Guaranteed Reads: Bespoke Script Connection Service

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“If you're looking to cut through all the BS out there in the screenwriting "industry", have had it with contests and mentoring and all the rest...and just want to Get A Script Read, then I'd highly recommend Guaranteed Reads."
mike wales guaranteed reads
Mike Wales

Guaranteed Reads is a screenplay connection service for promising screenwriters.

Screenwriters and filmmakers use it to quite literally guarantee their script is read by a specific industry figure.

Industrial Scripts leverages its 10+ year track record in script development to facilitate reads from carefully selected industry.

Just some of the companies our script doctors have worked for...

Since 2010, Industrial Scripts has been delivering industry-leading script development services. 

Our cherry-picked team of script consultants and script doctors are dedicated to helping writers and filmmakers improve.

Script development is What We Do. 24/7.

Is Guaranteed Reads Right for You?

Frustrated by the crapshoot of contests? Just want a fair, honest, industry hearing?

  • Have you been struggling to get read?
  • Do you have a script that's rating and ranking well?
  • Are you battle-weary of ranking but not WINNING contests?
  • Time-poor? Hustling for reads is a full-time gig if you're unknown...
  • Need a fresh, dynamic collaborator to bounce ideas off?
  • Getting irritated spraying money on contests?
Industrial Scripts 1000 Script Coverage Reviews
Industrial Scripts is the first - and only - script co. with over 1,000 testimonials verified as genuine.

The Guaranteed Reads Process:

5 transparent steps, so you don’t die wondering…

You Book One of Our Script Reports

Step #1: We Need to Read You..

Inevitably, us assessing your script is the first, essential step in the process. After all, if we persuaded our friends at the agencies to read weak scripts…well…it wouldn’t be long before our calls would be unreturned. We read it, and send you our notes. View all our script coverage services.

You Book One of Our Script Reports

...we respond in 10 days with a full quote and schedule...

Step #2: You’ll Be Notified Whether You Qualified

If your script scored highly enough in Step 1, we’ll let you know that you qualified for Guaranteed Reads. At this time, we’ll also issue you with a quote for a minimum of 5 reads (a “read” is a unique read from an industry figure). Clients book GRs in blocks of 5: so 5 reads, or 10 reads, or 15 reads etc.

...we respond in 10 days with a full quote and schedule... this point the invoice would be raised and paid...

Step #3: Locking the Work In

Presuming our quote is acceptable, we then move forward to invoicing and start liaising about the list of preferred industry figures (more on this below). this point the invoice would be raised and paid...

...we then confirm the list of industry names

Step #4: Targets Sign Off

With the paperwork out of the way the fun really begins: now we work with you to devise a list of appropriate industry targets. Brand new and don’t have an agent? We’ll need to target junior ones just starting their own lists. Got a script that’s perfect for this producer or that executive? We’ll get it done.

...we then confirm the list of industry names

...your script goes to the targets, they let us know whether they wish to take it further or not

Step #5: The Verdicts Come In

We release your script to the designated targets, who read it and send us brief notes containing their thoughts. They also alert us as to whether they wish to be put in touch with you directly. At this point we hand you over to them, and communication takes place directly. We take no fees if you’re signed, or the script sells.

...your script goes to the targets, they let us know whether they wish to take it further or not

Just book your script in for a review, wait for your notes (and grade), and if eligible raise a request for GRs. 

“Full disclosure: Guaranteed Reads isn't cheap. But for me it was worth the cost. Because I just wanted to know, for sure, for certain what level the agents (note: not contest gatekeepers) thought of my script. I wanted to know for sure whether it was good enough to get me repped".
Tony Prichard

Start The Guaranteed Reads Process

Kick off the Industrial Scripts script doctoring process by booking one of our script coverage services, below. One of our experienced script consultants will read your script and deliver full notes. If you qualify, we can then move forward to organise your Guaranteed Reads...

Using Guaranteed Reads
The Other Options

Our Guaranteed Reads service has been carefully engineered to address many of the common issues filmmakers experience trying to get their scripts read.

Guaranteed Reads

  • No open door policy: only scripts vetted by us are eligible
  • No delays, no BS, just did they like the script Yes/No?
  • Definitive answers – no smoke and mirrors
  • Fast responses with no pursuit. We get back to you, quickly.
  • Over a decade in business, with the industry connections to match.
  • Contracted number of reads keeps things simple.
  •  Transparent and fixed up-front payment means if you’re signed or sell a project, we’re not involved. There are no hidden fees.
  • You’re guaranteed not to die wondering!

The Others

  • Total open door: anyone can be promoted, which means the quality auto-reduces
  • A subtle waste of time: ranking in contests is great but unless you win tangible benefits are minimal
  • Mentoring and other script promotion tools are the same – they improve you, but that’s not the same as concrete results
  •  Limited or faux industry connections
  • Indeterminate or vague promotion/connection promises
  • Lack of clarity about what exactly you’re getting for your money

Guaranteed Reads: In Brief

Guaranteed Reads is priced on a case-by-case basis after we’ve had a chance to assess your script. You’ll be issued with a price for 5 GRs, as a block, and can of course multiply that should you so wish. For reasons that are probably obvious GRs is not a low-cost development service and should only be engaged by individuals with a strong script, and what might be deemed a “proper” budget.

Most of our clients who sign up for the Guaranteed Reads service are looking to be signed by agents or managers, or both. In a typical case then, we’d produce a targeted list of junior agents or managers, who are still building their lists (because very established agents rarely sign brand new clients). Equally, if there’s a particular producer you’d really like to read your script because you feel they’d connect with it based on their past films/shows, then we can often facilitate that. A certain degree of realism is obviously required when booking GRs – getting Jerry Bruckheimer to personally read your script isn’t something we can facilitate…

Ultimately, much as we’d like to help everyone who approaches us out, only scripts that we’ve read personally and rated at above “Pass” level are eligible for GRs. We can’t vouch for, what we haven’t read! You can book your script in so we can read it via our main script coverage page.

GRs obviously requires a certain amount of bandwidth at our end, and it’s also fair to say that we’ve found a spread approach massively increases the likelihood of a positivity industry interaction. GRs are offered on a “5 pack” basis only, accordingly (ie. clients book 5, or 10, 0r 15 etc).

“This was an incredible experience. A chance to work with the cream of the crop in terms of on-the-rise screenwriters. Industrial Scripts really know what makes a movie get sold or made, and how to take a script from good to great!”
Sundae Jahant-Osborn

Don't Just Take Our Word for it...

Remember those verified reviews mentioned above?

Click below for the latest ones just in from Google-approved reviews platform…

...or, put another way...

of clients would recommend us 96%
of clients gave us the full 5 stars 79%
of our total bookings are repeats 47%
of the time we hit our deadlines 98%
May I thank you for ALL your help and being an invaluable sounding board at this final stage of the writing process. You can probably feel I’ve been testing things out one last time before I start sending the script out to agents, exec producers, casting directors etc!
script doctor work for mat sheldon
Mat Sheldon

Why do clients book IS?

We surveyed over 1,200 clients and a massive 45% of these bookings came from happy returning clients. Check out the graphic below...

“I have used Industrial Scripts for many years and have never been disappointed. The latest work I commissioned (a script doctoring job) was completed in the time promised and was as well done as I could have wished. I would highly recommend Industrial Scripts. They are totally trustworthy and professional”.
Jean Fairweather

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