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You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Don't join an easy crowd. You won't grow. Go where the expectations and demands to perform and achieve are high...


Members meet every few weeks at The Insider Interviews series...

insider interviews live
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The Insider Interviews is our monthly series networking events, live from the BFI and other central London locations.

We secure amazing industry guests, and OVERDRIVE members attend for FREE.

With networking drinks and a chance to mingle with our guest and fellow members, the series represents a rare opportunity to meet established industry figures...

Industry guests include...

caryn mandabach industrial scripts

Producer Caryn Mandabach

The legendary producer of a series of mega-hits including ROSEANNE, 3rd ROCK FROM THE SUN, THE COSBY SHOW, NURSE JACKIE, THAT 70s SHOW and PEAKY BLINDERS mingled with our members after a fascinating Q & A.

Actor Tom Hiddleston

THE NIGHT MANAGER and THOR actor appeared at The Insider Interviews to discuss  his career in the UK and Hollywood.

Producer Tim Bevan

Working Title Films' Tim Bevan - one of the great British film producers of all time - appeared at The Insider Interviews LIVE to shed light on his incredible career.

Mega-Agent Duncan Heath

The Co-Chairman of Independent Talent, Europe's largest talent agency, delivered insights and laughs in equal measure to our crowd of guests and members.

duncan heath industrial scripts
Ben Roberts BFI Industrial Scripts OVERDRIVE

BFI Film Fund Head Ben Roberts

The controller of the BFI's film fund joins us in March 2018 to discuss his career in film.

Writer-Director Hoss Amini

The Oscar and BAFTA-nominated writer-director of DRIVE and THE TWO FACES OF JANUARY joined us for a discussion of his stellar writing career.

hossein main industrial scripts

Director Ben Wheatley

The writer-director of DOWN TERRACE, KILL LIST and FREE FIRE came in to discuss his creative process with us.

Executive Ollie Madden

Film4's Ollie Madden discussed his career in film development and producing with our members.

ollie madden industrial scripts
faye ward industrial scripts

Producer Faye Ward

THE CROWN and SUFFRAGETTE producer joined us for a fascinating career Q & A and networking drinks afterwards.

Producer Andy Paterson

THE RAILWAY MAN and GIRL WITH A PEARL EARRING producer joined us in late 2017 for a brilliantly frank discussion of his long career in film.

Andy Paterson producer Industrial Scripts
Robert Jones

Producer Robert Jones

THE USUAL SUSPECTS producer delivered great insight into his stellar career, and stayed late in to the night mingling with members.

Executive Rhodri Thomas

THE NIGHT MANAGER and former Ink Factory executive joined us for drinks and a chat.

Rhodri Thomas producer Industrial Scripts
Matt Orton screenwriter industrial scripts

Screenwriter Matt Orton

The on-the-rise scribe told our members how he went from eating baked beans for lunch to writing scripts for Ridley Scott!

Director Stuart Hazeldine

THE SHACK and EXAM writer-director Stuart Hazeldine joined us for a fascinating Q & A about his career in Hollywood.

stuart hazeldine industrial scripts

The guest alumni is stellar...

Tim Bevan (producer)

Ben Roberts (exec)

Gareth Unwin (producer)

Nick Marston (agent)

Aaron Anderson (exec)

Michael Kuhn (producer)

Nisha Parti (producer)

Emily Leo (producer)

Ed Clarke (exec)

Rob Kraitt (agent)

Beth Pattinson (exec)

Tom Hiddleston (actor)

Ben Wheatley (director)

Jack Thorne (writer)

Sarah Radclyffe (prod)

Celine Haddad (exec)

Humphrey Elles-Hill

Robert Jones (producer)

Ollie Madden (exec)

Bradley Quirk (exec)

Nev Pierce (critic)

Andrew Orr (prod)

Hoss Amini (writer)

Rebecca O'Brien (prod)

Colin Vaines (prod)

Camille Gatin (prod)

Matt Orton (writer)

Jeremy Baxter (exec)

Alexandra Rossi (exec)

Kevin Lehane (writer)

Alexei Boltho (exec)

Sophie Meyer (exec)

Simon Heath (prod)

Caryn Mandabach (prod)

Duncan Heath (agent)

Paul Webster (producer)

Faye Ward (producer)

Tanya Tillett (agent)

Stuart Hazeldine (writer)

Andy Brunskill (producer)

David Scinto (writer)

Caroline Harvey (exec)

Richard Holmes (prod)

Oliver Parker (dir)

insider interviews live overdrive
tim bevan industrial scripts

Tim Bevan of Working Title Films appears at The Insider Interviews LIVE


 Eva Klavee



Being part of the OD "tribe" has helped me be more focussed with my screenwriting. The regular chats with my industry mentor have made me set clearer goals... and forced me to actually stick to them! Faster turnaround and a discount on coverage reports are an added bonus.

script coverage reviews

I've used Industrial Scripts, along with others, and it's my favorite. I use it every time I write a new script. They go above and beyond with deconstructing your project.

