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Jim John

Jim Rohn


You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Don’t join an easy crowd. You won’t grow. Go where the expectations and demands to perform and achieve are high…

Members meet every few weeks at The Insider
Interviews series...

The Insider Interviews by Industrial Scripts
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The Insider Interviews is our monthly series networking events, live from the BFI and other central London locations.

We secure amazing industry guests, and OVERDRIVE members attend for FREE.

With networking drinks and a chance to mingle with our guest and fellow members, the series represents a rare opportunity to meet established industry figures...

Industry guests include...

Caryn Mandabach Industrial Scripts

Producer Caryn Mandabach

The legendary producer of a series of mega-hits including ROSEANNE, 3rd ROCK FROM THE SUN, THE COSBY SHOW, NURSE JACKIE, THAT 70s SHOW and PEAKY BLINDERS mingled with our members after a fascinating Q & A.

Actor Tom Hiddleston

THE NIGHT MANAGER and THOR actor appeared at The Insider Interviews to discuss his career in the UK and Hollywood.

Snap Shot Backer

Producer Tim Bevan

Working Title Films' Tim Bevan - one of the great British film producers of all time - appeared at The Insider Interviews LIVE to shed light on his incredible career.

Mega-Agent Duncan Heath

The Co-Chairman of Independent Talent, Europe's largest talent agency, delivered insights and laughs in equal measure to our crowd of guests and members.

duncan heath industrial scripts
Ben Roberts BFI Industrial Scripts OVERDRIVE

BFI Film Fund Head Ben Roberts

The controller of the BFI's film fund joins us in March 2018 to discuss his career in film.

Writer-Director Hoss Amini

The Oscar and BAFTA-nominated writer-director of DRIVE and THE TWO FACES OF JANUARY joined us for a discussion of his stellar writing career.

hossein main industrial scripts
Ben Wheatley

Director Ben Wheatley

The writer-director of DOWN TERRACE, KILL LIST and FREE FIRE came in to discuss his creative process with us.

Executive Ollie Madden

Film4's Ollie Madden discussed his career in film development and producing with our members.

ollie madden industrial scripts
faye ward industrial scripts

Producer Faye Ward

THE CROWN and SUFFRAGETTE producer joined us for a fascinating career Q & A and networking drinks afterwards.

Producer Andy Paterson

THE RAILWAY MAN and GIRL WITH A PEARL EARRING producer joined us in late 2017 for a brilliantly frank discussion of his long career in film.

Andy Paterson producer Industrial Scripts
Robert Jones

Producer Robert Jones

THE USUAL SUSPECTS producer delivered great insight into his stellar career, and stayed late in to the night mingling with members.

Executive Rhodri Thomas

THE NIGHT MANAGER and former Ink Factory executive joined us for drinks and a chat.

Rhodri Thomas producer Industrial Scripts
matt orton

Screenwriter Matt Orton

The on-the-rise scribe told our members how he went from eating baked beans for lunch to writing scripts for Ridley Scott!

Screenwriter Matt Orton

The on-the-rise scribe told our members how he went from eating baked beans for lunch to writing scripts for Ridley Scott!

stuart hazeldine industrial scripts

The guest alumni is stellar...

Tim Bevan (producer)

Ben Roberts (exec)

Gareth Unwin (producer)

Nick Marston (agent)

Aaron Anderson (exec)

Michael Kuhn (producer)

Nisha Parti (producer)

Emily Leo (producer)

Ed Clarke (exec)

Rob Kraitt (agent)

Beth Pattinson (exec)

Tom Hiddleston (actor)

Ben Wheatley (director)

Jack Thorne (writer)

Sarah Radclyffe (prod)

Celine Haddad (exec)

Humphrey Elles-Hill

Robert Jones (producer)

Ollie Madden (exec)

Bradley Quirk (exec)

Nev Pierce (critic)

Andrew Orr (prod)

Hoss Amini (writer)

Rebecca O'Brien (prod)

Colin Vaines (prod)

Camille Gatin (prod)

Matt Orton (writer)

Jeremy Baxter (exec)

Alexandra Rossi (exec)

Kevin Lehane (writer)

Alexei Boltho (exec)

Sophie Meyer (exec)

Simon Heath (prod)

Caryn Mandabach (prod)

Duncan Heath (agent)

Paul Webster (producer)

Faye Ward (producer)

Tanya Tillett (agent)

Stuart Hazeldine (writer)

Andy Brunskill (producer)

David Scinto (writer)

Caroline Harvey (exec)

Richard Holmes (prod)

Oliver Parker (dir)

insider interviews live overdrive
Tim Bevan working title films Industrial Scripts

Eva Klavee


Being part of the OD “tribe” has helped me be more focussed with my screenwriting. The regular chats with my industry mentor have made me set clearer goals… and forced me to actually stick to them! Faster turnaround and a discount on coverage reports are an added bonus.

