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In addition to our script feedback and script analysis services Industrial Scripts also offers Project Placement & Tracking Services to individuals, funds and companies.

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Talent Connector ***OPEN FOR SUBMISSIONS*** – Read the detailed FAQ below

Promising talent but no industry connections?

Struggling to find a way in?

Through our Talent Connector service we champion unknown talent. Open only to unrepresented writers and filmmakers, those who sign up for our feedback services*, and whose project receives an “Honourable Mention” verdict (or above) from one of our consultants, are eligible to have their script marketed to an extensive list of industry agents, executives and producers, with our endorsement. This service is FREE OF CHARGE to qualifying scripts, and there are no hidden costs or limitations.

The service originates in America, where freelance project trackers or “brokers” position projects at companies and studios but don’t act as a writer’s agent, in the conventional sense. The service is also a response to the increasing challenges facing new or inexperienced writers, in terms of getting their work read by influential (and very busy) producers, development executives and agents.

The first set of projects were released to the industry on 20th July 2011, and projects have been promoted on a monthly basis thereafter.

Read the detailed FAQ below, or to apply for Talent Connector simply click here to book your service.

Project Sourcing

Available to companies, funds and individuals, Industrial Scripts uses its relationships within film development and acquisitions to source projects. So if your fund or production company are looking for a certain type of project, or if you simply want us to help you build a slate of films, then please get in touch with your specific requirements and we will provide you with a quote.

Talent Tracking Service

This service is offered to companies and individuals seeking to increase their market intelligence, in order to identify the best writing, directing and producing talent before their competitors. This service is also offered to individuals and companies seeking to find the right person for a particular writing, directing or producing assignment. Fee by negotiation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Talent Connector?

Talent Connector is a new script development service open only to unrepresented writers and filmmakers (ie. those who don’t have an agent). People who send their scripts to Industrial Scripts for feedback, and whose project receives an “Honourable Mention” verdict (or above – see question 3, below) from one of our consultants are eligible to have details of their project sent to an extensive list of established industry agents, executives and producers, with our endorsement. This service is free of charge to qualifying projects, and there are no hidden costs or limitations. The service originates and has been highly successful in America, where freelance project trackers or “brokers” position projects at companies and studios but don’t act as a writer’s agent, in the conventional sense. The service is also a response to the increasing challenges facing new or inexperienced writers, in terms of accessing very influential – but extremely busy – producers, development executives and agents.

2. How does it work?

The service is a potentially 6-stage process, as follows:

  1. A writer or filmmaker books us to provide feedback on their script (please note only certain services qualify for Talent Connector – these services are listed here).
  2. We assess the script, and deliver the script analysis and feedback requested.
  3. In addition to their feedback, the writer/filmmaker will also receive notification in the event their project has qualified for our Talent Connector programme. If a client is NOT notified of Talent Connector qualification in this report-delivery email then, at least at this stage, their project was graded as a “Pass” by our consultant. Many clients implement feedback, then book a further report with us, and often find their grading improved
  4. If their script is considered to be at a Honourable Mention level or higher, then the writer/filmmaker will be invited to have their project championed by Industrial Scripts through Talent Connector at a later date.
  5. When the time comes for their project to be marketed, the writer will be emailed by Industrial Scripts. The writer will then complete a form, containing pertinent details about their project, and the information the writer submits will then be marketed to a comprehensive list of bona fide executives, agents and producers in film and TV, once a month, for around a 6 month period.
  6. Agents, executives and producers participating in our Talent Connector scheme are then able to contact the writers/filmmakers directly, in the event that they wish to read their scripts. Industrial Scripts is not involved in this process in any way.

3. What do “Pass” | “Honourable Mention” | “Consider” | “Recommend” mean?

These are industry terms, commonly used to grade projects in script development. So a “Pass” means that the project does not merit further consideration. An “Honourable Mention” verdict means that the project merits further consideration, but with reservations. A “Consider” verdict is a strong endorsement of a script, albeit one with at least some reservations. And a “Recommend” verdict suggests that the script is an extremely accomplished piece of writing, demanding serious and potentially urgent consideration.