Andy Kozel ... Screenwriter

Very helpful feedback, identifying areas of strength and development but, most importantly, offering ideas for ways to move forwards. The notes were detailed but concise and left me with a very clear view of what my next steps are.

Rachael Giddings ... Screenwriter

I was completely satisfied with the time frame. I was also hugely impressed with the work put in by the consultant reader - he/she had a firm grasp of the tone, structure and genre of the story - he/she made (mostly) very insightful comments on the material... some of which I agreed with, some of which I didn't. In short, it's obvious that the consultant reader knows the demands of what's expected of him/her, probably as a result of your superior training and/or his/her immersion in the discipline of script analysis. Whomever analysed my script is a thorough professional - I'm presuming they all are.

Michael Normand ... Screenwriter

Very helpful analysis. really helped me focus and refine the structure and characters. Recommend.

Gareth ... Director

Industrial Scripts provided a very enlightening critique of our screenplay. It allowed us to see our work in a new light. Also they provided relevant suggestions for improvement, which were very helpful, and have not been provided as often by other editors we have used in the past.

Richard Webb ... Screenwriter

Absolutely 5 star report. And to think I wasn't really expecting much. The script consultant clearly knew their business, was articulate in their explanations and generous in their suggestions. The constructive criticism chimed with other people's comments, as well as my own gut feelings. Because they offered suggestions of ways of dealing with the script's weak points I felt confident as I set to the next draft. The abundance of the report (7 pages?) meant I had plenty to take in and structure my changes. IT wasn't all criticism ( thank you for my 'Consider') and the comments and references to the material made me feel the script consultant 'got' my writing. I will definitely be submitting other work.

Saskia ... Screenwriter

As an Academy Award winning producer writing my first screenplay, I chose Industrial Scripts because I wanted a completely unbiased, professional critique from the largest leading edge script consulting company. I wanted my script to be judged against the largest cross section of scripts competing for recognition in todays marketplace. I can say that the two script coverage reports I received were excellent, professional and extraordinarily instrumental in helping me achieve my script’s potential. Industrial Scripts service is a must for all serious emerging screenwriters.

Dale Hartleben ... Producer

This was my second time using the service for the same screenplay. With this coverage report, I was initially disappointed as I could tell from the first few sentences that my report had been written by a different person. The first report was written by someone who was very focused on character and they had done wonderful advice which I addressed and was hoping the same individual would receive my next draft and I would get feedback on how well I had implemented the feedback. My second review was written by someone more concerned with the lack of cinematic visuals/formatting conventions. Now that I have spent time with the second report and rewritten accordingly, I am now glad a second professional read my script. Although it did not elevate me above the same 'honorable mention' grade I received first time around, I feel my script is better for having had another set of expert eyes on it.

Ben Dowling ... Screenwriter

This clear cut critique enabled me to see flaws in my script that I could not see on my own. A crucial sentence written by the analyst gave me the answer to a question I had been wrestling with regarding an alternate ending for the script. Most importantly, this service gave me free access to Talent Connector.

David Owens ... Screenwriter

Great analysis as always, the comments always really help you improve your scripts.

Nathan Cowley ... Screenwriter

I was a complete newbie to script writing and sent my script to IS with no idea what to expect - either of the analysis or of how the script was doing. The report came back quickly and I was really impressed by how much thought had clearly gone into the feedback. It highlighted the good parts and explained what wasn't working with the weaker elements. The feedback also kept a close eye on how commercially viable the script could be. Highly recommended and I've used IS since.

Olivia Gagan ... Screenwriter

Having receiving an impressively detailed and insightful Film Script Coverage Report, we opted for the Dry Run Report once we implemented the recommended changes. The script went from a Low Consider (Honourable Mention) to a Consider. Without the comments from the Coverage Report I don't think we would have got there. The Dry Run Report was truly an "acid test", and upon reading it felt like we had an insight into the inner workings of a production company. A great way to tell if your script is ready to be submitted to the industry. Highly recommend both of these Industrial Script services. Best we've come across, by a mile.

Matthew Williams ... Producer

The script reader clearly spent the time to really read and think about the script and what we were trying to achieve with it. The feedback and suggestions were way beyond what I've received from other services and after a few days to process it has massively helped us work out what needs redeveloping and what already works, and why. Highly recommended.

Paul Nash ... Screenwriter

My experience with Industrial Scripts was professional, efficient and valuable. My report was delivered on time and I really the felt the reader invested the necessary time in the project to truly get to the core of my script.

