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Announcing the 2023 TITAN Awards Grand Final Winners

So, this is it for 2023.

After the initial rounds of intense inter-category competition and the quarter-final announcement in August, we were delighted to announce the Semi-Finalists of The 2022 TITAN Screenwriting Contest, as promised, on the 30th September 2023. Finally, on 30th October 2023, the contest reached its penultimate stage.

Today, however (Friday 17th November 2023) is THE big day.

Because today, we announce both the three Grand Finalist screenplays, their respective Gold-Silver-Bronze finishing order, and The Wildcard and The Pearl award winners.

You can use the quick links below to view the Grand Final winners, as well as a full list of the category winners and Finalists we announced in October.

Both category winners and Grand Finalists will receive their prize packages shortly, with the latter embarking on a year-long programme of support, script marketing and coaching from the IS team, as well as being personally introduced to our “titans” of industry.

Finally, on behalf of everyone at Industrial Scripts we want to take a moment to commend all entrants to this second instalment of The TITAN Screenwriting Contest.

It’s hard enough to finish a screenplay or creative work in the first place, to put it out into the world and compete and risk failure takes guts, ambition and a thick skin.

To all entrants, it’s worth recalling an attitude – nay, the only attitude – which gets writers ahead in any creative arena:

“By the time I was fourteen, the nail in my wall would no longer support the weight of the rejection slips impaled upon it.

I simply replaced the nail with a spike, and went on writing.”

Stephen King
(350m+ book copies sold)

So well done to everyone who submitted to The TITAN in 2023, and look out for the next awards, launching in early 2024.

Best wishes for the holiday season,

Victoria Carrington, General Manager
Industrial Scripts

About The TITAN Screenwriting Contest

The TITAN Awards is a screenwriting contest whereby material competes against its own kind for as long as possible over the course of a contest cycle.

Horror feature vs Horror feature, Series Bible vs Series Bible, Sci-Fi vs Sci-Fi, 1 Page Pitch vs 1 Page Pitch etc.

The TITAN Awards are rare in talent discovery terms in that they are judged by genuinely heavyweight industry figures, with appropriately high-level credits on major movies and TV shows.

2023 TITAN Partners and Sponsors

Industrial Scripts would like to extend its sincere thanks to the 2023 awards sponsors and partners.

The TITAN Awards is kindly partnered with and supported by leading non-profit bottled water company Belu, who have donated over $7m to WaterAid, to-date, as well as leading screenwriting software providers Arc Studio Pro and Final Draft.

Without the kind support of these organisations the contest would have commenced on a weaker footing, and we’re endlessly grateful for their support.

The 2023 GRAND FINAL Winners

In an extremely close final vote, our three “titans” of industry voted for the contest’s Gold-Silver-Bronze order.

In addition, members of our Senior Judging Panel also voted, with their votes supporting those of The TITANS.

Their decision was absolutely independent of both one another, and IS staff, consultants or employees, to ensure as fair a competition as possible.

Without further ado, then, here was the judges’ final order…

Gold Overall Contest Winner

by Marni Sullivan

Silver 2nd Place Winner

by Christopher Kearney

Bronze 3rd Place Winner

by Phoenix Black

The Wildcard Raw Talent Award Winner

by Noah Patrillo

The Pearl Diversity Award Winner

by Christopher Kearney

What our Judges Had to Say:

Basil Iwanyk:

In my second year judging The TITAN Awards, I was once again highly impressed by the originality, craft and personal voice exhibited by the writers and very much look forward to personally connecting with them shortly to discuss their work further.

Basil Iwanyk

Shannon McIntosh:

I enjoyed reading this year’s TITAN winners and was delighted to be able to support and judge the prize for a second year. It is wonderful to support the next generation of writers and I’m excited to learn more about the writers’ plans for the future.

Shannon McIntosh

Georgia Brown:

The TITAN has unearthed some really exciting scripts and fresh talents this year. I thought the variation, x-factor and narrative risk-taking exhibited by the projects was impressive, and look forward to hearing more from the writers in due course.

Georgia Brown

The 2023 Finalists / Category Winners

Per our October 31 announcement, here are the names and project titles of those who triumphed in their respective category, competing all the while against their own kind.

Please note: The TITAN also awards two special prizes: The Wildcard Award (to a raw writer, with tremendous potential), and The Pearl Award (for diverse themes, characters and narratives).

You can read more about these awards, here.

Feature Scripts – Action and Thriller

Marni Sullivan

Feature Scripts – Comedy

Mike Bencivenga

Feature Scripts – Drama and Sci-Fi

Phoenix Black

Feature Scripts Family and Animation

Heidi Hornbacher

Feature Scripts – Horror

Christopher Kearney

Television Scripts – 60m Drama

Matthew Nicholson

Television Scripts – 30m TV Comedies


Television – Series Bibles

Esther Shihabi

Short Film Scripts

Kyle Casey Chu

1-Page Film and TV Pitches

Nico Rao Pimparé

Congratulations to all our 2023 Winners and Finalists, and watch this space for the announcement of our 2024 contest dates!

Learn more about The TITAN Screenwriting Contest.

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