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47 thoughts on “Thank you for signing up!”

  1. We were shocked about the quality of the downloads. So much content in one place we don’t have to scour the web for.

  2. I’ve joined since I’m retired and am now looking forward to presenting my screenplays for others to enjoy. I’ve been writing for many years, raising children and working. Now for me and my partner. it’s our turn.

  3. I submitted a feature screenplay to The TITAN competition, and now you’ve sent me all these wonderful resources. Look forward to studying them – many thanks!

  4. I write a lot about women’s issues and rural America with multi ethnic characters because that is what I know best. Have many scripts, placed in many contests, and I keep writing. Thanks for the information on your site. Suzanne

  5. Hi – I’m in London but like to write scripts based in my wife’s homeland, Croatia, and it would be amazing to chat ideas with Croatian producers, production companies, actors. scriptwriters, agents …….

    Hvala vam,

  6. After I retired, I studied screenwriting. I love it. It’s so much more difficult than writing a novel, and that challenge makes it interesting with the fact that the varied audiences look for specific genres. There is something for everyone.

  7. 3-1- 2021 10:40 PM
    Dear Sirs,
    Do you evaluate screenplays or have an awards contest? I have written a sure contender for the academy awards!
    Yours Truly,
    Frederick Fiser

  8. I saw no link to confirm my e-mail so I assume this reply will do that.
    Thanks for signing me up. While I have several full-length screenplays completed, so far none have been optioned. But hope remains!

    • Hi Alex, did you check ALL your mail folders incl junk and spam? Have you ever unsubscribed from our emails in the past? If so the system has a limitation whereby it cannot resubscribe people who have previously opted out..

  9. I can’t find out there any other website that offers free scripts, that’s why industrialscripts.com is essential for the capacity development in the film industry.

  10. After a brief few years out of the industry, I am back working with the Hollins MFA screenwriting program. (It keeps me on deadline.) I was excited to come across your site and materials and will share your information with our class. Really amazing resources you have provided to propel our work to the next level. Thanks for these tools.

  11. I look forward to reading over your materials, incorporating the knowledge and then utilizing your services to polish and make one of my scripts better. Thank you for the tools.


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