The feedback was all extremely helpful and I would have no hesitation in recommending this service to others.

Emma Doherty ... Screenwriter

I was very impressed with the Film Forensic Notes I received from Industrial Scripts. They were delivered on time, and were complete, concise, intelligent, and organized, with many film references and helpful suggestions that we will consider in our next draft. I will use Industrial Scripts exclusively for all future script analysis needs!

Three Tuxedos Films ... Producer

Excellent service. The report was far more detailed than I expected and noted aspects that I never would have considered. Highly recommend for anyone looking to hone their writing skills!

Joshua Mellor ... Screenwriter

Extremely useful, insightful and fair feedback. I couldn't recommend more highly.

Sacha Boxell ... Screenwriter

Excellent quality of feedback with detailed and relevant action points making it easy to know where to improve and why. I will use again with confidence. Well worth the money.

Peter Eliot ... Director

The notes arrived on time and were truly thoughtful and helpful. As someone having worked in development for several years I couldn't expect more from the "fresh pair of eyes" that we needed so much at this point. We will continue our work with the notes in mind and are looking forward to working with Industrial Scripts again!

Andrey Khvostov ... Screenwriter

My report was surprisingly insightful and undeniably helpful. the best thing it did for me was highlight parts of the script that I had yet to focus on. It cleared out much of the debris left by half deleted half thoughts that first got me writing and overall it helped me rebuild my focus on the type of stories I want to be writing. I know that any future rewrites will only be the better for it. Thanks again Industrial Scripts!

Silvia Dias ... Screenwriter

Very happy with the service. The reader clearly understood the story and the mood. Pleasantly surprised with the depth of the analysis. I took the advice on board and improved the script. Thanks

Yavor Petkov ... Screenwriter

My reviewer gave me an honest and insightful report. I had areas in my screenplay I was struggling with. The review gave me the outsider's viewpoint I needed to fix those areas.

Joseph Williams ... Screenwriter

Once again received a detailed and constructive report. The consultants often exceed my expectations. I'm always inspired to develop my screenplay using their notes as guidance.

Eva Klaver ... Producer

The consultant provided a highly detailed report, complimenting the strong parts of the script and offering very constructive ways to improve on the areas that need more work and attention. They were very complimentary of my writing style, and offered me a lot of encouragement which is greatly appreciated. The consultant used specific examples from the script to highlight their points, which was very helpful and demonstrated how thoroughly they had read my screenplay and understood the story I am telling. I am very happy with the feedback and appreciate it immensely, after working hard on this screenplay for the last 8 years. I will definitely be using Industrial Scripts for screenplay feedback from now on.

Melissa Reynolds ... Screenwriter

I have used Industrial Scripts several times and each time I find their readers to be extremely thorough and helpful in their analysis. I would recommend their services for any stage your story may be in. It is also helpful to get the coverage a second time after making changes. They are also responsive to questions in regards to the Talent Connector program. Overall I feel Industrial Scripts provides the best service and most professional feedback in regards to getting this type of coverage.

John Larkin ... Screenwriter

A great service. The script reader clearly had a deep understanding of the genre of my feature. The commentary was insightful and suggestions for improvement were clear. I was so impressed that I submitted another project.

Alistair Martin ... Screenwriter

I have used a lot of different script services over the years, and work in the film industry, and I can tell you that in my experience Industrial Scripts are the best and most consistent.

Chris Grezo ... Screenwriter

Very clever analysis. The reader clearly had a deep understanding narrative but more importantly had the foresight to offer truly effective fixes.

Nathan Engelbrecht ... Producer

Fantastic service. I have used Industrial Scripts script analysis on a few occasions now and it has been extremely helpful every time. The feedback is excellent and tells you exactly what is needed to improve your script. I would highly recommend.

Nathan Cowley ... Screenwriter

The analysis was helpful in that it pointed out the strong points of the script and suggested ways to improve the weak points, while showing a genuine appreciation for the world of the story.

Kevin Karp ... Screenwriter

Another excellent report, received in good time. Perhaps I could have done with a bit less industry commentary and a few more creative ideas in the the development notes, but I'm picking holes. Top notch work as always and will return for sure.

Geoff Gedroyc ... Screenwriter

2nd time using Industrial Scripts and it's the 2nd time I am thrilled with the results. Very clear, structured analysis of my project, with concrete suggestions on how to make it better. Will definitely be using this report again!

Chris Brennan ... Producer

Always get great feedback from Industrial Scripts. Some good suggestions to sharpen it up, along with a 'Consider' verdict.

Danny Conboy ... Screenwriter

The coverage report I received was fantastic. It was extremely helpful and I could tell that it had been read thoroughly. I will be using the feedback to help improve my script going forward.

