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Tired of bargain-bin, $60 script coverage, written by unpaid interns?

Battle-weary of paying huge fees to “gurus”, who’ve sold books but never actually got anywhere in the cut-throat world of script development?

Your hunt for a higher level of script coverage, is over…


  • Getting coverage on your scripts before anyone in the industry lays eyes on them isn’t just important, it’s vital.
  • You only get one shot at a first impression, and agents and producers have long memories (see below!).
  • Deep, actionable script coverage and a proper x-ray of your script, lets you know where you stand.

 Since 2010, Industrial Scripts has been delivering the deepest, most insightful script reports anywhere. Our cherry-picked crew of experienced script consultants are dedicated to helping writers and filmmakers improve. 

Script development is What We Do


Why, in 2018, is script coverage so important?

Well, let’s try a little equation…

There are more and more screenplays being written every year.

But the number of bona fide agents, managers, executives and producers hasn’t risen at the same pace.

There aren’t more (industry) eyes to read these extra scripts.


Put bluntly agents and managers and executives and producers have to be more ruthless with their time.

They have to read fewerpages of a script before either discarding it or reading on, they have to read more scripts generally (because there are more out there, and their whole career hinges on finding great scripts), and most importantly they can’t read the same writer twice, if he/she didn’t impress the first time.

Let’s see that in image form again.

script doctor services

So as writers and filmmakers, what’s the takeaway? 

Basically, our scripts need to be in their very best condition when they’re exposed to anyone in the industry. They need to be “market ready” (not verified as ready by your best friend Joey or the dude at Starbucks who read Robert Mckee one time, or even Conrad who just graduated with a degree in screenwriting from UCLA).


To illustrate the point, check out this quote from Hollywood literary manager Jake Wagner.


You have to put your best foot forward as a screenwriter. It’s got to be your best work, the best version of your script.

I get query emails a lot, and I remember everyone’s name. If someone queries me and I like the logline, I’ll request the script and give it 15 pages. If it hooks me, I’ll keep reading. 

If not I’ll quickly Pass.

If someone gets in touch again, and I didn’t like their first script, I won’t even answer. You really have to put your best foot forward…”

Jake Wagner, Literary Manager, Good Fear + Filmagement

We could sugar coat it, but that’s the rub.

If you can hook or leverage a major agent or manager into reading in the first place (not easy), they’ll give your script 5-10 pages. If it hasn’t grabbed them by then, it’s don’t-call-us-we’ll-call-you time.

The stakes are higher for new writers than they were before, and whilst the range of ways to get discovered have widened, the number of bites at the cherry writers can have with key taste-makers has shortened.

You can’t hit and hope in something this competitive…

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that Hollywood is more hungry for great scripts, writers and ideas than ever.

It really is. Amazon, Netflix and their ilk have fundamentally changed the game. Leviathon hit shows like Game of Thrones, Stranger Things and all the others don’t write themselves, 

And lest we ever forget, someone just sits down in a room and makes these stories up.

It’s that simple…and that difficult…but it is do-able.

Deep, actionable script coverage can help you turn that “Pass” project into a “Recommend”, can help you filter your great, life-changing ideas from the dead end-ers and save you from blowing a big chance with an agent or manager.

10 ways Industrial Scripts has the clear edge over other script coverage companies…

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Your Heading Here


The Deepest Analysis

Multiple specific page references and over 3,000 words (far more than our competitors) of honest, actionable script notes specifically engineered to help, not preach, mean Industrial Scripts’ coverage stands apart. We support every argument, rather than offering sweeping generalisations. An Industrial Scripts report is direct rocket fuel for your project.


Almost 1,000 verified testimonials @ 96%

No other script company has been reviewed by clients as often as us and no other companies use Google-approved reviews sites . We’ve been reviewed almost 1,000 times across various platforms, verified as genuine by unique PayPal transaction ID. Click the image for more.

script doctor services3

30-Point Grids and Visual Analysis data included

Our grids, so common among the script reports used by producers and agencies, let you know precisely where you stand in a crisp, visual way. 30 analysis scores, percentile scores, performance pie charts and comparable films/shows are included in all our reports as standard. Download sample reports.


