal UK.

Paul King and Simon Farnaby wrote the script. 

What was surprising was how good PADDINGTON 2 was. This led to three BAFTA nominations (for Best British Film, Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Actor in a Supporting Role for Hugh Grant). 

PADDINGTON 2 is one of the few family films that adults can enjoy on the same level as children. Key to this success is how well King and Farnaby build an entire whimsical world around their utterly charming main character. 

King said, with PADDINGTON 2, that they: 

really fancied doing the snowball film where it starts with something so small — I just want to get Aunt Lucy a birthday present. Then it gets you somewhere much more extraordinary than you might have imagined in the first 10 minutes.

Producer David Heyman explained the key appeal: 

Paddington is a character that we all, in some ways, wish we were more like, and wish we knew more people who had his generosity, his kindness, his correctness, his decency. Wouldn’t the world be a better place if it were filled with Paddingtons? […] particularly today, in these dark and difficult times, where there’s so much bad news, it’s rather lovely to put out something about community. About small acts of kindness, about seeing the good in people, and about love with a generous spirit.

What lessons can writers and filmmakers draw from PADDINGTON 2’s success?

Check out the video on PADDINGTON 2 below.

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