4. How much clout does Industrial Scripts’ recommendation carry? Aren’t I better off submitting the script myself?

With our industry credentials, the fact that we’re personally known by many of the key decision-makers, and the fact that there’s nothing in it for us if your script sells or if you find representation, means that our recommendation carries considerable weight. Unlike agents, who are under pressure to promote their writers simply to underline the notion that they are working away, championing them, we are not obliged to promote any material, which therefore increases the weight of our recommendation when we do promote a script we like. It is also worth noting that, due to the huge volume of scripts written every year, most leading production companies and even some leading literary agencies no longer accept unsolicited material. The only avenue in to them is via a trusted and respected source – and Industrial Scripts offers that.

5. Can you absolutely, 100% guarantee that my script will sell, or be optioned, or persuade an agent to sign me if I book one of your services and participate in the Talent Connector programme?

No. And nor can anyone else in the industry for that matter, either. There is no such thing as a “guaranteed” sale. The film and TV industries don’t work that way. Every day in film and TV, powerful, influential, established people apply for finance, or for cast, or for talent, bearing what they believe are “Recommend” level projects. And every day people like this find their applications rejected. What, to one person, is a clear “Recommend”, can seem to another person a less attractive proposition. It is a hugely subjective business. Having said this, in terms of script consultancies and script readers, Industrial Scripts’ recommendation carries greater weight than the vast majority, due to the quality of script editor we employ, and our industry backers.

6. If my script qualifies for Talent Connector, how many other projects would be included alongside mine when it’s marketed to the industry? I’m concerned it might be overlooked in a very long list…

The number will vary, but depending on the volume of material submitted, it is extremely unlikely that the number of projects we recommend would exceed 10 in a month, and it will usually be far less. Some months, it is also possible that we won’t promote any scripts. It’s vital to the success of this programme that the standard of material we promote is high.

7. What type of person/company will details of my project be sent to?

Details of your project will only be sent to bona fide, reputable companies and agents, with strong track records in the business. More often than not, these will be people we have a direct relationship with, or know. Unfortunately due to the ‘personal referral’ nature of the programme, we are unable to provide eligible writers with an absolutely specific list of the people details of their work have been sent to, but all the companies we currently work with (some of the UK’s best) are participating in the scheme and many more with them. The list of companies who will receive details of your project is extensive and includes, but is not limited to: Curtis Brown; Working Title; United Agents; Independent Talent; Berlin Associates; Blake Friedman; Bedlam Productions; Carnival; Channel 4; Creative Media Management; Creative England; Creative Scotland; David Higham Associates; Dench Arnold; Disney; Film London; Fox; Heyday; Linda Seifert; MBA; Momentum; Optimum; Peters Fraser & Dunlop; Pollinger; Revolution; Sony Pictures; The Agency; Troika; Vertigo; William Morris; BBC; Creative England; BFI Film Fund; Ealing Studios; Film 4 and Scott Free

8. How will my project be displayed to the industry?

Details of your project will be accessible in a password-protected area of the Industrial Scripts website, accessible only by approved personnel and companies, in the following form:







BUDGET: (Micro/Low/Medium/High)


FORMAT: (if applicable)

COMPARABLE TITLES: (recent TV shows or movies similar to the project).

LOGLINE: (short summary of the story submitted by the writer)

VERDICT: (Honourable Mention/Consider/Recommend)

WRITER’S CONTACT DETAILS: (email & phone number)

9. Why do I have to purchase one of your script analysis services in order to be eligible for Talent Connector? / Why isn’t this service free?