Fair Prices You Can Trust

No more bargain-bin, sub $100 price points where the coverage is written by an intern. Nor for us the extortionate fees charged by lone-wolf gurus. Our prices respect both you, and the unique level of coverage we deliver.

pay peanuts get monkeys5

Longevity and Trust

Our script consultants have assessed material for a broad range of production companies, mini-majors and the Hollywood studios themselves. What’s more, we’re the only script company backed by a major literary agency (the Curtis Brown group, who rep actor Robert Pattinson and DRIVE screenwriter Hoss Amini, to name but two). We were also founded back in 2010 by a Paramount, Warner Bros. and Scott Free script consultant. We’ve endured.


The Broadest Range of Services

With over 20 individual script reports you can be sure we have an existing service to suit your needs. You can send us a logline, multiple loglines, treatments, pitches, sitcoms, teleplays and screenplays. We analyze ideas to help you separate the wheat from the chaff, and even script doctor and re-write projects. Script development is What We Do.

choose a script doctoring servicetim bevan industrial scripts7

Major Industry Guests Attend Our Events

In business since 2010, our industry connections run deep. From mega-producer Tim Bevan (left) to actor Tom Hiddleston through Oscar-winning producer Gareth Unwin and more, leading figures in film and TV trust Industrial Scripts to deliver superior events and seminars.


Talent Connector & OVERDRIVE promote new talent

All scripts which achieve an “above Pass” rating from our script consultants are eligible to have their project championed, for free, via Talent Connector. Our carefully curated list of agents, managers and producers are always on the lookout for vetted screenwriting talent, while our OVERDRIVE community provides the ideal platform to hone your craft and build positive connections.

overdrive script development communitytalent connectorhow to write characters9

Superb Bonus Content with all reports

Character-Driven, our official blog, is one of the leading screenwriting resources in the world. We create original e-books, articles and whitepapers on complex areas of screenwriting. Every script coverage booking with us receives 5 FREE e-books on everything from the psychology of fascination, through to generating intrigue and harnessing myth and legend.


Founded by a former Executive

When you start digging under the skin of most script companies, you realise 99% were founded by people who didn’t really get too far in script development (Good in a Room and The Black List are two of the few exceptions). By contrast we were founded by a Paramount, Warner Bros., Universal, Scott Free, BBC Films script consultant and Ealing Studios executive.

warner bros

Don’t Just Take Our Word for it…

Remember those verified reviews we mentioned above?

Here are the latest ones just in from Google-approved reviews platform

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…or, put another way… 

script coverage sample Industrial Scripts

 REMEMBER  – there are three stages to perfect script development. Get feedback from friends and family first, then book in for a professional opinion, and if that goes well then start going out with the script to the industry. You don’t need pro script coverage to improve as a writer per se, but you do need it to know whether you’re ready for the big leagues…

Advantages vs Disadvantages

The plain truth of it is that the script coverage world doesn’t have a great rep.

Even if you don’t book with us, tread very carefully out there, because there’s plenty of people with very dubious (aka non existent) industry credentials who’ll be happy to help you part with your cash. 

Industrial Scripts®

  • In business since 2010.
  • Founded by a Warner Bros, Paramount, Universal and Scott Free script consultant.
  • 800+ client testimonials verified as genuine by Google-approved reviews platforms like
  • Fair and appropriate prices ($160 – $385) for the quality of work.
  • Backed by a major talent agency (Curtis Brown).
  • Concrete, guaranteed word counts on reports.
  • Precise, forensic, honest notes with specific page references.
  • Hard-core, professional, low-churn crew containing the best readers around.
  • On former MGM executive Stephanie Palmer’s list of 8 Script Coverage Recommendations (see below).

The Others

  • A new one slithers out weekly!
  • Started by someone who never got anywhere in script development.
  • Carefully hacked and/or invented testimonials from anonymous “clients”.
  • Either bargain-bin, free-intern-level prices ($65!) or inflated “guru” ($500+) fees.
  • Backed by nobody, lurking on the periphery of the industry.
  • Vague, double-spaced page count promises.
  • Vague, evasive notes containing lazy, identikit, auto-pilot comments.
  • Unpaid interns, recent college grads with little industry experience.
  • No satisfaction guarantee, tread carefully!
  • On nobody’s list but their own!

script coverage services

Click the image to read Stephanie Palmer’s article “Script Coverage: Is it worth it?”

