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Social - Quotes about the Importance of Networking in Film & TV
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12 Quotes about the Importance of Networking in Film & TV

12 Quotes about the Importance of Networking No matter if you are a producer, writer or director, a would-be executive or talent agent, if you want to crack film and TV you have to make yourself known. There is no escaping the necessity of attending events, arranging meetings and introducing yourself

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Great Ingmar Bergman Quotes
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20 Great Ingmar Bergman Quotes on Storytelling

One of the most influential auteurs of all time, Ernst Ingmar Bergman was born in Sweden and worked as a director, producer and writer across and theatre and screen. He directed over sixty films and documentaries, most of which he also wrote, and directed 170 plays. His most well-known films

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mid film plot twist john doe surrenders
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10 Classic Mid-Film Plot Twists by Screenwriters

10 Great Mid-Film Plot Twists by Screenwriters Too often when watching a film, especially for those of us who have seen many of them, you can read where the story is going and predict what is going to happen onscreen prematurely. However, those screenwriters in pursuit of something that will

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