Judgement Day report

Judgement Day report

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  • Suited to writers and filmmakers who can’t see the wood from the trees anymore, and want to know whether to move on or keep the faith.
  • Submit your film or TV script, receive a Yes/No reply and a brief explanation in answer to whether the script merits you spending further time developing.
  • Fast turnaround services available (see below).
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A new service from Industrial Scripts, our Judgement Day Report is for writers, producers and directors who’ve been burnt out by the development process, and can no longer see the wood from the trees.

It delivers a brutally honest, one-word answer assessment to the question: “I’ve already spent an inordinate amount of time on this project, should I spend anymore?”
Basically, we can’t bear to see writers expend energy and time on projects highly unlikely (even by film and TV standards) to gain traction in the business. Life’s too short, ultimately, so we’ve created Judgement Day to answer this need.  Our consultant will read your script carefully, and deliver a Yes/No answer on whether you should spend anymore precious time on it.

1 review for Judgement Day report

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Industrial Scripts

    A brand new service for our-relaunch, this service is in response to writers and filmmakers who have been developing a project for a long time and wish to know, in very frank terms, whether said project merits more of their precious time. Struggling to see the wood from the trees? Want to know whether to move on or not? This service is for you.

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