Enough about us. Are you....?

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Geoff Gedroyc


Much like a premium gym membership, OVERDRIVE provides a brilliant extrinsic motivation for you to write and be productive. If you’re hard working, serious about developing your specs and trust Industrial Scripts’s brilliant service, then this is a cost efficient fast track to improving as a screenwriter. The discounts on script reading services are the main draw, but getting into The Insider Interviews LIVE events for free is a brilliant plus, along with the OD Facebook group, which is a great community to be plugged into. A great service that I recommend highly.

World-class script coverage with the hard evidence
to prove it...

OVERDRIVE members get 25% off all their script development bookings.

Script reports. 1-to-1 script editing days.

script coverage discount industrial scripts

And when those script reports come from a company with a verified 96% client satisfaction rate (with 1,000+ authenticated testimonials to support such a claim), you know there's massive value there...

Why accept script notes from an unverified co....

overdrive fake script consultant feedback

When you deserve a verified company....

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Our points of difference...

The plain truth of it is that the script coverage world doesn't have a great rep. Even if you don't join OVERDRIVE or use our services, tread carefully out there. There's plenty of people with dubious industry credentials who'd love to help you part with your money.

Steve Langridge - Profile Icon

Steve Langridge


The past couple of years as an OVERDRIVE member have been fantastic. It’s provided me with the opportunity to network with other members and meet a wide range of writers, producers and directors at the Insider Interview events (one of which provided the inspiration for a short film that’s now in post-production). I have also gained invaluable insight and advice from an industry mentor over the past year which has helped to guide the progress of the projects I’ve been working on, and their fresh input has been invaluable.

"Guaranteed Reads" gets you read...

Exhausted by the crapshoot of screenwriting contests?

Battle-weary of the "no unsolicited material" sign?

That's where Guaranteed Reads steps in - get yourself read, and don't die wondering...

Guaranteed Logo

Choose a manager, agent, exec or producer that you'd like to read your script.

Or we'll produce a list of industry figures to approach for you.

We leverage our connections to get you read!

If your project sells or you're signed by an agent, we have no financial involvement.

Extra fees on a case-by-case basis are charged for Guaranteed Reads.

Guaranteed Reads cuts through the BS.

Just tell us who you want to read your script - and within reason - we'll get it done...

Danny Conboy


I’ve been an Overdrive member for a while now and after banging my head against a brick wall trying to get read, decided to try the Guaranteed Reads service.

If you’re serious about getting into the industry, I’d recommend it. I’m not writing this by the pool in my new Hollywood mansion, but my script was read by bona fide agents, execs and producers. This has definitely helped me improve my work and got me access to those elusive people that you can never reach on your own with a spec script. Recommended.

Search for your long-term collaborators
in our members-only forum...

At last.

You've found your tribe.

No more roving around Facebook groups, anonymous message boards or anyone-can-join platforms...no more filtering the wheat from the chaff.

We handle that for you.

If your application is approved you'll be able to join our private forum, search and sort members by Writer, Director and Producer, get peer feedback on your scripts, network and collaborate with a like-minded group of driven, committed individuals...

Website Screenshot

How it works...

A dynamic, on-the-rise producer joins OVERDRIVE, looking for promising new scripts and writers.

He doesn’t have time to go through the slush-pile, and only wants to read material from people who’ve already shown promise and been vetted by Industrial Scripts. He wants to get at the talent of tomorrow, today.

Through OVERDRIVE the producer meets….

….a screenwriter, who is not in the game to make up the numbers. He joined OVERDRIVE after qualifying for Talent Connector.

The writer is a little bit raw, still developing their craft but has some great ideas and pitches.

The writer didn’t have any personal connections to the industry, though, and feels a little bit disconnected. He wants a network, a tribe that think like him and are as determined as him…

The Producer really likes one of the writers ideas, and they start working together…

…the producer gives the writer notes as they work up a first draft. The pair then use their member discount to purchase several professional script reports from Industrial Scripts, which enable them to make a breakthrough…

The producer begins scouting for a director, and to fast-track his search looks at his fellow OVERDRIVE members first.

