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This script reader passed on The Inbetweeners!
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Check out this Reader who passed on THE INBETWEENERS script!

About THE INBETWEENERS script   Before we get into the cases “for” and “against” both the script reader and their report on THE INBETWEENERS script, let’s just remind ourselves what he/she was reporting on! If you’ve never heard of British TV comedy THE INBETWEENERS, you’re probably either not based in

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Denzel Washington in Fallen, unheralded scenes
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Unheralded Scene: FALLEN (1998)

Focus On: FALLEN (1998) In our “Unheralded Scene” series, our consultants nominate a classic film or TV scene, which in their view hasn’t received the admiration it deserves. It might be a scene from a classic movie, which has been crowded out by other, more “showy” scenes and set-pieces. It

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Room Protagonist
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OPINION: Choosing Your Protagonist

The critical acclaim, awards nominations and profoundly-felt audience reaction to ROOM highlight one of the most powerful tools in the screenwriter’s armoury – your choice of protagonist. Whether you’re writing a feature script or TV pitch or pilot, if you’ve already decided on a protagonist it’s still worth asking yourself:

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screenwriting salary - how much do uk screenwriters earn?
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A Screenwriting Salary – how much do scribes REALLY earn?

A Screenwriting Salary – how much do scribes REALLY earn? Although it’s hard to get on the screenwriting salary ladder and even harder to stay on it – let alone climb beyond the middle rung – it is possible to make a living as a screenwriter (though Herculean levels of

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