We’d love to have an open-door policy, where we read everyone’s script for free, but unfortunately we’re a small company and simply do not have the time or resources to read every script that comes our way. We would be out of business very, very quickly if we did. We’ve developed Talent Connector due to the increasing challenges from both sides of the fence: for new writers it’s increasingly difficult to have their work read and taken seriously by extremely busy agents, development executives and producers; however from an agent’s point-of-view, dealing with the ever-increasing reading pile is also becoming increasingly challenging. With Talent Connector, we aim for an “everybody wins” scenario, as follows:

  • Writers & filmmakers receive guaranteed high-quality feedback on their work and the opportunity to launch their careers with our endorsement through Talent Connector, at no extra charge;
  • Execs, agents and producers receive promising writing samples from new, exciting voices without having to expose themselves to an unmanageable surfeit of material;
  • Industrial Scripts manages to pay its overhead and remain in business.

10. Why is ‘Talent Connector’ only available with some of your script feedback services?

Some of our services help people develop script ideas that are still in an embryonic stage – often first drafts or treatments or even simply loglines. So that we don’t waste busy people’s time, we will only recommend scripts and writers who display concrete potential – an idea is not enough, you need to show you can execute it effectively.

11. Why haven’t you recommended my script for the ‘Talent Connector’ service?

We only provide the “Talent Connector” service for scripts if we think they’re good enough. If we sent every script we received to our contacts, we would quickly lose their interest – not to mention their respect. By only sending scripts that are well written, well-developed and ready to be marketed, we can ensure that the Talent Connector service remains a useful, reliable service, for both our contacts and our clients.

12. Who will read my script if I send it to you? Why should Industrial Scripts decide which scripts connect with the powers-that-be? What qualifies you to do this?

There are 5 script consultants involved with Industrial Scripts, and your work will always be assessed by one of them – we don’t farm work out to other assessors. Our consultants’ credentials are listed here. Between us, we’ve worked and in many cases are currently working for many of the leading film companies in the UK. There are a worrying number of script feedback services online, but ours is one of the very, very few with high-level industry credentials. Ultimately though, talk is cheap, if you’re still sceptical about the quality of our service just click here

13. I qualified for Talent Connector. Can I go around town leveraging myself off both the Industrial Scripts and Talent Connector names?

Here is what you may and may not do in this regard. You may privately, via email for example, mention that you qualified for our Talent Connector service but you must include what grading you received. If we learn that you have been marketing yourself as qualifying for Talent Connector but then have “forgotten” to quantify this by including what grade we gave you, we are not going to be very happy at all. Maintaining the integrity of the Industrial Scripts name is obviously paramount to us. That is what you are permitted to do, under the Terms and Conditions you agreed to at the time of purchase. What you are not permitted to do, is to publicly market yourself as a Talent Connector qualifier – publicly marketing yourself might include including details on your LinkedIn profile, tweeting about it, Facebooking about it, listing it on your website. Generally speaking, any public use of the Industrial Scripts name is something we track diligently and do not permit our clients to do.

14. So, if you think my script is good enough and I use one of your selected feedback services, Talent Connector is free? What’s the hidden catch?

There is no hidden catch. If any of the people we send your script to show an interest in your work, then any future contact will be entirely between you and them. We take no percentage fee, and have absolutely no rights over your work. We are not involved in negotiations of any kind, and have no further involvement. All further dealings are between you and the agent/executive/producer.

15. My project was marketed through Talent Connector but no-one requested my script, why is that?

Although it is unlikely that your work would be requested by no-one on the back of our recommendation, Industrial Scripts’ Talent Connector offers no guarantees in terms of selling your work or attracting an agent. Perhaps your project isn’t a suitable fit for a producer’s slate of projects. Or perhaps an agent has already taken on two new clients recently and isn’t looking to sign anyone else, irrespective of quality. There are obviously more variables that are beyond our control that may affect the level of interest in your project and ultimately we’re not the Corleone Family – we can’t force people to request scripts.

16. My script was championed via Talent Connector, a producer asked to see my script, but then I never heard anything more…what should I do?

