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39 thoughts on “Thank you for signing up!”

  1. Thank you. What a great website chalked full of useful short concise tid-bits for writing Screenplays as well what appears to be a resource for moving forward in advancing One’s desire to be published or pursuing a career in film or literature.
    May the Universe bless you and move us into success.

  2. This sounds good but my question if I send a screenplay to you how can I be sure I will hold the copyrights to it? Is there a written guarantee from you before sending the project?

    • Hi Sidney, if you’re in the US you can copyright your script easily using one of many online services. If you’re in the UK, and the document has your name on it, you already own the copyright in it. Hope this helps!

  3. Hi, I’m a writer but I turn my book God Children’s Devil Angels into a Screenplay and now look for Movie Producer to turn it into a movie. My Screenplay is about a new human species that has the ability of flight, it Demonic Horror Action Drama n love.

  4. Thank you. I subscribed but got more than I imagined. Thanks for the “homework” and I look forward to your analysis on screenplays and film in the future.

  5. My 2nd book Adesso Father of Cure will be an analagous film; similar to Good Will Hunting & A Walk to Remember. Please see this and get back to me about any other analagous movies that can help me create my 90 min. academy award film!


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