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In a business driven by collaboration and connections, the battle isn't meeting people... it's meeting the right people.

"The problem isn't meeting's meeting the RIGHT collaborators..."

There are hundreds of Facebook and LinkedIn groups out there offering to connect Screenwriters, Producers and Directors. And every single one of them has an open door. Even the lion's share of paid platforms are the same - anyone can join, and you don't have to be a genius to work out what the networking is like as a result...

In OVERDRIVE, by contrast, every single member has been vetted, and the community is capped at just 500 places...

"Every single OVERDRIVE member has been screened...

...the community is capped at just 500 Writers, Producers and Directors..."


Membership Highlights include...

Filtered Networking

Use our cutting-edge members forum to sort members and scripts by Producer, Writer or Director, genre-focus and location.

Dedicated iOS & Google App

Our dedicated members' app allows you to connect, discuss and collaborate on the move.

Premium Industry Events

OVERDRIVE members attend our Insider Interviews series for free (RRP £180). The industry guest alumni is stellar. More here.

Industry-Leading Support

As an OVERDRIVE member you receive 25% off Industrial Scripts' #1 rated script service, as well as member-to-member peer review.

"Guaranteed Reads"

Through Guaranteed Reads our members don't die wondering. Leverage our influence to get your scripts read (extra fees apply).

"LA Exec Connect"

Another of our services to help members succeed, LAEC involves our VP in LA analysing member loglines (she may request more).

Talent Connector LIVE*

Coming in mid/late 2018: member-only pitch networking with agents, executives and producers, live in London.

1000+ Produced Scripts Pack

All members receive an enormous, 1000+ PDF suite of produced screenplays for both TV and film, carefully compiled over years.

Industry Mentoring

As a member, access Industrial Scripts' rolodex and work with an industry mentor who's been there, and done it. Extra fees.

Lightning Script Coverage

Members receive their discounted script coverage within just 7 days. At no extra cost. Coming mid 2018.

Online Course Suite

Our members receive access to all five of Industrial Scripts' popular online courses in screenwriting, TV writing and novel writing.

Access to "The Vault"

As an OVERDRIVE member you gain access to The Vault - a collection of exclusive interviews with major industry figures.

Apply to OVERDRIVE and massively upgrade your contacts book today!

You'll need to send us your CV and application statement on the next page and please be aware - we decline over 30% of applicants.

What our members are saying:

"The community is a fantastic resource..."

I found screenwriter Tom Mann through OVERDRIVE, after I put a call out for promising genre scripts in the member forum. I was so impressed by his material that I commissioned him to produce a treatment for a project, which we're now raising development finance for. I can say with some authority that OVERDRIVE saved me considerable time, energy and a fate worse than death - either trawling all the usual channels new writers congregate in, or trying to get the attention of various less-than-energetic agents. The community is a fantastic resource.

ED BOASE  //  Director

georgia clegg

"I could never have acquired it on my own.."

OVERDRIVE gave me instant access to a driven community of talented filmmakers committed to honing their craft and furthering their careers in the industry. This quality of network is invaluable and is something I never could have acquired on my own.

GEORGIA CLEGG  //  Screenwriter

nish panchal curtis brown

"I get to hear about fresh scripts, already vetted..."

One of the most important parts of being an agent is being alert when it comes to new writers and directors. Getting to talent first is obviously really important and through OVERDRIVE I get to hear about fresh scripts and new voices that have already been vetted by Industrial Scripts.


OVERDRIVE - A Superior Connection Tool

Through an OVERDRIVE membership, writers and filmmakers receive an extensive list of tools and benefits to support them as they develop their careers. Here's why members join:


The Vetted Network. With most communities operating a total free-for-all, open-door policy, the fact that OVERDRIVE members are independently screened and approved is the primary reason filmmakers apply.


The 2-Tier Script Feedback System. With an OVERDRIVE membership, you'll access 2 tiers of screenplay support - free peer-to-peer review from other, vetted members and unlimited 25% discount off IS premium script notes.


The Insider Interviews series with major industry guests. Our OVERDRIVE members meet almost every month for masterclasses with major industry guests. This series, which normally costs £180.00, is free for members.


Founded in early 2010, Industrial Scripts is now one of the world's leading script development companies.

With over 900 verified client testimonials (across various reviews websites) "IS" is certainly the most transparent, delivering a wide range of premium support services to Writers and Filmmakers from around the world.

We hope you've enjoyed reading about OVERDRIVE, and do just drop us a line if you have any further questions or queries - we'd love to help.

Team IS x

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