A director who joined several months ago leaps out at him. They decide to meet at an Insider Interviews event (that they’re able to attend for free as part of OVERDRIVE), and really hit it off….a deal is done.


Ed Boase


I found screenwriter Tom Mann through OVERDRIVE, after I put a call out for promising genre scripts on the member forum.

I was so impressed by his material that I commissioned him to produce a treatment for a project, which we’re now raising development finance for. I can say with some authority that OVERDRIVE saved me considerable time, energy and a fate worse than death – either trawling all the usual channels new writers congregate in, or trying to get the attention of various less-than-energetic agents. The community is a fantastic resource.

Get full access to our suite of superior online courses...

ULTIMATE Screenwriting Online - £400 RRP

write a book

Write the Great Novel Online - £400 RRP

write a TV script

ULTIMATE Screenwriting Online - £400 RRP

Each course includes lifetime access, and takes over 60 hours to complete.

Dip in and out of our 5 courses as you develop projects, or power through them in one go.

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Detailed in-course exercises and action-plans help you to focus on the important stuff, and not get bogged down in a sea of screenwriting advice...

Both video and text-based lessons deliver variety to the learner, and help illustrate and expand on learning points...

Built-in "quizzes" keep you firmly on your toes and ensure the learning is absorbed correctly...

Screenshot Quiz Image

Our suite of online courses comes with your OVERDRIVE membership, and more courses are on the way...

georgia clegg

Georgia Clegg


OVERDRIVE gave me instant access to a driven community of talented filmmakers committed to learning their craft and furthering their careers in the industry. This kind of network is invaluable and is something I never could have acquired on my own.

Get motivated...boost your network...

Screenwriting Lesson - Basics of Television Writing

The Screenplay is King

It's simple: there is no part of the process more important than the script. Not casting. Not a slick production. The script is the key and those who treat it with the seriousness it deserves, tend to win out in the long run.

A People Business

"Film is a people business, if ever there was one". Membership to OVERDRIVE is capped, so you can be sure that only people of significant merit have managed to win a place. Build your network with us, and build those crucial relationships...

Overdrive connected

Develop brilliant TV and film ideas

Every producer in the world will back themselves to get a script market-ready. Which means, for new writers especially the idea is their collateral. Using our concept-screening services, dig for gold among your ideas and reap the rewards later.

Who is OVERDRIVE most suited to?

  • Screenwriters looking to forcefully progress their projects through an established and supportive system.
  • Producers looking to talent track and scout the next Hoss Amini or Gregory Burke, as well as bring their coverage and development in well under budget.
  • Directors on the hunt for their long-term writer or brilliant spec, the one they’re going to build their future around.
  • Agents/Funds/Execs and Trackers looking to lock in the next wave of talent, before somebody else does, and before the commissions start flowing and the dreaded “he’s unavailable” response starts coming back…

Amanda Lynch


I secured a place on OVERDRIVE off the back of a script that qualified for Talent Connector. I highly recommend it. The Insider Interviews LIVE is, for me, the highlight of membership. Major producers, writers and directors give you a very personal insight into their careers, and what you can do to journey down their path. At first I found networking at these events daunting but now love catching up with my fellow ODers regularly.


OVERDRIVE Member Benefits - The List​

CUTTING-EDGE member-only networking forum

DEDICATED iOS and Google Mobile App to connect on-the-go

DEDICATED iOS and Google Mobile App to connect on-the-go

FREE annual Insider Interviews LIVE event series (£180 value)

TALENT Connector Live agent/producer pitch-dating events*

1,000+ strong produced screenplays suite (£35 value)

FREE Effective Script Reading for Film & TV course (£150 value)


​​​​ICC Financier Network Introduction (see FAQs, below)

EXCLUSIVE member-only access to: Guaranteed Reads, Industry Mentoring, LA Exec Connect, In Private, white papers and more!

just £19/mo

Submit your CV and statement at next stage..

Applications are assessed within 7 days and accepted, or declined (and thus refunded in full). Annual subscription commitment.

Step 1 > Submit Details

Step 2 > Send CV & Statement

Step 3 > Await Application Result

Member-Only Bolt-On Services...

In addition to the list above, our members get exclusive access to the following pay-as-you go benefits.
Bolt these on to your membership at any time by getting in touch with us...

Pay-As-You-Go Upgrades

"Guaranteed Reads"

Choose 5+ industry figures who you want to be read by. And we'll find a way to get it done.

