Script Doctor’s Assessment Fee


  • After checkout our Script Doctor will read your script and briefly explain how they would approach the re-write.
  • We’ll then issue you with a quote to rewrite the script, and a timeframe.
  • NOTE: this service does not supply notes or coverage and should not be used as a substitute.
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Our Script Doctor’s Assessment fee is an essential part of our Script Doctoring Service – clients must have their script read and analysed by our Script Doctor before we can quote in full for script doctoring.



Once the Assessment Fee has been paid, and script submitted (per our standard project Submission Process), our Script Doctor will read the script and we will respond with several bullet points outlining how we would approach the re-writing of the script in an ideal world.
Here is how the process unfolds in its entirety:
  1. Client books our non-refundable Script Doctor’s Assessment Fee and submits their script via our standard submission process.
  2. Our script doctor would read the script, assess it, and we would then email you our thoughts on how he/she would approach the doctoring work, and how many weeks work would be required to bring it up to a market-ready level.
  3. Typically clients book our script doctors on 3 week+ bookings, but sometimes they work for much longer on projects. We never book our doctors on less than a 2 week booking. On many of our bookings we find it works best if clients book our doctors on “3 weeks over 6 weeks” or “4 weeks over 8 weeks” bookings, to give the doctor added time and space without extra financial pressures on you, to complete the work.
  4. If this quote and fee is agreeable we would contract the work and you would be sent a Writer’s Contract, and an invoice. Payment is required in full, up-front via BACS.
  5. After contracts have been exchanged and payment received in full, we would then schedule a meeting/conference call with yourself and our script doctor to discuss the re-write work in greater depth.
  6. Our script doctor would complete the doctoring, in close email consultation with you via a secure Industrial Scripts email address, and deliver the new script on a specified date. With bookings of 4 weeks or more, we have found from experience that it works best if we submit the doctored script twice – once 2/3 of the way through the process, so you can feedback to us, and then again on the final delivery date.


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