That is between the producer and yourself. Talent Connector is a connection service, not an agency. If your script was requested by a producer and you didn’t hear back from them then, logically, it seems unlikely they have continued interest in it. Likewise, for your part, you may not wish to consider this producer again when submitting your work to the industry, if that kind of etiquette disagrees with you. Industrial Scripts firmly encourages best-practise behaviour, but what goes on between parties after the Talent Connector marketing stage is not our responsibility, and we cannot be held accountable for anything that transpires after details about the project have been released.

17. I am a bona fide producer/executive/agent/director and wish to receive monthly updates and access qualifying projects, how do I go about this?

Simply visit this page and complete the relevant form, and you’ll begin receiving the once-a-month notification informing you of new, exciting scripts and writers.

18. If my project qualifies for Talent Connector, how long will I have to implement any changes suggested by your consultant and generally hone my script before it is marketed to the industry?

We work with a constant backlog of projects and typically release details of 5 each month, so writers may have several months to improve and prepare their scripts before they are marketed. In all cases we will be in touch with writers in due course to inform them that their projects are ready to be released.

19. If my project qualifies, how hands-on and involved can I be in the process? Can I ask you lots of questions and generally drag out the process?

Unfortunately not. Due to our consultants’ heavy workloads and the fact that Talent Connector generates no revenue for the company we do not allow clients to micro-manage their involvement in Talent Connector: there is a set, rigid system in place which operates successfully for all parties and we are unable to offer clients a very bespoke, individual “service” in this respect. We inform you when the time comes for your project to be released, not the other way round and “chasing” emails are firmly discouraged in this respect.

20. My project is set in the USA (or another foreign country), will this affect the rating my project receives? Also am I right in thinking my project’s details will only be circulated to UK agents/execs/producers?

Firstly your project’s rating will not be affected in any way by its geography or locale. Where your story is set is irrelevant to the rating we will give it – we judge all projects on their own merit. Secondly, yes, your project will for the most part only be circulated to UK agents/execs/producers although there are a select few US companies and individuals we have strong relationships who also receive the mailout.

21. My project qualified for Talent Connector, do I need to send you anything…any supporting materials? An updated script?

No, you will be contacted by email several days before your project is due to be released. Simply follow the instructions in this email and your project will be included.

22. Is there a start and/or end date for the programme? And for how many months will my project be included on the once-a-month mailout to the industry?

The programme is constantly open for submissions, and the first set of projects were marketed to the industry on 20th July 2011. There is no end date for the programme – it is continuously open to applications, and runs all year round. Clients who qualify for Talent Connector have their projects included on the mailout every month for at least 6 months, and sometimes longer if space allows, and then after that details about their project are removed to make room for new scripts.

23. I qualified for Talent Connector initially, but then decided I would rather not be included now, but rather develop my script further, and then re-submit it to IS in the hope of getting a higher grading, like a Consider or even a Recommend…do I need to book another report? Will it be the same consultant who assesses my script? I presume I have to pay again for the service? Are prices the same for a re-submission?

Yes, possibly, yes and yes. For obvious reasons, we charge for every read we do, whether it’s a re-submission or an initial submission, whether you’re a new client or we’ve worked with you 100 times. Consultant Time = fixed money. So you are more than welcome to re-submit your script to us, with the aim of being awarded a higher grading. Now it’s stating the obvious to say we offer absolutely no guarantees that this will happen, and we also cannot guarantee that it will be the same consultant who assesses your re-submission (although we will try our best to ensure the same person reads it). All you need to do is book another report, as before, directly via this website. We’ll then read it again and, hopefully, it’ll receive a higher grading. As far as your initial qualification for Talent Connector goes, you are still free to take us up on this initial qualification, if you receive the same rating as before and don’t want to lose your place in the queue.

24. I qualified for Talent Connector, then re-submitted the same script for further coverage, having implemented changes. My script then received a higher grading – which grading will my project be released under, the former or the latter?

If your project has not yet been released and you have not digitally signed the disclaimer we sent you then your project will be bumped up when the time comes to the latest grading we gave it. So if you received an Honourable Mention verdict the first time and a Consider verdict the second time, then it will be released under Consider.