Our Script Coverage Guarantees the following…

If you’ll forgive the Breaking Bad analogy, over 8 years we think we’ve cooked the best recipe for a crack script report. Without giving it all away, here are just some of the elements that are guaranteed as standard…


We don’t promise “pages” of notes anymore. Too imprecise. We promise concrete WORD COUNTS. 


All our arguments are supported by close textual analysis. No sweeping generalisations.


Empathetic style which has your back. No lazy “your protagonist isn’t likeable” type notes.


Our reports deliver a crystal-clear action plan to move forward to the next draft.


You can choose your own reader depending on their sub-genre speciality.


Fast turnaround times. The days of waiting eons for your reports to come through are over.

Unique Bonuses You Won’t Get With Any other script consultancy…

online screenwriting course - Ultimate Screenwriting by Industrial Scripts

  • FREE, ULTIMATE Screenwriting Online Course. If you book our deepest, most popular service – Film Forensic Notes (delivers 6,500+ words of analysis or 16+ pages!!!) – you’ll receive lifetime access to our ULTIMATE Screenwriting Course (RRP $600). The course consists of 5 modules, 26 incredibly detailed lessons, and you’ll write a full screenplay while completing it. As the course is online, you can take it from home, at your own pace. 
  • The Deepest NotesWhen you book with other script consultants you’ll soon notice that while they promise “5 pages”, their notes are often formatted in such a way that the word count is actually quite low. We promise concrete word counts, with zero fluff, to deliver maximum value.
  • Peace of Mind that You’re Hiring The Best.Those 800+ verified testimonials didn’t blow in on the wind, and none of the other script companies have them. We are heavily, heavily invested and have real “skin in the game” in terms of making sure you leave with genuinely actionable script coverage that can give your project the boost it needs.
  • Targeted Notes Engineered to Help, Not PreachWe won’t promise to like your script, and if you’re after just praise and an email saying we’ll walk it in to Paramount, you’ve come to the wrong place (there’s plenty of outfits that’ll take your money and do that). But you can’t do this stuff on your own, and as outlined above, you may – genuinely – only get one shot to impress.
  • Exclusive Access to our E-Book LibraryOur blog, Character-Driven, regularly publishes unique content and exclusive e-books.  As soon as you become one of our clients you gain access to this suite of great learning materials. 

how to write charactersHow to Create Intrigue in Screenplays - The Ultimate Guideavoid cliche

Inexperienced writers book bargain-bin coverage and “gurus”…

serious writers book INDUSTRIAL SCRIPTS.      

At Industrial Scripts we have over 20 script development services. You can view the full range here, but for ease of reference, over literally thousands of bookings, here are our three most popular….

  1. Film Forensic Notes ($425): this script report is enormous. It consists of over 6,500 (!) words of incredibly detailed notes to give you a powerful action plan for your next draft. 
  2. Film Coverage Report ($175): running at over 3,000 words, FCR is oft’ booked by our 60,000-strong client base and easily outruns the offerings by other script companies.
  3. TV Drama Report ($160): a hefty 2,500 words report on 60m teleplays, delivering precision insight into where your show’s episode (and bible) are going right, and wrong. 

script coverage sample Industrial Scripts

View all 20 script services here.Or check out a quick summary of our top-7 services below…

Report Type

Word Count


Talent Connector



Margin Notes*


Film Forensic Notes




Film Coverage Report


check-square-ocheck-square-o check-square-o


Film Dry-Run Report*




TV Drama Report


check-square-ocheck-square-o check-square-o


TV Comedy Report


check-square-ocheck-square-o check-square-o


Logline Selection




Script Doctoring




* Dry-Run Reports contain a synopsis, and precisely mirror reports in major agencies, prod co.s etc.

Margin Notes can be added to any other report at an extra charge.

Script Doctoring is charged on a weekly basis, prices vary.

Why do clients book IS?

We surveyed over 1,200 clients and a massive 45% of these bookings came from happy returning clients.

Five, 40-pg Detailed Study Guides

Our blog, Character-Driven, delivers regular, exclusive guides on challenging areas of screenwriting. Book script coverage from us and receive the following e-books/learning aids: Writing Complex Characters That Fascinate; How to Create Intrigue In Screenplays; How to Write Mythically But Avoid Cliche, Hoss Amini: The Reflection Series; The 10 Commandments of The Accountable Screenwriter.


