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  • OVERDRIVE is the community for serious screenwriters, producers and directors.
  • Membership delivers an outstanding range of benefits (view the list here).
  • LA Exec Connect allows OD members (only) to bypass traditional project filtration.
  • Send 10 loglines and a major Hollywood executive currently working for a mini-major will assess them and feed back.
  • If he/she wishes to read the script/treatment or request more info we will reach out to you.


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OVERDRIVE member bolt ons

To help develop the most committed and talented screenwriters, filmmakers and actors, Industrial Scripts offers a support and networking system.  It is for members only, but once accepted, you will receive connection opportunities, year round discounts and numerous special benefits to help you and your projects move up a gear and on to the next level.

View more information about OVERDRIVE, here.


How do I apply to join?

Step #1: add the product to cart, and complete checkout following the on-screen instructions.
Step #2: after payment has been made, email victoria @ with a) your 1 page CV and b) a 200 word (max) personal statement detailing your career progress to date, and your aims and goals. Include the word OVERDRIVE APPLICATION in caps in the subject line.
Step #3: wait 7 days for notification from us. If you’re accepted we will send you a link to set up your monthly payment subscription. Once this is in place, you’ll receive your welcome pack, instructions on how to redeem the benefits and how to access the members area.  If your application is declined we will notify you and refund £19 immediately via PayPal.

Overdrive screenwriting community

Tell me more about OVERDRIVE?

OVERDRIVE is a community and acceleration platform for promising screenwriters, producers and directors. It’s for anyone who’s talented, going places, and taking script development very seriously. Membership delivers a host of benefits designed to focus and fast-track the best new screenwriting and filmmaking talent, and offer them a unique platform through which to network with like-minded individuals. Click here to view a full list of benefits.

Tim Bevan working title films Industrial Scripts

Working Title giant Tim Bevan at The Insider Interviews LIVE. OVERDRIVE members attend all the events as part of membership.

Who can apply to join OVERDRIVE?

Places on OVERDRIVE are strictly limited, but Industrial Scripts welcomes applications from anyone with a serious appetite for improvement, and the work ethic to back it up. Applications will be judged on a case-by-case basis and once the membership cap is full, it’s full. We accept applications from anyone actively developing screenplays: writers, directors, producers, financiers, actors…anyone who’s taking development deadly seriously.

Can I pay in instalments?

You can! You’re able to split your 1-year subscription into monthly payments. Just buy one month using the Add to Cart button above, and if you’re accepted into the community you’ll be automatically billed each month.

…but I only get 2 months free if I pay up-front for the year, correct?

Correct. Annual membership is £228 and that covers your membership for 14 months – a 16% saving.

And can I cancel a few months in?

OVERDRIVE delivers an annual subscription, and no cancellations within that 12 month window are possible.

overdrive by industrial scripts

How do I access extra members-only benefits?

You can add One-to-One Mentoring, Guaranteed Reads, In Private and other members-only services to your standard membership by simply emailing assistant @ .uk with your request and we’ll get back to you with more information and a detailed quote.


View all benefits HERE!