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Fargo Show Don't Tell Marge and Norm
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‘Show Don’t Tell’ – Why The Screenwriting Mantra Endures

‘Show Don’t Tell’ – How to Best Follow the Principle   It’s a term you hear frequently when it comes to storytelling – ‘Show Don’t Tell’. But what does it mean exactly?  And how you can you take that principle and use it in your screenwriting? Let’s take a look…

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Voldermort Character Fatal Flaw
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How to Expertly Develop Your Character’s Fatal Flaw

A Character’s Fatal Flaw – What Does it Mean?   In good stories, as in life, one of the most important aspects is the search for growth and the striving for change. Sometimes, the best screenplays knowingly complicate this journey by introducing a character with a major fatal flaw. A

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Succession, Kendall Roy - Character Arc
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How to Properly Nail Your Character Arc: The Ultimate Guide

How to Nail Your Character Arc: The Ultimate Guide   A crucial part of any screenplay is the main character’s growth and evolution from beginning to end. This is their character arc. How do they grow? How do they change? What journey do they go on? Their character arc should

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Beat Sheet Writing
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How to Write an Awesome Beat Sheet for Your Screenplay

Why a Beat Sheet is Important to Your Screenplay Whilst inspiration can strike at any minute and writing can be incredibly spontaneous business, screenwriting is usually smoothest when you’ve got a solid plan. Organization and outlining are crucial to the process. The best outlining technique to use, is The Beat

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