"LA Exec Connect"

The Head of Development for a LA mini-major reads your loglines, and may request more...

"Industry Mentoring"

Meet quarterly with your industry mentor, set and achieve goals under their watchful gaze.

"In Private"

Can't make The Insider Interviews? Join us online instead at In Private, our live web chat alternative.

Fees are charged on a case-by-case basis for bolt-ons. Guaranteed Reads is charged on a minimum 5-read basis, LA Exec Connect is charged on a 10- logline basis, Industry Mentoring is charged on an annual basis and In Private is charged on a per event basis. Remember OVERDRIVE is an annual commitment of £228, although we allow members to spread their payments via a monthly payment plan.

OVERDRIVE delivers the vital edge...

As you can see from the chart below, other film and TV connection platforms operate an open door policy.

Whilst some (Shooting People specifically) focus heavily on crewing up for shorts and lo-budget features and are very well suited to people looking to get on set imminently, only one delivers a filtered experience and that is almost 10 x the price of OVERDRIVE.

We decline almost 30% of applicants, and will be turning down 100% once the community is full...

To recap...just some of what awaits...

Membership costs less than...

Coffee Icon

Your monthly coffee bill (£30!?)

That unreliable season ticket!

Train Icon
Weight Icon

That budget gym membership

2 tickets to the cinema (before popcorn!)

Popcorn Icon
Beer Icon

Your monthly alcohol intake!?

That extortionate festival pass!

Design - Industrial Scripts
Profile Icon

Bromley Oldfield


Industrial Scripts’ Insider Interviews LIVE is my favourite part of OVERDRIVE. It gives you in-person access to the leading players of the UK film industry, from producers to writers, directors to agents, who provide an invaluable insight into the inner workings of the industry. The series provides an excellent networking tool, in an industry where relationships are so incredibly important…


Who can apply to OVERDRIVE?

OVERDRIVE is open to promising and dynamic Writers, Directors and Producers everywhere. The lion’s share of the benefits of membership are digital and can be accessed anywhere.

How many places are available?

OVERDRIVE membership is capped at 500 writers, producers and directors, globally. You can tell how many places are currently available from the graphic above. Once all the spots are gone, we’ll be in to a one-in/one-out scenario.

How do I apply?

To apply, simply set up a provisional membership here, and after set up submit your CV and personal statement on the next screen. Your application will be then assessed within 7 days and either accepted or rejected. If you are rejected all monies will be refunded within 7 days. Remember OVERDRIVE is an annual subscription totaling £228, although we endeavour to assist members by allowing them to spread their payments via a monthly payment plan.

How long is a subscription? Can I pay in instalments?

OVERDRIVE is an annual subscription product, with total fees owing of £228. We endeavour to help members with their fees by allowing them to spread payments via 12 debits of £19 per month. To join on a Pay Monthly membership, simply select the option above to pay in instalments, and you’ll be automatically billed £19 on a monthly basis.
What is the ICC financier introduction for producers?
Industrial Scripts has professional working links to an investment and fund-raising series based in London but active globally, with strong links to high finance and the City. Through this relationship we are able to introduce producers and their projects to the group, which meets regularly and accepts pitches and fund-raising approaches continuously. Hundreds of thousands of pounds have been raised and invested through this network, which Industrial Scripts is proud to be part of, and OVERDRIVE producers can approach us at any time with suitable projects, with a view to pitching the financiers.
I'm particularly interested in Guaranteed Reads, what are the extra fees involved?

Prices for Guaranteed Reads are quoted for on a case-by-case basis. For reasons that are obvious and need little-explanation, GRs is expensive and should only be used by those confident their script will make a positive impression. It is a high-stakes enterprise for all parties (including us) and should not be treated lightly. Strategic planning and thought must go into it and we wouldn’t anticipate you using it more than once or twice a year. If we feel a GR booking is not going to deliver a positive result or impact we will refuse it. Of course, the beauty of it is that you would only need one really positive impact from a manager or agent, to never have to call on it again…

There is a strict hierarchy in the industry when it comes to the script pile and we game the system and persuade in-demand and influential individuals both in London and LA to free up hours of their time to examine your script, over someone’s else’s. If you haven’t already, Tamzin Rafn’s article The Heirarchy of an Executive’s Script Pile is a must-read so you fully appreciate how said game is constructed. This is the frank reality of it and you ignore this at your peril.



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