James Oliver ... Screenwriter

As ever, Industrial Scripts really delivered above and beyond what I hoped for with really concise and actionable insight into what works and doesn't with my script. Over the past few years their reviews have become an integral part of my writing process - I wouldn't consider anyone else for this service nor could I recommend them highly enough.

Garret Walsh ... Director

Comprehensive and insightful script coverage. Thank you, Industrial Scripts!

Stefan Haselwimmer ... Screenwriter

Excellent, detailed analysis that was easy to action. Clearly pinpointed where the script's weaknesses and strengths were. I will definitely use Industrial Scripts again!

Tim Conrad ... Screenwriter

Another great report from Industrial Scripts. As well as detailed feedback about the structure and characters, the analysis also provides advice on how to make the script more commercial - which is the first thing it gets judged on when you send it around. The page citations are exceptionally helpful too! As always, an extremely valuable service.

James Marson ... Screenwriter

Heavily indebted to Industrial Scripts for the review and feedback I received. There was an even balance between highlighting the good (in my case, plot and dialogue) and the negatives (clarifying actions and rules of thumb). Above all, what I found encouraging about the review is that the reader seemed to genuinely WANT to be engaged with the material. That's always difficult when you have to review scripts of all standards, day in day out, but I felt that the reader gave me a fair shake, which resulted in an 'Honorable Mention'. I would definitely recommend the service, which was on time and most importantly, CONSTRUCTIVE in its criticism. To be given a fair chance is all most writers ask for and if you want to take your script forward and progress with the craft, a service like this is invaluable. Thanks again!

Mohummad Humza ... Screenwriter

Outstanding service. Exceeded my expectations. Film Forensic Notes gives the perfect report to help improve your script. I will continue to use Industrial Scripts to edit all of my screenplays.

Chandler Holloway ... Screenwriter

I had already reworked my script extensively so the feedback I got was less on structure and story and more on the scene description and character details, which was exactly what I wanted. The reader not only highlighted areas for improvement but offered some excellent suggestions, many of which I have incorporated into my latest draft. Constructive feedback, greatly appreciated!

Kevin Fitzpatrick ... Screenwriter

Fantastic! Very helpful and incredibly valuable feedback.

James Neiro ... Producer

Very impressed with the 6 pages of detailed feedback I received. It had clearly been written by someone with a good knowledge of the genre that I was writing in. Pleased to be told what worked as well as what didn't. There were also some extremely helpful ideas that may well be included in the re-write.

James Tapp ... Screenwriter

I'm very happy with the insights and analysis on my screenplay. It's given me lots of useful points to help improve the script further. I would recommend the service.

Mark Jackson ... Screenwriter

Industrial Scripts give thorough and comprehensive notes. I found their feedback to be incredibly helpful and thoughtful. The readers are always very informed and knowledgable, providing valuable insight to the strengths and weaknesses of the story. I have used other less expensive sites, but the readers seemed to miss something, which made their feedback less credible. With Industrial Scripts I find all the notes and insight to be right on because they are so in touch with the story, seemingly knowing where the story is and what it could become. I can give nothing but rave reviews for this service and the quality of readers they employ.

John Larkin ... Screenwriter

Hugely detailed notes, comprehensive and full of constructive advice and suggestions. The reader clearly had spent time with the script and obviously knew it very well. I will certainly be submitting the next draft for more of the same, now vastly improved thanks to the coverage.

Matt Wildash ... Screenwriter

Incredibly helpful service. Despite reading the reviews I was still surprised by the quality and level of detail contained with the 6 page report. Most importantly, the report included numerous pieces of actionable feedback which I have managed to incorporate into a subsequent draft. Would definitely recommend this service.

Jack Craig ... Screenwriter

Industrial Scripts offered spot-on, insightful, thoughtful notes on my script -- after using several other services, I was blown away by the level of precision and care taken by my Industrial Scripts reader. It was as if a trusted friend or mentor was reading my script -- somebody truly invested in my success, and not just trying to make a buck. I highly recommend Industrial Scripts to anyone looking to improve their work.

Sam Sussman ... Screenwriter

I found the script report above and beyond what was promised, very detailed and perceptive with suggestions that I am currently working on in the second draft. I am pretty confident it will be a better script as a result, so it was absolutely worth the money.

Eveline Powell ... Screenwriter

The fifth time I've used Industrial Scripts and their feedback is as insightful and well-considered as usual and I will continue to use them. The feedback mirrored feedback I received from a Develop Executive at the same time, so they are definitely barking up all the right trees. My script was also deemed good enough to make their Talent Connector programme - which is a nice free bonus. I heartily recommend them.

Ashley Sanders ... Screenwriter

Seen enough to realise we won't let you down??!

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