Industry-Leading Script Notes

Those stats don’t lie: you can’t get this level of script coverage, anywhere else. We dive deep into your script and emerge with a clear-as-day action plan to help you motor forward to the next draft.


Qualification for Talent Connector?

As is common in film and TV, we grade all our scripts in the following way: Recommend, Consider, Low Consider, Pass. If your script achieves any of the first three ratings, it qualifies for Talent Connector, our free industry promotion programme. 

We’ve been saving writers and filmmakers from premature script submission since 2010.

Hitting and hoping…spraying and praying…these aren’t tactics that will get you far in the ruthless world of script development.

Book a script coverage report from us today, and we’ll give it to you straight. Promise.

script coverage sample Industrial ScriptsGET COVERAGE NOW

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

Industrial Scripts
Specialist Script Developers

About Industrial Scripts®

Founded in 2010, Industrial Scripts is today one of the world’s leading screenwriting companies, backed by major companies and with over 800 verified testimonials. 

Our script consultants have significant industry credentials, writing coverage for companies and studios including Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros., Universal and many more. Working with screenwriters and filmmakers of all levels and from myriad locations, we also deliver intensive training both online and offline.

While our OVERDRIVE and Talent Connector programmes hone and promote talent to the industry, our popular blog – Character-Driven – educates and entertains. We believe that rigorous script development is the foundation of great film and TV and is, indeed, essential. Without it, the end product will fail.

A Promise from Us to You.We will deliver…

  • Super-precise, actionable script notes.
  • The deepest, most in-depth script reports, anywhere.
  • Fast turnaround times, ask Qs of your reader.
  • Frank analysis on where your script stands.
  • Total security – we have skin in the game!
  • A clear action plan to move forward with.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If we don’t deliver what we promise, just let us know and we’ll fix it.

 Six questions we’re always asked…


Do I need script coverage to sell a script or get an agent?

You absolutely do not. However, if you do hook an agent or producer’s attention, the script then has to deliver. That’s where we come in. 


What happens if I don’t agree with the script coverage?

The thing about script development is this – it’s endlessly subjective. Endlessly. Our script consultants are writers too, so they know how it feels to receive criticism of your work (however constructive). Hollywood screenwriter Stuart Hazeldine once said “a script note is only as good as you think it is”, and we’re with him 100%. Cherry pick the notes that work for you, and ignore the few that don’t (but always remember your goal is for your script to be bought and made – if our pro, 24/7 reader has this or that opinion about it, all logic dictates another industry reader will have the same response). Food for thought!


How qualified are your readers?

As you might imagine we screen our readers very carefully indeed. On each individual job, the reader is the temporary custodian of the IS name, and the job is a project-to-project proposition. All our readers complete an extensive (sometimes months long) trial period, where he assess every aspect of their performance. Statistically only 1 out of every 400 people who apply to the company are invited to work for us. You can view hundreds of verified reviews about our coverage services here.


Do I really need script coverage to improve my script?

Again, no. We recommend all our clients get as much free/amateur feedback as possible before investing in a professional opinion. But we also strongly recommend not showing your script to anyone in the industry before you’ve had a pro verdict.


How fast can I get my coverage?

We have 3 turnaround tiers: 

1. Super Rush (72 hours)

2. Rush (7 days)

3. Standard (14 days)

Additional fees for Super Rush and Rush are displayed at checkout.

The reason we don’t deliver reports within 72 hours as standard is a) we use in-demand, pro script consultants not interns kicking their heels b) a good script report is a process: it takes time to think deeply about the material, mull it over, even sleep on it.

A great script report can’t just be “knocked out”. It takes time, care and thought.


Can I have the same reader I had before?

Yes you can, and you can even select your reader according to their genre specialism. 

P.S.:: Don’t forget the time to buy script coverage is after you’ve got some free feedback from trusted friends or – if they’ll give it to you straight – family members. The problem with this, of course, is that you won’t ultimately know where you stand for sure. You’ll have an idea, but by booking script coverage with us you can feel content in the knowledge that you’ve done your due diligence.

Just hit the link below and we’ll get to work!

Yes, I want to Know Where My Script Stands!

Rave reviews from working screenwriters and filmmakers…

Seen enough to realise we won’t let you down??!

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